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Growing Up Springfield was a documentary produced by and starring Declan Desmond.

Growing Up Springfield was started by Declan Desmond at Springfield Elementary School. He followed many of the students there from the age of eight, to the age of forty. Every eight years, Declan revisited the subjects of the documentary to see how their lives had changed.

At the age of eight, Eleanor Abernathy wanted to become a lawyer and a doctor, because a woman can do anything. At the age of 24, Eleanor had graduated from Harvard Medical and Yale Law schools. She had become a successful lawyer and doctor, often needing to perform both jobs on the same day. At age 32, Eleanor had become burned out from her double jobs. She had taken up drinking, which she did with her pet cat, Buster. Eleanor also mentioned that she might get a second cat. At the age of 40, Eleanor had become the Crazy Cat Lady and threw her cats at Declan as he was filming her...

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"Four Great Women and a Manicure" is the twentieth episode of season 20 of The Simpsons and the four-hundred and fortieth episode overall. It originally aired on May 10, 2009. The episode was written by Valentina L. Garza and directed by Raymond S. Persi. It guest stars Jodie Foster as Maggie Roark.

A "quad-rilogy" episode featuring Simpsonized versions of history and popular cinema and literature. Selma stars as Queen Elizabeth I, Lisa stars as Snow White in a parody of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Marge stars as Lady Macbeth in a Macbeth parody, and Maggie stars as Maggie Roark in a spoof of The Fountainhead...

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The Collector is a rich, comic-book collector that lives in a remote location.

The Collector once went to a comic shop to buy an issue of Captain Squid. When he went out of the shop, he was confronted by someone who asked The Collector if he had a light. The Collector quickly got into his limo and drove off. He never went back to that comic shop again.

Every evening, The Collector would relax with one of his comic books. After reading the comic, he would go down to his climate-controlled comic vault and put the comic back. One weekend, Smedley, The Collector's butler, went to go and see his aging mother. When The Collector went to his vault, he found that the heat was turned up to 97 degrees and couldn't get it lower. After trying to fix the climate controls, his dog went into the vault. The Collector told the dog to get out and he did, but knocked over a stack of crates which locked The Collector in the vault. The Collector tried to get out but failed. The temperature of the vault then dropped to below freezing due to The Collector messing with the climate controls...

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Most recent news about The Simpsons.
05-11-2021 Season 32 News: Sneak Peeks for “The Man from G.R.A.M.P.A.” have been released!
05-07-2021 Season 32 News: New promotional images for “The Last Barfighter” have been released!
05-03-2021 Season 33 News: New information on “The Star of Backstage” has been released
05-03-2021 Season 32 News: Sneak Peeks for “Mother and Child Reunion” have been released!
05-03-2021 Maggie Simpson in “The Force Awakens from Its Nap” will be available on Disney+ tomorrow, Star Wars Day!
05-02-2021 Season 33 News: A new episode title, “The Longest Marge”, has been revealed!

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"My daddy said I can have any birthday party I want. My cake will be a picture of a dinosaur and all the guests will say, "Why, Lenny, that's a fine cake!" Then, "yes," I'll say."
―8-Year-Old Lenny

"I decided not to waste anymore film on him after that."
Declan Desmond[src]

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Reverend Lovejoy and Ned Flanders drive The Ministry Machine.

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Name: "The Man from G.R.A.M.P.A."
Date: May 16, 2021
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