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Warburton Parker is a hipster YouTuber and MyTuber promoter.

According to Warburton Parker, as a child, Parker's only friend was his computer and he was teased every day. Then he became a pro-snowboarder, married a supermodel, went into the tech business, made a fortune, bought the factories where the kids whose parents who teased him worked and shut the factories down.

When Marge gave Homer the idea to create his own online sports talk show, Walkoff Homer, Bart, who was watching from the doorway, hated the show so he decided to mess with it. This escalated into a fight between Homer and Bart which became a viral hit on MyTube. Warburton Parker then went to the Simpson house where Homer identified him as a hipster and told Marge to get Parker a microbrew, Bitter Brewer. Parker then offered Homer and Bart his services to get them sponsorships in order to better capitalize on their videos. To convince them, Parker showed Homer and Bart a video of a monkey smelling its finger before falling out of a tree, which Homer found hilarious. Homer and Bart then agreed to work with him.

Parker started off Homer and Bart with a Buzz Cola sponsorship, having them fight whilst spraying each other with Buzz Cola. This led to them earning their first check of $5,000, which Parker gave them at Utica Wild Thighs, which he revealed to be the next sponsor for their videos. He then filmed Homer and Bart as they fought in the restaurant. During this period, Homer and Bart started to bond closer, which was then caught on camera, leading to their image being shattered and people to take a dislike to them since they didn't actually hate each other...

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"A Fish Called Selma" is the nineteenth episode of season 7 of The Simpsons and the on-hundred and forty-seventh episode overall. It originally aired on March 24, 1996. The episode was written by Jack Barth and directed by Mark Kirkland. It guest stars Phil Hartman as Troy McClure and Fat Tony and Jeff Goldblum as MacArthur Parker.

Troy McClure's sagging film career is given a boost when he is seen in public with a woman. And to stay in the public eye, Troy must do more than merely date this woman, who happens to be Selma.

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Princess Paula Altrox is the princess of Reinmania.

Paula Altrox was due to go to Zenith City on a student exchange program. Her father, King Altrox, asked Radioactive Man to look after her there as he was worried her life would be in danger since he had also been the target of assassination attempts. Radioactive Man then meets Paula after mistaking her handmaiden Babooska for the Princess.

Paula Altrox then went to Zenith City where she attended Zenith High School and was in the same class as Rod Runtledge. Rod was tasked by Miss Grossman with helping the princess get to know the school and area and to help her catch up with her studies. In the park, Paula and Rod were attacked by Miskeit, Paula's uncle. Claude Kane III then knocked Miskeit unconscious and then took her back to the Reinmanian Embassy.

At the weekend, Rod took Paula to the beach, when Radioactive Man showed up too. As Paula was once again attacked by Miskeit and the Rodents bike gang, Radioactive Man didn't help. Rod went to her rescue instead and ended up dropping Paula when he hit a sign, with Paula once again being grabbed by the Rodents. Radioactive Man then came in to help take out the Rodents as Fallout Boy went to get Paula back. Radioactive Man then revealed that the Radioactive Man on the beach was actually a robot...

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05-28-2020 Old episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ are now available in 4:3 on Disney+!
05-27-2020 Season 32 News: New information on multiple episodes have been revealed
05-13-2020 Season 31 News: Sneak Peeks for “The Way of the Dog” have been released!

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"Now return to your homes and never make plans again."
Homer Simpson[src]

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I hope you're prepared for an unforgettable luncheon.

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