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Sleeping with the Enemy

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Season 16 Episode
337 "All's Fair in Oven War"
"Sleeping with the Enemy"
"She Used to Be My Girl" 339
"Sleeping with the Enemy"
Sleeping With the Enemy promo.png
Episode Information
Episode number: 338
Season number: S16 E3
Production code: FABF19
Original airdate: November 21, 2004
Couch gag: The Simpsons run in and find that the couch is missing. The couch falls from the sky and crushes everyone.
Showrunner: Al Jean
Written by: Jon Vitti
Directed by: Lauren MacMullan

"Sleeping with the Enemy" is the third episode of season 16 of The Simpsons and the three-hundred and thirty-eighth episode overall. It originally aired on November 21, 2004. The episode was written by Jon Vitti and directed by Lauren MacMullan.


"After Bart gets an 100 on a test without cheating, Marge throws him a party – a boring party. Thinking that none of her kids appreciates her, she finds Nelson in the park and gives him lunch – which leads to Marge 'adopting' him. Meanwhile, Lisa becomes conscious about her weight after she is teased at school."


Lisa's friends at school tease her about her big butt, causing her to become self conscious about her weight. Homer only makes matters worse when he tells her about the "Simpson butt", something that all Simpsons have. He goes on to draw himself the way an animator would, starting with circles, then filling in the rest of the details. Bart brings home a geography test with a grade of 100, eagerly expecting a party that was promised to him if he ever got a 100. Homer thinks Bart forged the test, and is not easily willing to give up. They visit Mrs. Krabappel, who says that everyone got a score of 100 on the test because she forgot to fold up the map during the test. Marge gets everyone together for Bart's party, which is attended by Patty, Selma, Grampa (sleeping in an armchair), Jacqueline, Ralph, and Martin. Bart asks Marge where Milhouse is, and Marge replies, saying that Milhouse can only attend via speakerphone because he has the measles. Bart does not enjoy the party and to make matters worse, Lisa runs up to her room crying when Marge offers her a big slice of cake.

Marge thinks her kids do not appreciate her anymore, so when she finds Nelson eating tadpoles from a fountain in the park, she decides to become a proper mother figure in his life. She brings Nelson home and pays him to do some chores. Bart and Lisa are walking home from school, and they are both shocked to find him mowing the lawn. At dinner, Marge tells Lisa to eat something, which she refuses. She however, does eat something - part of some carrot skin. The dinner is interrupted by Nelson's mother, who has found out about Marge paying Nelson and does not want her giving them any charity or trying to make him respectable. Marge retorts that she should go home to her son and "not have intercourse on the way home!" This statement shocks the family, shocking Lisa so much that she actually eats a carrot. Later that night, Nelson returns to the Simpson Home, and tells Marge that his mom has left town to find a job in Hollywood. Nelson has no-where else to go, so Marge lets him sleep in Bart's room, much to Bart's dismay. Nelson forces Bart to sleep on the floor, underneath his bed.

The next night, Bart is woken up by Nelson, who is singing about his long lost father. Bart peers in on him, whispering to himself that he has got to do something about this - i.e. return his father to him. Lisa sneaks into the kitchen, and unable to take any more starvation, is stuffing herself with an entire cake that says "Happy Labor Day, Lenny" - which leads to her frolicking in it. Nelson enters - and Lisa tells him about Sherri and Terri. The next day, Nelson helps Lisa get back at Sherri and Terri by unleashing a skunk on them. Lisa and the rest of the children point at them. Both twins are horrified and run off screaming. Nelson and Lisa return home that day, to find Nelson's father, who Bart found working at a freak show in a circus. Nelson's dad tells Nelson what happened after he went to the store: he went to the Kwik-E-Mart, where he had a severe allergic reaction from eating a chocolate bar full of peanuts. Coincidentally, the circus had made a stop in the Kwik-E-Mart parking lot, and found Nelson's father, who's face was covered in bulges. They had put him in the freak show at the circus - where Bart found him. Nelson's mother then returns, after going to Hollywood and getting the lead role in Macbeth, playing Lady Macbeth. Nelson kindly thanks Bart for finding his father, and Bart asks him if Nelson would stop bullying him now he and his father were reunited. Nelson tells Bart that he wishes it was easier than that, and goes back to live with his family. Lisa still has an unhealthy obsession with her weight, although Homer tells her to say that everything is fine.

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