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Juliet Hobbes is a girl who was a friend of Lisa's.

Lisa met Juliet when they were both at an art class at the Springfield Recreation Center. Juliet ignored the task the class had been given and painted a fantasy piece featuring Josh Groban instead, much to the annoyance of the teacher. The teacher suggested Juliet and Lisa go play outside if they want to use their imagination, so they did. Lisa and Juliet then began to bond over their love of Josh Groban.

Lisa and Juliet agree to go on a playdate with each other. Lisa went to pick her up outside her school, Tuition Academy, then they decided to go to the Springfield Folk Art Museum as Juliet had a membership card for the museum. After the playdate, Juliet went to the Simpsons for dinner and then she had a sleepover. At the sleepover, Lisa and Juliet start to write about their fictional kingdom of Equalia. After Marge told them to go to sleep, Juliet asked Lisa if she wanted to be her best friend, to which Lisa said yes.

After school the next day, Lisa and Juliet hang out in the back garden of the Simpson house where they continue to write about Equalia. They then go and hang out outside a Yo! Gurt where they made cardboard models of the characters to play with. Later that day, the Simpson family went to the Hobbes' house for dinner...

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"Deep Space Homer" is the fifteenth episode of Season 5. It aired on February 24, 1994. The episode was written by David Mirkin and directed by Carlos Baeza. Buzz Aldrin and James Taylor guest star as themselves.

After seeing their popularity decline (as reflected by lower TV ratings for shuttle launches), NASA decides to improve its public image by sending a man into space to whom the average American can relate. In this case, Joe Average is Homer Simpson.

At the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, it is time for the awarding of the "Worker of the Week" award, a chore for the other plant workers, but a great time for Homer, the only employee who has never won the award (obviously). He is confident he will win after reading the employee handbook and finding out that each employee must win the award at least once regardless of incompetency. However, Mr. Burns gives the Worker of the Week award to an inanimate carbon rod...

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Andy Hamilton is a well-known former pupil and prankster at Springfield Elementary School. He lost his pranking attitude and became a writer for Krusty the Clown. Bart Simpson saved Andy's pranking career by telling him that he had to grow up.

Andy's most famous prank was when Andy was a student at Springfield Elementary, and Seymour Skinner loved to swim in the school's early swimming pool (revealed by Groundskeeper Willie). Andy filled the pool with worms and locked Skinner in the pool for a whole weekend, including Monday, a teacher's holiday. The prank was named "Night of the Wigglers".

Later, Bart and Milhouse met Andy and learnt that he was unemployed and lived with his mother. Bart got Andy a job as Krusty's advisor, but quit after his first day because Krusty was bossing him around. Andy later got rehired by Krusty, but Bart was worried when he saw a worm truck driving into the studio...

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"Take him away, boys."

"Hey, I'm the chief here! Bake him away, toys."
Chief Wiggum[src]

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Name: "Homer Is Where the Art Isn't"
Date: March 11, 2018
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