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Sara Sloane is a film star who fell in love with Ned Flanders.

Sara Sloane first met Ned Flanders when she walked into The Leftorium looking for left-handed eyelash curlers. Ned, not realizing who Sara was, told her that they didn't have any in stock but he could get some by Tuesday. Sara then bought a left-handed crimper then asked Ned out on a date since she didn't know anyone in town. After Ned accepted, he left the store and noticed a poster for the movie My Best Friend's Gay Baby, which starred Sara Sloane, and recognized her.

Ned then went to Homer to ask for his advice about dating a movie star. Ned then decided to go out with her, with the two of them going to The Gilded Truffle. Sara went in a disguise so she wouldn't be recognized but Lenny recognized her anyway. Lenny then asked Sara for her autograph, which he would put on eBay, then asked if her could push a plaster cast onto one of her boobs, which caused Sara to say that Lenny was the worst fan she had met. Ned and Sara then ended their date at the Springfield Squidport where they made out...

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"A Star Is Born Again" is the thirteenth episode of season 14. It was written by Brian Kelley and directed by Michael Marcantel and originally aired on March 2, 2003. Helen Fielding, Marisa Tomei and James L. Brooks guest star.

Ned Flanders starts dating a famous movie star, Sara Sloane, but Ned has difficulties with the tabloids following them everywhere.

The Simpson family gets ready to go to the beach for the Jellyfish Festival which is taking place. At the festival, the Stinging Red Jellyfish wash up on the shore to the delight of most Springfieldians. That night, all the couples attend a dance on the beach front where Ned Flanders feels left out due to the death of Maude. Ned decides to go to The Leftorium to fill out forms rather than feel lonely on the beach...

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The Adventures of Spaceman Rod is a short movie, starring Rod, that Ned Flanders created at the Make Your Child a Movie Star kiosk, in Springfield Mall.

The video begins with a title screen. After the title screen, a generic white rocket ship is seen flying through space, while the narrator introduces the story as an "outerspace adventure starring you!". Inside is a very buff spaceman with a photo of Rod for his face. The narrator goes on to tell that "One day while flying your spaceship you saw a planet and decided to land." As "Rod" walks out of the spaceship he is greeted by a group of frog-like aliens with jetpacks. He introduces himself as "Commander Rod," with the name 'Rod' being supplied by Ned's voice.

The aliens then welcome him and ask "Rod" what his hobbies are. "Rod" replies (with Ned doing the voice) that his hobbies include "being quiet during trips, clapping with songs, and diabetes." The aliens reply that that "sounds like fun," and decide to party. They all then start dancing and the movie ends...

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07-07-2019 Season 31 News Roundup: Writers, a new guest star, and new information on episodes have been released!
06-24-2019 Season 31 News: The Air Date of the Season Premiere has been announced!
06-13-2019 Season 31 News: Two new episode titles have been revealed!

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"Okay, Homer, you watch the screen while I take a quick A.P."
The Detonator

"What's an A.P.?"

"It's a gamer abbreviation for "a pee.""

"Nerd lingo. Saves so much time."

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