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Jonathan "John" I.Q. Neidelbaum Frink, Sr. is the father of Prof. Frink, with whom he never really got along well. Frink Jr's mother said they got along like positrons and antineutrinos.

After Frink Jr. won the Nobel Prize (for devising a hammer with a screwdriver on the other end of it), he expressed the wish that his father was able to see him win. He explained that his father always saw him as a disappointment, and described his father as a he-man scientist who worked on the atom bomb by day, slept with Marilyn Monroe by night, and sold secrets to the Russians at lunch. He was last seen alive just before he went to research sharks. Frink Jr. didn't want to go on this trip because he got sea sick a lot, even when taking a shower. His father, disgusted, left without him. Frink revealed that his father was bitten by a shark while testing a blood-based suntan lotion.

Frink brought his dad back to life, explained that his missing organs had been replaced with machines, and that he has no penis "in the traditional sense". Frink Sr., believing he wasn't really alive, went on an organ theft rampage. He took organs and body parts from living people if he thought they were good enough for him, murdering many innocent people in the process...

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"Treehouse of Horror" (also known as "The Simpsons Halloween Special") is the sixteenth episode of The Simpsons, the third episode of the second season and the first installment in the Treehouse of Horror series.

The first of the annual Halloween spook-fest. In "Bad Dream House", the family move into an old haunted house, are possessed by an evil spirit, and attempt to kill each other. In "Hungry are the Damned", the family's abducted by aliens Kang and Kodos and are fattened up to the extent Lisa questions their motives. In "The Raven", a poem by Edgar Allan Poe is recited with the family as characters.

Marge warns viewers the following program, (The Simpsons), may give their children nightmares, so she suggests the adults to "tuck your children into bed tonight instead of writing us angry letters tomorrow." However, the viewers ignore her and let their kids watch it anyway...

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The Evil House is a house built on an Indian burial ground that the Simpsons family moved into.

Homer bought the house from Mr. Ploot, a real estate agent, because the house was huge and cheap. When negotiating for the house, Mr. Ploot repeatedly told Homer that the house was built on an ancient Indian burial ground. Homer decided to buy it anyway, not telling his family about the burial ground and forgetting about it himself. The family then moved into the house, with the removalist helping them.

The family were happy at first due to the house being so big and inexpensive. They then began to find mysterious problems with the house. The house said "get out", which Homer thought was just the house settling. A book was then flung at Lisa, which she thought was Bart. When Marge entered the kitchen, she found the cupboards and walls bleeding and a mysterious vortex into another dimension in the kitchen wall. In the living room, Bart was being strangled by a lamp cord, with Maggie and objects flying around. Lisa mentioned that she could feel an evil presence in the house and Marge decided that it was time for them to leave...

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10-01-2018 Review: ‘The Simpsons’ season 30 makes it clear it’s not dead with an enjoyable Season Premiere episode!

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"Oh my God, space aliens! Don't eat me, I have a wife and kids! Eat them!"

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Name: "My Way or the Highway to Heaven"
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