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The Gypsy is a woman who has a fortunetelling shop in Ethnictown.

The Simpsons meet the Gypsy when they are walking in Ethnictown, see her fortunetelling shop, and go in. The shop has the accouterments one would expect to find in a fortunetelling establishment: a beaded doorway, a crystal ball, Tarot cards, shrunken heads, and so on.

The Gypsy is very streetwise, almost to the point of paranoia. She goes to great lengths to make sure that Marge isn't a cop: "You gotta tell me if you are." The Gypsy's street smarts are vindicated, however, when on first sight of Homer, she "senses" that she shouldn't take a check from him. Homer, for his part, accuses the Gypsy of being a fraud and a fake, and tries to unmask her by tugging at a wart on her nose. The Gypsy's nose and the wart are both real, however, and Homer gets several warts on his thumb from having touched it. Now mad at Homer, the Gypsy orders him to leave.

Homer disdainfully heads for the door. However, the beads in the doorway freak him out. Homer screams and flails about, knocking over all kinds of things, including candles, which starts a fire and sets off the sprinklers, trashing the Gypsy's shop. She then puts a curse on him: "You will bring bad luck to everyone you love!" Over the next several days, Homer's family and friends suffer various horrible fates...

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"Halloween of Horror" is the 4th episode of season 27. It aired on October 18, 2015. It's a canon episode taking place at Halloween, showing what actually happens to the family at the time of the year. It was written by Carolyn Omine and directed by Mike B. Anderson. It guest stars Nick Kroll as Lem and Blake Anderson as Dickie.

When Lisa becomes scared at the Krustyland Halloween Horror Night, Homer is forced to take down his Everscream Terrors decorations. Halloween pop-up employees seek vengeance on Homer for causing them to lose their jobs, and rob his house while Homer and Lisa hide out in the attic. Homer and Lisa light up their stored holiday decorations to attract attention and stand up to the intruders.

The day before Halloween, Homer completelly decorated his house, calling it "Everscream Terrors", but Homer stored the plastic skeletons too close to the furnace, so he decided to take it's remainings back to the Halloween pop-up store. On their way to the store, Lisa and Bart commented about how excited they are about the upcoming Krustyland Halloween Horror...

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Stabby-Oh's is a breakfast cereal, marketed by Itchy and Scratchy in a television advertisement.

Stabby-Oh's consists of O-shaped cereal pieces and weapon-shaped colored marshmallow bits: pink daggers, green hatchets and yellow icepicks, all of them blood red at their tips.

At breakfast time, a boy and girl walk into the kitchen rubbing their eyes. A figure wearing a bathrobe and hair curlers stands in front of the stove, back to the camera. The voice-over announcer says, "Hey, kids! Look who's making breakfast!" The figure turns around, revealing itself to be Scratchy standing on Itchy's shoulders. The boy and girl exclaim, "Itchy and Scratchy!" Scratchy jumps down from Itchy's shoulders and says, "That's right, kids!"

Itchy says, "Never start the day on an empty stomach", jams a funnel into Scratchy's mouth, and pours an entire box of Stabby-Oh's down Scratchy's throat...

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10-15-2016 Season 28 News: Four Promotional Images commemorating the 600th Episode have been released!

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"Ah, Halloween. The one time of year when the squalor of our home works to our advantage."
Homer Simpson[src]

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Maggie would say: *suck*

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Name: "Trust but Clarify"
Date: October 23, 2016
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