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Milhouse Van Houten

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"I'm not a nerd, Bart. Nerds are smart."
Milhouse Van Houten
Milhouse Van Houten.png
Character Information
Male ♂
Alias(es): Lou La Trec[1]
Eagle Eye[1]
Age: 10
Hair: Blue
Occupation: Student at Springfield Elementary
Relatives: Mother: Luann
Father: Kirk
Uncles: Zack, Bastardo and one unnamed[3]
Aunt: Mrs. Mussolini
Maternal grandmother: Nana Sophie Mussolini
Paternal grandparents: Grandpa and Grandma Van Houten
Cousin: Annika
First Appearance: "The Butterfinger Group"
Voiced by: Pamela Hayden
Hank Azaria[4]

Milhouse Mussolini[5] Van Houten (born July 4th[6]) is Bart Simpson's best friend. As the only child of Kirk and Luann Van Houten, Milhouse's most distinctive physical traits are his extreme nearsightedness (depicted by very small eyes), requiring thick glasses to correct, and a huge nose about the size of a softball.

Despite being considered a nerd, Milhouse is of average intelligence but has poor social skills. He is also very gullible, thus he is constantly led into trouble by the mischievous Bart, who is not shy about taking advantage of his naive, trusting and loyal friend.


Milhouse Every Simpsons Ever.png
Milhouse in a "bad boy" appearance

Milhouse is constantly victimized in some form or another such as being the target of the bullies Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney. They often inflict extreme acts of physical violence upon him. One instance had the bullies wrapping Milhouse in bumper stickers and placing him in a shopping cart, the bullies then pushed the cart with Milhouse inside down a very steep hill.[7] He frequently visited a female psychiatrist called Dr. Waxler until she got fed up by his frequent callings. Milhouse is also the subject of Nelson's cruelty: "stop (hitting, zapping, etc.) yourself." He still uses a child-size car seat and is a bed-wetter.

On one occasion, Bart got Milhouse placed on the America's Most Wanted list, even though they are friends, and he once tried to lure Milhouse into a cactus. This kind of torture is often used by Bart, who tries either to get Milhouse in trouble or to hurt him for no reason, making Milhouse's and Bart's relationship even more questionable. Bart once introduced Milhouse and attempted to explain why they are friends. He cannot come up with a real answer and admits that it is due to geographical reasons, though Bart has admitted that he really loves Milhouse.[8] Homer also seems to like joining in on his son's torment of Milhouse although to a much lesser extent (constantly referring to him as "that little wiener Milhouse.") However, Bart does genuinely care for Milhouse, despite victimizing him on many occasions. Despite being a good boy, Milhouse often does bad things because of Bart's influence, like dropping mustard on cars from the top of a bridge[9] and destroying the school by loosening all the screws.[10] This is the reason his mother once didn't want Milhouse to see Bart anymore, but she later changed opinion after Marge talked to her.[11]

Milhouse has been seen as a cool boy on some occasions. When his parents got lost in the sea during their honeymoon, Milhouse realized he is not a baby, so started acting cool because of his sadness. The kids at the school were impressed by Milhouse, even Lisa. Bart brought his uncle Norbert (who is Danish, thus looking different from his Dutch relatives) to Springfield to console Milhouse.[8] When his mother moved with him to Capital City, he dyed his hair blond, wore fashionable clothes and acted rude to impress his new friends, who acted similar. He even gave Bart a wedgie and laughed at him with his friends. After his father got custody of Milhouse and brought him back to Springfield, the kids stopped thinking Milhouse was a cool boy so everything went back to normal.[12]


Perhaps due to his name (he is named after Richard Nixon), people frequently make Milhouse the butt of a variety of jokes, ranging from being beat up by Nelson for delivering a love note from Lisa (that Nelson thought was from Milhouse himself), having the door slammed in his face while playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey, making him a wanted fugitive and inadvertently inheriting Bart's dismal permanent record at school through a side deal arranged between Bart and Edna Krabappel and Principal Skinner, which will disqualify Milhouse from "all but the hottest and noisiest jobs".

Milhouse may be of part Italian ancestry, due to the fact that his grandmother lives in Italy. Milhouse is part Dutch and Danish.

Romance and sexuality[edit]

Milhouse kissed Homer

Milhouse harbors a hopeless crush on Bart's younger sister, Lisa, and he is usually clumsy around females. However, in a flashback, when Bart and Milhouse were in kindergarten, a school counsellor accidentally revealed that he had assessed Milhouse to be gay,[13] and indeed, it is often implied Milhouse most likely is bisexual. On occasion he has been shown to enjoy cross-dressing (in one episode, he convinces Bart to dress up with him too) and has noticed a boy, named Deven Woosterfield, to be beautiful.[14]

Milhouse has exhibited a tendency to begin acting rather ridiculously feminine, complete with clichéd catchphrases and mannerisms. This case of social anxiety has lost him Lisa's heart three times, as well as a relationship with Rainier Wolfcastle's daughter Greta. Examples of such behavior are referring to himself as a "big sister" and being caught with a scrunchie in his hair.[15]

Milhouse may have a crush on Marge, implied when Bart asked him if he's in love with her. Additionally, upon being asked whether he thinks that Marge is cool, he immediately, without thinking, responds, "No, I think she's HOT!"[16]

Lisa once showed concern for Milhouse when he was beaten by Nelson and left in a heap, and tended to him. This rare moment of affection however was brief, as she became distracted by the arrival of Irish environmentalist Colin, who became her love interest. When the Trappuccino finished, Milhouse lied to Lisa about Colin's death and claimed that he begged Milhouse to look after her. Colin returned in the midst of Milhouse's story, and he quickly took his leave.[17]

Milhouse's first girlfriend was Samantha Stanky, a new student who had moved to Springfield from Phoenix, Arizona.
Milhouse and Samantha kissing
After her father caught her and Milhouse kissing, he sent her to all-girls Saint Sebastian's School for Wicked Girls.[18] While Milhouse's official first kiss was with Samantha, it was contradicted when Milhouse claims his first kiss was with Homer during a game of spin the bottle that Homer interrupted by going up the treehouse and accidentally kissing Milhouse (much to Homer's disgust, but to Milhouse' glad for being his first kiss).[19]

Milhouse was seen making out with Paris Texan, who is nearly 20. This may be due to Milhouse wearing cool clothes at the moment.[20] Milhouse have also date Taffy, and Lisa began to follow the. After a while, realized Taffy to Milhouse will always be in love with Lisa and broke up the relationship. Lisa then decided to kiss him for the first time but explained that she does not yet know if she loves him.[21] Although Lisa pointed out in a previous episode that she kissed Milhouse.[22]

Skills and talents[edit]

Milhouse is fluent in Italian due to visiting his Anglophobic grandmother Nana Sophie in Tuscany for two weeks every year. Because of his grandmother's beatings when he spoke English, Milhouse learned Italian and started to wet his bed.

Milhouse is allergic to honey, wheat, dairy, non-dairy and even his own tears. He also says that real milk can kill him, though he often drinks it.

He has also demonstrated that he is a skilled Vespa rider, although he is obviously not legally entitled to operate a scooter on public roads. Milhouse had come closest to wooing Lisa when he taught Italian to her, as she even kept a picture of Milhouse in her room while practising Italian. It is implied that she was captivated by his impressive command of the language during a rather romantic outing to the local Italian immigrant establishment. However, he once again reached a roadblock due to his ongoing fatal flaw when it came to girls.[5]


Donut Homer.png The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened or existed.
Milhouse in the future


According to a future-telling machine invented by Professor Frink, at age 14 Milhouse burns down a house but rescues Lisa from it. By the time he is 18, Milhouse is strong and buff but emotionally unstable. He dates Lisa but she breaks up with him, sending him on a violent rampage similar to The Hulk. When the two nearly get back together, Bart rescues Lisa, fearing it will ruin her life.[23]

A few years later Milhouse no longer has all his buff muscle and asks Lisa to marry him. She declines because she believes she never wants to marry. At age 25, Milhouse is balding and works as Homer's supervisor at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. In this position he is strict especially when he hears that Lisa is engaged to another person.[24]

When he is 40 he is married to Lisa and the two have a teenage daughter, Zia Simpson.[25]

Bart finds out from Professor Frink's machine that in old age, Milhouse will be married to Lisa and the couple will live in poverty. Bart decides to intervene to prevent this.

The Simpsons arcade game[edit]

Milhouse appears in stage 2 carrying a hammer for the Simpsons to use to fight Mr. Burns' goons.

The Simpsons Game[edit]

Milhouse appears as the villain Mr. Dirt who taunts Homer and Lisa as they seek to defeat all three Sparklemons. After they capture all three Sparklemon balls and place them in the coin slots of the giant toilet shrine, Mr. Sparkle cleans up the village, and Milhouse shrinks to normal, handing over the keycard and being attacked by the three Sparklemons.[26]

The Simpsons: Tapped Out[edit]


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Image Cost Unlock method Unlock message
Tapped Out Unlock Milhouse.png Cash.png3,000 Level 8, Van Houten House
Thrillhouse Pt. 1
Tapped Out Milhouse New Character.png

Fit™ Milhouse[edit]

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Fit™ Milhouse
Image Cost Unlock method Unlock message Costume of
Tapped Out Fit Milhouse Artwork.png FREE


"The Yellow Badge of Cowardge"
Milhouse FTW! Pt. 3

Tap Ball
Daily Training #12

Tapped Out Unlock Fit Milhouse.png Tapped Out Unlock Milhouse.png

Sidekick Milhouse[edit]

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Sidekick Milhouse
Image Cost Unlock method Unlock message Costume of
Tapped Out Sidekick Milhouse.png FREE

Donut Tapped Out.png35

Donut Tapped Out.png150

Donut Tapped Out.png60

Valentine's Day 2015
Fission Impossible Pt. 8


Superheroes 2
Radioactive Man Movie Set, Premium

Superheroes Return
Radioactive Man Movie Set, Premium (Heroes and Villains Mystery Box)

Tapped Out Sidekick Milhouse Unlock.png Tapped Out Unlock Milhouse.png

Radioactive Milhouse[edit]

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Radioactive Milhouse
Image Cost Unlock method Unlock message Costume of
Tapped Out Radioactive Milhouse.png Donut Tapped Out.png75

Donut Tapped Out.png65

Treehouse of Horror 2015

Treehouse of Horror XXVIII
Premium (Halloween Mystery Box)

Radioactive Milhouse Unlock.png Tapped Out Unlock Milhouse.png

Magic Act Milhouse[edit]

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Magic Act Milhouse
Image Cost Unlock method Unlock message Costume of
Tapped Out Magic Act Milhouse.png TSTO Casino Red Chip.png44,300


Burns' Casino
Act 1 Prize

Treehouse of Horror XXVIII
Angelica Button and the Mystical Beasts Pt. 2

Tapped Out Magic Act Milhouse Unlock.png Tapped Out Unlock Milhouse.png

Behind the Laughter[edit]


Milhouse bears a strong resemblance to Paul Pfeiffer from The Wonder Years.

Milhouse was named after US President Richard Nixon, whose middle name was Milhous. The name was the most "unfortunate name Matt Groening could think of for a child". Milhouse is a favorite among the staff as Al Jean noted "most of the writers are more like Milhouse than Bart".

Wonder Years Connection?[edit]

Due to Milhouse's resemblance to the character Paul Pfeiffer from The Wonder Years, there was a long-standing rumor among Simpsons fans that Milhouse's appearance had been based on Paul. However, the resemblance appears to be only a coincidence. Producer/director David Silverman disclaimed the rumored Milhouse/Paul connection in a discussion on Twitter in 2011, first saying that "Wonder Years never came up" in the process of designing Milhouse's appearance.[27] Later in the discussion, he said, "Wonder Years Schmonder Years. Nerdy kid w glasses, big nose, & severe hair = a common stereotype."[28]

Foreign dubs[edit]

Language Voice dubber
Czech Republic flag.png Czech Pavel Tesař
Denmark flag.png Danish Sasia Mølgaard (movie)
Hispanic America.gif Español Nallely Solís (since season 16)


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