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Julia is a crazy woman who became Homer's manager when Homer was a famous opera singer.

Julia saved Homer and Marge from a group of old women who were fans of Homer. She jumped a fence on her motorbike and took Homer and Marge back to their home. As Marge thanked their mystery biker, Julia took her helmet off to reveal that she was a woman. They then invited Julia in for tea.

Inside, Julia told Homer and Marge that it was a shame that so many of Homer's fans were out of control and made the more sane fans, like her, look bad. Julia then asked to be head of Homer's fan club, which Marge agreed to.

When Marge left the room to make snacks, Julia took her biker leathers off, revealing her full naked body to Homer, and told Homer that he could have her any time he wanted. When Homer panicked and tried to shout for Marge, Julia told Homer that if he said anything to Marge, she would tell Marge that Homer attacked her...

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"The Homer of Seville" is the second episode of season 19. It was written by Carolyn Omine and directed by Michael Polcino. Plácido Domingo and Maya Rudolph guest star as himself and Julia respectively.

While receiving treatment for an injured back at the hospital, Homer discovers that he has beautiful opera voice. Even though Homer must sing while lying on his back for his voice to sound operatic, Mr. Burns hires him to sing at the Springfield Opera House, where he quickly becomes a star. Through his newfound stardom, Homer develops a large throng of fans including the lovely Julia, an obsessive and dangerous stalker...

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Snowball (a.k.a. Snowball I) was the first cat owned by Lisa. He was followed by Snowball II, Snowball III, Snowball IV and Snowball V. He was the family's first pet, followed by Snowball II and Santa's Little Helper.

Snowball I was first mentioned in a Christmas letter Marge was writing whilst she explained that Snowball I had died that year.

During a heatwave one summer, Snowball I fanned a block of ice with his tail when the Simpson family couldn't afford an air conditioner. he did not like this, and eventually, the family got an air conditioner, but Homer put the temperature too cold and the cat shook as he walked across the living room.

Snowball was, according to Lisa in a poem, run over by a Chrysler. Snowball is buried in the Pet Cemetery, which is next to the Springfield Cemetery...

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"Another billionaire? How did he make his money? Paraffin? Castor oil? Whale bone corsets for the woman who dares?"
Mr. Burns

"Actually, cryptocurrency."

"Oh, I know about cryptocurrency. I have it in my crypt."
―Mr. Burns[src]

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