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Guilty Grampa is a true crime podcast hosted by Kent Brockman. The podcast is sponsored by Shampoo Shuttle.

Guilty Grampa followed the story of the suspected murder of Vivienne St. Charmaine by Abraham Simpson, who supposedly pushed her over the edge of a cruise ship. Kent Brockman interviewed witnesses and gathered evidence where he decided that all signs pointed to Grampa being guilty.

After seeing how successful podcasters were becoming, Kent Brockman decided to start his own podcast, using the story of Vivienne St. Charmaine's suspected death to start Guilty Grampa. Kent started to record his podcast at Streamteam Podcast Studio and it became a huge hit with the people of Springfield, many of who also believed that Grampa was guilty. Kent Brockman interviewed Agnes Skinner, who was also on the cruise ship, who told Kent that she heard Vivienne say "Abe, don't!" Kent also interviewed Chief Wiggum who revealed that they tried to test to see if Abe did push Vivienne but they found out there was no such test. Since there wasn't enough evidence, Grampa was freed.

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"Yokel Chords" is the fourteenth episode of season 18 of The Simpsons and the three-hundred and ninety-second episode overall. It originally aired on March 4, 2007. The episode was written by Michael Price and directed by Susie Dietter. It guest stars Meg Ryan as Dr. Swanson, Peter Bogdanovich as a psychologist, Andy Dick as himself, James Patterson as himself and Stephen Sondheim as himself.

Lisa teaches the Spuckler children about culture, and soon Krusty hires them to act on The Krusty the Clown Show. They become famous and earn a lot of money, but Cletus spends it on himself...

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Emperor Bartigula the Jerk was an emperor of Rome and the son of Obeseus the Wide and Majora.

Bartigula was conceived when Obeseus and Majora made love when Obeseus was a gladiator. Obeseus and Majora then married and had Bartigula and his sister, Lisandra. Years later, Bartigula became cruel due to his lavish lifestyle and lack of parenting from Obeseus. At a party, Lisandra told Obeseus that Bartigula was going mad as he was making Ptolemaic Book Guy flay himself.

When Obeseus didn't want to go through with killing Emperor Montimus, Majora tried to poison him instead. After the emperor was killed, Majora nominated Bartigula as the next emperor. The senate agreed and Bartigula started a reign of terror, expanding his empire by declaring war on Neptune. He built a wall to keep invaders out as he blamed the troubles of Rome on foreign invaders. Bartigula then dissolved the senate and declared himself a god. When Obeseus spoke out against him, Bartigula had Obeseus arrested...

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Most recent news about The Simpsons.
01-06-2021 Season 32 News: The schedule air dates for March (“Yokel Hero”, “Do PizzaBots Dream of Electric Guitars?” and “Manger Things”) have been announced
01-02-2021 Season 32 News: A Sneak Peek for “The Dad-Feelings Limited” has been released!
12-22-2020 Season 32 News: A special guest star for “Mother and Child Reunion” has been announced
12-15-2020 Season 32 News: The Schedule air dates for Febrary (“Diary Queen” and “Wad Goals”), the Starting time for The Dad Feeling Limited and QABF22 table read information have been announced
12-14-2020 Season 32 News: Promotional images for “The Dad-Feelings Limited” have been released!
12-14-2020 Season 32 News: The air date for “Diary Queen” has been delayed due to NFL

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"His roommates kept turning up dead. 90-year-old people don't just suddenly stop breathing. Come on."
Old Jewish man[src]

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Name: "Diary Queen"
Date: February 14, 2021
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