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The Beatles are a British pop/rock group formed in 1960. They disbanded in 1970. The Beatles have been referred to as the greatest band of all time.

When Lisa got braces, while she was under the anesthetic she had a surreal vision of The Beatles floating across a bizarre landscape in a purple submarine.

Marge once wrote a letter to Ringo Starr, who replied years later, apologizing for his lateness. When Homer found a picture of him Lisa told her that when she was a schoolgirl and The Beatles were very popular. When Mr. Burns was told that Ringo was the drummer of the Beatles he told him that he remembered their off-key caterwauling on the old Sullivan show.

George Harrison met Homer after The Be Sharps won a Grammy. He pointed Homer towards a pile of brownies.

The Beatles met Apu in India, and they became good friends. Years later, after Apu moved to Springfield, Paul McCartney and his wife Linda visited occasionally to spend time with Apu and relax in his rooftop garden at the Kwik-E-Mart. On one of those visits, they met Lisa and encouraged her as she was struggling with her decision to become a vegetarian...

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Monty Can't Buy Me Love is the twenty-first episode of Season 10. It originally aired on May 2, 1999 and was written by John Swartzwelder and directed by Mark Ervin. Michael McKean guest stars as Jerry Rude.

Mr. Burns tries his hand at winning the public's admiration by taking part in blue collar radio talk shows and retrieving the legendary Loch Ness Monster.

While on a family hike, Simpson family discover a new mega mall named "Fortune Megastore". It has all their needs and desires. The opening for it has drawn a big crowd; Mr. Burns, who's taking a ride in his car, cannot pass through the crowd and decides to see what the hullabaloo is about. Once he enters, Mayor Quimby announces a very special person has entered...

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Man Getting Hit by Football (also referred to as Football in the Groin) is a film that Hans Moleman made and submitted to the Springfield Film Festival. It is a short film which depicts Moleman getting hit in the groin by a football, then falling to the ground.

Homer Simpson loved Moleman's film and found it to be hysterically funny. Through tears of laughter, Homer said, "Give that man the ten thousand dollars!" which prompted Jay Sherman to sharply remind him that "this isn't America's Funniest Home Videos".

When the film festival jury convened to vote for the best film, Homer initially voted for Moleman's movie. Later, however, he changed his vote to Barney's film, Pukahontas...

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"School failed me? Does school have to go to summer Jimbo?"
Jimbo Jones[src]

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Name: "Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus"
Date: September 25, 2016
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