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DC Comics

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DC Comics is a comic book franchise famous for superheroes such as Superman and Batman.

References to DC Comics in The Simpsons[edit]


Picture Season Episode number Episode name Reference
Bart Gets Yanked.png 1 01 "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" During the Christmas program at Springfield Elementary School, Bart's class sings "Jingle Bells". When it comes time for the chorus, Bart pulls a prank and loudly sings the "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells" parody lyrics and is swiftly yanked off of the stage by Principal Skinner.
2 021 "Bart the Daredevil" When Bart tried to become a daredevil, Dr. Hibbert showed him a boy that broke his leg when he tried to fly like Superman.
Radioactive Man TV.png 034 "Three Men and a Comic Book" Lisa bought a Super Lois comic book, while Bart dresses up as Bartman, an obvious take on Batman. After the children had visited a comic expo, Homer said "Give me Wonder Woman" and made an erotic growl after he said that he never knew what Superman saw in Lois Lane. In the same episode Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy are introduced, both parodies of Batman and Robin.
3 056 "Black Widower" When The Simpsons decide to rescue Selma Bouvier from being murdered by Sideshow Bob Homer yells: "To the Simpsons mobile!", in reference to the phrase: "To the Bat mobile!"
Adam West.png 4 068 "Mr. Plow" Adam West, the actor of Batman in the 1960s Batman TV series, is guest star. Homer introduces him to Bart and Lisa as "Batman", but they claim it's not him. This prompts West to start bickering how they probably only know Michael Keaton and Michelle Pfeiffer (who played Batman and Catwoman in Tim Burton's film versions). He claims that Lee Meriwether, Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt are the only real Catwoman and tries to show off by doing the Batdance. This creeps out Homer too and he leads his children away. Later in the episode West hired both Mr. Plow and Plow King, but since the Plow King was first West took his services instead. With the snow on his driveaway out of the way West quickly gets in his car while the music from the Batman TV series plays, to mimick similar scenes whenever Batman jumped into his Batmobile. Here, however, West's car just slowly chugs away at not-all-that-spectacular speed. As he drives away Barney yells: "Your secret is safe with me, Superman!"
074 "Marge vs. the Monorail" When Lyle Lanley promotes the Monorail during a visit to Lisa's class a kid asks him if the Springfield Monorail could outrun The Flash, which Lanley confirms. Then, out of nowhere, another kid wonders whether Superman could outrun The Flash, which baffles Lanley, since it has nothing to do with his monorail project. So he just confirms it to move on to another question.
5 082 "Homer's Barbershop Quartet" Homer tries to think up a rhyme for the song Baby on Board and comes up with something, something, Burt Ward, then claims: "It practically writes itself.".
Jingle Bells ($pringfield).png 091 "$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)" In revenge for being kicked out of Mr. Burns' Casino, Bart tricks Robert Goulet (who had been booked into Burns' casino) into coming to his treehouse instead. Goulet performs a jazz version of "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells".
6 105 "Lisa's Rival" When the two beekeepers decide to find out why all their bees have left, one of them yells: "To the bee mobile!", whereupon his colleague asks: "You mean: your Chevy?" and he mutters: "Yes." This is again a reference to the phrase: "To the Bat mobile!" Hank Azaria, who voiced the beekeeper, deliberately patterned his speech pattern after Adam West.
The Scout Master.jpg 7 130 "Radioactive Man" One of the comic titles Bart and Millhouse pass through in Comic Book Guy's store is titled Batchick, in reference to Batgirl and Batwoman. The film makers want the Radioactive Man film to be different from the campy 1970s version, which is a reference to the fact that the makers of Batman (1989) also wanted the film to be darker in tone than the 1960s Batman TV series. The 1970s Radioactive Man version is a parody of the TV series Batman, complete with tilted camera shots, onomatopeia appearing on the screen during fight scenes, a cartoonishly portrayed villain (The Scout Master) and Radioactive Man doing a dance similar to the Batdance.
Homer Silhouette.png 8 162 "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer" When Bart and Lisa see Homer's silhouette projected into the sky because he is standing in front of the lantern of the lighthouse, Bart wonders whether it's Homer and Lisa says, "Either that, or Batman's really let himself go", referencing the Bat-Signal.
9 181 "Lisa's Sax" Bart sings a playground rhyme named "Buttman" to the tune of the theme song from the TV show Batman.
182 "Treehouse of Horror VIII" Right before the atomic attack destroys Springfield Comic Book Guy is reading an Aquaman comic book: "But Aquaman, you cannot marry a woman without gills. You're from two different worlds." As he notices the bomb heading towards him he mutters: "Ow, I've wasted my life..."
Wonder Woman Mayored to the Mob.png 10 212 "Mayored to the Mob" Mark Hamill knocks over a cardboard cutout of Wonder Woman.
11 227 "Beyond Blunderdome" The Batmobile is seen in the Hollywood Auto Museum.
The Flash.png 12 262 "New Kids on the Blecch" Comic Book Guy participates in the Springfield Marathon dressed as The Flash. After boasting nobody can outrun The Flash he falls into an open manhole.
The Thing Batmobile.png 13 288 "I Am Furious (Yellow)" Stan Lee asks Comic Book Guy whether he is the guy "who was stalking Lynda Carter (Lynda Carter played Wonder Woman in the 1970s TV series)? Comic Book Guy claims he is merely "courting" her. Later in the episode Lee jams a The Thing figure into Database's Batmobile toy.
ClownFace Apprehended.png 14 295 "Large Marge" Bart and Milhouse watch an episode of Batman where Krusty plays the part of the guest villain, ClownFace.
Batman and Rhoda.pngSuperman vs. Patty Hearst.png 15 314 "Treehouse of Horror XIV" Batman and Rhoda and Superman vs. Patty Hearst comics are seen.
FABF01.png 319 "Today I Am a Clown" In the couch gag, the Simpson family are in the Bat Cave dressed in Batman costumes. Homer is Batman, Marge, Lisa and Maggie seem to be Batgirl and Bart is Robin.
Batman Begins.png 18 379 "The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer" When Bart decided to start going into the bootleg DVD business, he showed off a copy of Batman Begins.
Aquaman and Superman.png 395 "Homerazzi" Bart was seen reading Aquaman and Superman.
19 404 "I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" When Homer waited for the Student of the Millennium Award to start he started to write a Superman novel.
Death of Superman.pngDeath of Aquaman.png 407 "Husbands and Knives" When looking through comics at the Android's Dungeon, Bart came across Death of Superman and Death of Aquaman. The first comic book is a real-life Superman title. As Comic Book Guy discovers there's another comics store across the street he exclaims: "This cannot be. It's as if Superman would move to Gotham City". Martin Prince, Jr. then points out this comic book actually exists, but Comic Book Guy replies it was just a dream sequence which never happened. When Bart points out that "none of these things ever really happened" Comic Book Guy tells him to leave his store. When Lisa talks with Daniel Clowes how much she liked Ghost World he tells her that he would rather draw Batman comics and starts talking about his utility belt, much to Lisa's disinterest. Later when Art Spiegelman, Daniel Clowes and Alan Moore fight onomatopeia flash at the screen, just like in the Batman TV series.
Wonder Woman.png A cardboard cutout of Wonder Woman is the inspiration for Marge to open up Shapes because of Wonder Woman's figure.
No Loan Again, Naturally Wonder Woman costume.png 20 432 "No Loan Again, Naturally" When Marge tells Homer to invite Ned Flanders to the party, Homer says yes, but only if he can wear the costume he provides, which is that of Wonder Woman.
21 442 "Homer the Whopper" Everyman used an issue of Captain America to have the patriotism to want to save the President's life and an issue of Wonder Woman to give him the boobs to distract the guards.
Eartha Kitt.png 451 "Once Upon a Time in Springfield" Krusty was once married to Eartha Kitt (who voices herself in this episode) for six hours, but slept through five hours of them, which led Kitt to proclaim it a "cat-astrophe", in reference to the fact that she played Catwoman in the original TV series.
463 "The Bob Next Door" Bart once wrote as his chalkboard gag "Batman is nothing without his utility belt".
Batmobile.png 23 494 "The Ten-Per-Cent Solution" Comic Book Guy bought the Batmobile from the Museum of TV and Television.
24 523 "Black-Eyed, Please" After giving Homer a black eye, Ned Flanders asks Homer is he can pray for him. Homer tells him it's okay, as long as he prays to Superman. Ned refuses and Homer starts the prayer himself.
THOH Catwomen.png
THOH Marge Catwoman.png
25 532 "Treehouse of Horror XXIV" Marge, several other women of Springfield and Comic Book Guy all dress up as Catwoman for Halloween.
540 "Married to the Blob" Commissioner Sweeney is a parody of Commissioner Gordon.
Children Comic Book Costumes 1.pngChildren Comic Book Costumes 2.png
Clocks for Krypton, Superman's home planet and Bizarro Earth are seen.
In Comic Book Guy's song, he has a Lois Lane comic for the wedding special between Lois Lane and Superman.
The Just Us League is a reference to the Justice League. A parody of Wonder Woman appears on the poster.
Strawberry is dressed as the Mad Hatter. Strawberry and Milo's child is dressed as Catwoman.
Comic Book Guy says that at last they will be in the same bed, just like Batman and Robin.
542 "Diggs" Marge says the mental hospital Diggs is staying at is an Arkham Asylum type of place.
Sex in the Batmobile.png 549 "What to Expect When Bart's Expecting" Sex in the Batmobile is a reference to the Batmobile
WtEWBE Super-Heroes Reference 1.png
WtEWBE Super-Heroes Reference 3.png
WtEWBE Super-Heroes Reference 6.png
WtEWBE Super-Heroes Reference 9.png
WtEWBE Super-Heroes Reference 11.png
Several people are dressed as DC Comics characters:
Brick Like Me - SpongeBob play sets.png 550 "Brick Like Me" Bart's giant LEGO robot is made partially out of a Batmobile.
Bloc-Quaman.png Bloc-Quaman is a parody of Aquaman.
Green Hornet vs. Green Lanterne.png 27 579 "Treehouse of Horror XXVI" A poster for Green Hornet vs. Green Lantern is seen, with a special appearance by Green Arrow.
Aquaman and Poseidon.png 29 620 "Springfield Splendor" A person is cosplaying Aquaman, dragging a tank with someone else inside.
624 "The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used to Be" Lisa told Marge that "Wonder Woman showed that if you are a goddess with superpowers, there's no limit to what you can do."
627 "Gone Boy" Homer mentions that Shaquille O'Neal has a Superman tattoo on his arm.
The Science of Wonder Woman.png 625 "Haw-Haw Land" At the STEM Conference, Database is seen hosting a "The Science of Wonder Woman" booth. He has boxes with the "Golden Lasso" and "Invisible Plane" on the wall behind him.
Gal Gadot.png 30 640 "Bart's Not Dead" In this episode Gal Gadot (who played Wonder Woman in the 2017 DC film adaptation) is special guest voice. When Homer asks Gal Gadot what else she has done since The Fast and the Furious Gadot asks him: "Did you see Wonder Woman?", whereupon Homer answers he usually immediately falls asleep whenever he sees the DC logo. He then asks her whether he may use her magic lasso to capture Gene Hackman, which Gadot refuses.
Krusty the Clown TV shows.png 647 "Krusty the Clown" Several DC shows are seen on the TV screens including: Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and iZombie.
Marvel Christmas DC New Year.png 649 "'Tis the 30th Season" The sign at the Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop says "Have a Marvel Christmas and a DC New Year".
654 "101 Mitigations Comic Book Guy said that he was not budging, like the door of Superman's Fortress of Solitude when The Beatles tried to visit.
Zorbot owner.png The owner of Zorbot the Geek has a Wonder Woman logo shirt.
Homer says that he and Comic Book Guy can still be friends, like when Superman teamed up with Lex Luthor. Comic Book Guy then said that was an imaginary story written by Harlan Ellison because he wanted to get fired.


Picture Comic issue Story name Reference
Detective Comics.png Simpsons Comics #152 In the Name of Lava! An issue of Detective Comics with Batman on the front is held by Comic Book Guy.
Simpsons Comics #192 Mutiny on the Barty The Springfield Police Department had a low budget after they bought a Batmobile, so after a week they stopped searching for the missing Bart and Milhouse.
Simpsons Comics #211 An Unconventional Romance Cloris Clane mentioned that she cosplays as Power Girl.
CBG Avengers, Daredevil, Green Lantern.png Bart Simpson #24 ...Nelson Muntz's Guide to Grown-Up Nerds Comic Book Guy tells Nelson to get out of his store before he downgrades a copy of Green Lantern vs. Dick Cheney.
Bart Simpson #74 Into the Woods When Bart and Milhouse pooh-pooh Lisa's mention of the Donner Party, Lisa tells Martin to ignore them, as "They think that 'The Old West' is an actor who played Batman on TV".
Bartgirl Maggie.png Bart Simpson #78 Bartman vs. Doctor Octuplets Bartgirl is a parody of Batgirl.
Li'l Homer #1 Springfield's Next Top Model Kit! The Batmobile was seen at the Springfield's Ninth Annual Custom Car Show & Hot Rod-A-Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong.
Wonder Maggie Costume.png Simpsons Comics One-Shot Wonders One-Shot WonderMaggie #1 She's a (Paper) Doll! One of Maggie's paper doll costumes is "Wonder Maggie", a reference to Wonder Woman.
Green Lantern Comic Book Guy.png The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Hoodoo Voodoo Brouhaha Comic Book Guy's Best Costumes Ever - Part 1 Comic Book Guy dressed up as Green Lantern for Halloween in 2003.
Klingon Batman.png Comic Book Guy's Best Costumes Ever - Part 2 Comic Book Guy dressed up as "Klingon Batman" for the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con in 2001.
Golden Age Flash CBG.png Comic Book Guy's Best Costumes Ever - Part 3 Comic Book Guy dressed up as Golden Age Flash for the San Diego Comic Con in 1980.
Bizarro World CBG.png Comic Book Guy's Best Costumes Ever - Part 4 Comic Book Guy dressed up as "Bizarro World CBG" for the Close Encounters of the Comic Book Kind Comic Book Convention in 2000.
Wonder Woman CBG.png Comic Book Guy dressed up as Wonder Woman for Halloween in 1970. He described it as the "worst Halloween ever".
Geeks Versus Nerds.jpg Comic Book Guy: The Comic Book 2 The Death of Comic Book Guy! (Part Two) When the geeks and nerds of Springfield take up sides against each other following the shutdown of the Internet, one of the geeks is dressed up as Batman.
Lois Lane.png The Simpsons Go for the Gold Bummer Games In a film about the first Olympics made by Homer and Bart they explained that they couldn't have the first Olympics in USA because Pocahontas was still trying to guide Lois and Clark to the Pacific. Later when they had found the Pacific they were progressive and freethinking adults so they all got married together. They illustrated this with dolls of Superman and Lois Lane.
Simpsons Super Spectacular #13 Splotchmen The comic story name is a reference to the DC Comics series Watchmen.
Simpsons Super Spectacular #15 Nerds of Prey
CBG Letter to Santa-2.png The Simpsons Winter Wingding #1 Springfield's Letters to Santa In Comic Book Guy's letter to Santa Claus, one of the things he wanted was the complete collection of Buffy action figures, to be delivered by Sarah Michelle Gellar. However, he also provided a list of substitutes he would find acceptable as delivery people, among them Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman and Halle Berry as Catwoman.


Picture Book Reference
Burns' Bucket List - Action Comics.png C. Montgomery Burns' Handbook of World Domination Two of the items on Mr. Burns' bucket list are to acquire every existing copy of Action Comics #1 (the issue which featured the debut of Superman) and then burn them all in front of an audience at Comic-con.
CBGGQ-Superman.png Comic Book Guy's Book of Pop Culture Comic Book Guy's list of the greatest quotes of all time includes two from the Superman movie series: "I like pink very much, Lois" by Superman in Superman: The Movie and "Why do you say this to me, when you know I will kill you for it?" by General Zod (to Lex Luthor) in Superman II.
Table of Geeky Delights.jpg Lisa Simpson's Guide to Geek Chic Batman (Bt), Barbara Gordon (Bg), the Batmobile (Bm), Lois Lane (Ll) and Wonder Woman (Ww) are all elements in Lisa's Table of Geeky Delights.


Picture Game Reference
Tapped Out Kearney Trick-or-Treating Costume.png The Simpsons: Tapped Out During Treehouse of Horror XXV, Kearney's Trick-Or-Treat costume is The Joker.


Account Date Tweet
ComicBookGuy July 22, 2011 I hereby engage in #FF-ery: Beloved heroes @HamillHimself @WilliamShatner @TheRealAdamWest and of course, @LuigisFamousMeatballSubs #FOXSDCC
ComicBookGuy July 22, 2011 Is there a cowl-washing station nearby? I'm asking for a friend. #FOXSDCC
ComicBookGuy July 22, 2011 This Batman should put Axe body spray in his utility belt. #FOXSDCC
ComicBookGuy July 23, 2011 Picketing in front of the DC booth. Sign: "Reboot this". #FOXSDCC
ComicBookGuy December 21, 2011 Santa, I implore you: this year, do not deliver Batman's presents to Wayne Manor. People ask questions.
ComicBookGuy December 23, 2011 Attention Dwight Howard - if you are, as you claim, Superman, you have done a poor job of protecting your alter ego.
ComicBookGuy January 24, 2012 Tonight at the Android's Dungeon, I shall deliver my annual "State Of The Justice League" address. Hint: It is strong.
ComicBookGuy July 15, 2012 It turns out that wasn't my groin I touched. And MY groin is certainly not numb. To quote any Batman villain: "Oof!" #FOXSDCC #SDCC

Common cast members in DC film or TV adaptations[edit]

Picture Name Role in DC Comics Role on The Simpsons
Adam West.jpg Adam West Played Batman in the TV series Batman. Voiced himself in "Mr. Plow", Batman in "Large Marge", and Quahog Mayor Adam West in the Family Guy crossover episode "The Simpsons Guy".
Michelle Pfeiffer.jpg Michelle Pfeiffer Played Catwoman in Batman Returns (1992). Voiced Mindy Simmons in "The Last Temptation of Homer".
Mark Hamill.jpg Mark Hamill Voiced The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series. Voiced himself and Leavelle in "Mayored to the Mob".
Michael Keaton.jpg Michael Keaton Played Batman in Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992). Voiced Jack Crowley in "Pokey Mom".
Burt Ward.jpg Burt Ward Played Robin in the TV series Batman. Voiced Robin in "Large Marge".
Eartha Kitt.jpg Eartha Kitt Played Catwoman in the TV series Batman. Voiced herself in "Once Upon a Time in Springfield".
Gal Gadot.jpg Gal Gadot Played Wonder Woman in the film adaptations. Voiced herself in "Bart's Not Dead".

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