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Dr. Elaine Wolff is a dog psychologist.

After Santa's Little Helper started acting strangely, getting sad and destroying furniture, the Simpson family took him to see Elaine Wolff at a lecture. During the lecture, Elaine got a call from Clayton, who told her that he had left his wife so they could get married now, as he had loved her since primary school. Elaine hung up the phone as she was in a lecture. After the lecture, the Simpsons approached her in the car park about Santa's Little Helper. Elaine helped Santa's Little Helper to feel better before she drove off, with Santa's Little Helper chasing after her at first before stopping.

After Dr. Callas, a vet, phoned the police and animal control because Santa's Little Helper bit Marge, Elaine showed up at the Simpsons' house because she thought Santa's Little Helper would do something bad. She found out that she was right and the Simpsons asked her to take Santa's Little Helper before animal control arrived to take him away. Elaine took him to the Dognitive Behavioral Therapy Institute, which she ran. Here, she slept next to Santa's Little Helper and comforted him after he had a nightmare...

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"Homerpalooza" is the twenty-fourth episode of season 7 of The Simpsons and the one-hundred and fifty-second episode overall. It originally aired on May 19, 1996. The episode was written by Brent Forrester and directed by Wes Archer. It guest stars Peter Frampton as himself, Cypress Hill as themselves, The Smashing Pumpkins as themselves and Sonic Youth as themselves.

After Bart and Lisa inform Homer that his taste in music has become old, he decides to get into the current music scene and takes the kids to a music festival, Hullabalooza, where he accidentally discovers he has a talent for taking a canon ball to the gut. Soon Homer finds himself traveling with the festival and putting his health in danger as he continues performing his amazing feat for cheering crowds...

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Dr. Stradivarius Cain is a spy. His mission is to make Homer into a man that his wife can't resist.

Stradivarius Cain is a movie character who has starred in at least two movies. One of his movies has him coming out of the sea, unzipping his body to reveal his white suit underneath. Another one of his movies has him holding onto a helicopter's rotor blades as it lands. He sneaks into the castle and kills the Russian businessman and attacks the other villains there.

Homer started to hallucinate after getting a concussion. Stradivarius Cain taught Homer how to be a better lover to Marge by telling him to flirt with other women to teach him how to be kind to his wife. After angry husband threatened to shoot Homer after he flirted with his woman, Cain told Homer to squirt a lemon in his eye, then a lime. They both ran off and Cain seemed to enjoy it...

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Name: "Undercover Burns"
Date: September 27, 2020
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