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The Junior Campers is a Scouting-style organization in Springfield. Its aims include teaching Springfield's children outdoor survival skills and encouraging them to be involved in community service. Its headquarters is a single room in an unknown building — possibly Springfield Elementary School, but not verified to be so.

The early history of the Junior Campers is unknown; the organization was not seen or mentioned before Bart Simpson became a member.

Bart's involvement with the Junior Campers began when he and Milhouse Van Houten found a $20 bill on the ground. The two of them then went on a spending spree, among other things purchasing an all-syrup Squishee from the Kwik-E-Mart. After consuming the Squishee, they went hyper from all of the sugar in it. When Bart woke up the next morning in his bedroom, suffering from a sugar hangover, he discovered to his mortification that he was wearing a Junior Camper uniform. Apparently, he had joined the organization while in the throes of his Squishee-fueled binge.

Bart took his uniform to school, intending to turn it to the Junior Campers and back out of joining, explaining that it had been a mistake. However, Mrs. Krabappel announced a surprise quiz, prompting Warren to ask to be excused as he had to attend a Junior Campers patrol meeting. Mrs. Krabappel consented, and Bart, seeing the opportunity to get out of the quiz, hastily donned his uniform and told her that he also needed to attend the meeting, as "this uniform carries certain responsibilities"...

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"Girls Just Want to Have Sums" is the nineteenth episode of season 17. It aired for the first time in April 30, 2006. It was written by Matt Selman and directed by Nancy Kruse.

After women of Springfield criticize Principal Skinner because he thinks girls are bad at maths, the school is divided into boys and girls, but the math class for girls doesn't teach real math, so Lisa disguises as a boy to infiltrate into the boy math class.

The Simpsons and many other prominent Springfieldians go to see a performance of Stab-A-Lot: The Itchy and Scratchy Musical. The show pretty much comprises the homicidal cat and mouse doing what they do best, but all in song. The audience is enthralled by the performance and give it a standing ovation. Julianna, the director comes out on stage, accompanied by Principal Skinner, to acknowledge the cheers. Skinner reveals that she used to be a student of Springfield Elementary and, while acknowledging all her accomplishments, says that she wasn't very good in math, because she is a girl. Expectedly, everyone in the audience - women, in particular - is shocked...

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Steamboat Itchy is a cartoon that was made in 1929 (the year following That Happy Cat) and was the first cartoon to star Itchy and Scratchy together.

The cartoon was shown during Eye on Springfield on the same day that The Itchy & Scratchy Movie came out, as a look back at the history of Itchy & Scratchy.

Itchy is piloting a steamboat along a river. Scratchy appears on the bridge, whistles briefly, and adjusts his hat, apparently presenting himself as ready for duty. Itchy draws a Tommy gun and unleashes a hail of bullets at Scratchy's knees, stripping them down to the bone. Scratchy screams in pain, falls down, and starts to crawl away, leaving a bloody trail on the deck. As Scratchy crawls, Itchy opens the door to the steamboat's furnace. When Scratchy crawls near the door, Itchy kicks him in the behind, pushing him into the furnace...

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"Sour juice came out of my front tail."
Ralph Wiggum[src]

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Mmm... free goo.

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