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Treehouse of Horror III

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Season 4 Episode
063 "Lisa the Beauty Queen"
"Treehouse of Horror III"
"Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie" 065
II "Treehouse of Horror II"
"Treehouse of Horror III"
"Treehouse of Horror IV" IV
Treehouse of Horror Episode

Donut Homer.png This THOH is considered non-canon and the events featured do not relate to the series and therefore may not have actually happened/existed.

The reason behind this decision is: The episode is part of the Treehouse of Horror series.

If you dispute this, please bring it up on the episode's talk page.

"Dad, you killed the zombie Flanders!"
"He was a zombie?"
"Treehouse of Horror III"
Treehouse of Horror III - Title Card.png
Episode Information
Episode number: 64
Season number: S4 E5
Production code: 9F04
Original airdate: October 29, 1992
Couch gag: The family's skeletons run into the living room and sit on the couch
Showrunners: Al Jean
Mike Reiss
Written by: Al Jean
Mike Reiss
Jay Kogen
Wallace Wolodarsky
Sam Simon
Jon Vitti
Directed by: Carlos Baeza
DVD features

"Treehouse of Horror III" is the fifth episode of season 4 of The Simpsons and the sixty-fourth episode overall. It is also the third installment in the Treehouse of Horror series and consists of three parts. It originally aired on October 29, 1992. The episode was written by Al Jean, Mike Reiss, Jay Kogen, Wallace Wolodarsky, Sam Simon and Jon Vitti and directed by Carlos Baeza.


"In the third annual Treehouse of Horror, Homer buys Bart an evil talking Krusty doll, King Homer's captured by Mr. Burns, and Bart and Lisa inadvertently cause zombies to attack Springfield."


Opening segment[edit]

Homer's silhouette appears next to Alfred Hitchcock's iconic silhouette. He emerges out and warns viewers the following episode may scare certain viewers, especially Christian ones, an announcement mirroring what Marge did in the beginning of "Treehouse of Horror"s I and II. He requests for the television to be turned off before daring viewers, imitating a chicken. The TV screen eventually switches off, however, Homer and Marge can still be heard if not seen. The episode pans to a cemetery and eventually to the Simpsons' house, with the family doing their couch gag as skeletons.

The Simpsons are having a Halloween party, and they tell scary stories. The Halloween costumes include Homer as Julius Caesar, Marge as an ancient Egyptian, most likely Cleopatra, Bart as Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange, Lisa as the Statue of Liberty, Milhouse as Radioactive Man, Martin as Calliope, Nelson as a pirate, Janey as a princess, Wendell as an astronaut, and Lewis as Frankenstein's Monster.

Clown Without Pity[edit]

Clown Without Pity

After forgetting to buy him a gift for his birthday, Homer buys Bart a talking Krusty doll at `House of Evil' (your one-stop evil shop). Upon receiving the doll, Bart excitedly says "Great Caesar's ghost!", a catchphrase said by Perry White of the Superman comic book series. Although the doll's nice to Bart, it repeatedly tries to kill Homer (which no one believes).

Homer captures the evil Krusty doll in a bag of dirty socks he locks in a suitcase. He disposes of the suitcase in a "Bottomless Pit" and returns home, not realizing the doll managed to follow him. As the doll attempts to strangle Homer, Marge calls KrustyCo for help; a repairman arrives and discovers the doll's accidentally switched from "Good" to "Evil". He flips the switch back to "Good", and Homer uses the doll as a servant. The doll laments to his "girlfriend" Malibu Stacy, he shares Lisa's dollhouse with, "Today, Homer made me give him a sponge bath!" Krusty gives Stacy a smooch on the cheek, but her head falls off. "Clown Without Pity"s based on the Twilight Zone episode "Living Doll" and the movies Trilogy of Terror and Child's Play.

King Homer[edit]

Homer, as an ape, carrying Marge up a skyscraper.
King Homer

In a black and white segment, Marge joins Mr. Burns and Smithers on an expedition to "Ape Island" to find the legendary "King Homer". Mr. Burns captures the giant ape and displays him to the press on Broadway. The photographers' flashes enrage King Homer, who breaks free from his restraints. He abducts Marge and wreaks havoc, eating many people in the process. He attempts to climb a tall building, but is unable to get even one story above the ground. King Homer collapses in exhaustion, and Marge helpfully suggests he eat more vegetables and less people. In the end, King Homer and Marge marry the same day Dick Cavett is born (November 19, 1936). The story ends with the wedding, and King Homer eating Marge's father, although Marge is surprisingly not upset. This segment's an obvious parody of the iconic 1933 film King Kong.

Dial "Z" for Zombies[edit]

Dial "Z" for Zombies

While in the school's library searching for material for a book report, Bart finds a book of magic in the occult section. To make Lisa happy, he tries to resurrect Snowball I for her, but accidentally reanimates hundreds of human corpses instead. The zombies terrorize Springfield until Homer wields a shotgun to help Bart and Lisa find the book to reverse the spell in the Springfield Elementary library. Bart successfully finds the book and casts the spell accidentally turning Lisa into a snail, shocking him. Lisa doesn't notice her transformation and asks Bart what. He replies, "I just haven't noticed what a beautiful, young woman you're becoming," flattering her. Bart finds the correct spell and casts it upon the world, returning the dead zombies to their graves. Those who became zombies by infection drop dead in the streets and it turns Lisa, unaware of her change, back to normal. In the end, the family ends up back at home on the couch watching TV, just before the credits roll in. The title's a reference to the movie Dial "M" For Murder.


Composer Alf Clausen was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series in the 45th Primetime Emmy Awards for "Treehouse of Horror III". However, it lost to "Young Indiana Jones and the Scandal of 1920" from The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.[1]

Sound mixers Brad Brock, R. Russell Smith, Greg Orloff, Anthony D'Amico received a nomination for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series (Half-Hour) and Animation in the 45th Primetime Emmy Awards for the episode. However it lost to "Doogie Got a Gun" from Doogie Howser, M.D.[2]


In other languages[edit]

Language Name Translation
Germany.png Deutsch "Bösartige Spiele" Malicious games
Flag of Japan.png 日本語 "ハロウィーン・スペシャルIII" Halloween Special III


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