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This is a list of all doppelgängers on The Simpsons.


Character(s) Picture Doppelgänger Episode/Comic Note
Apu Speed-E-Mart owner.png Speed-E-Mart owner "Lemon of Troy"
Lil valu mart clerk.png Li'l Valu-Mart clerk "Summer of 4 Ft. 2"
Wendell Borton Evil Wendell.png Evil Wendell Batter-Up Bart
Benjamin THOHVII Doug.png The Little Universe inhabitant "Treehouse of Horror VII"
Professor Frink THOHVII Frink.png The Little Universe scientist "Treehouse of Horror VII"
Ned Flanders Canadian Flanders.png Canadian Flanders "Midnight Rx"
Doug THOHVII Gary.png The Little Universe inhabitant "Treehouse of Horror VII"
Gil Gunderson Salesbot.png Salesbot "Treehouse of Horror XII"
Krusty the Clown Handsome Pete.png Handsome Pete "Bart the Fink"
Lenny and Carl Lenny and Carl doppelgangers.png Unnamed doppelgängers Tanks for Nothing
Nelson Muntz Canadian Nelson.png Canadian Nelson "Boy Meets Curl"
Irish Nelson.png Irish Nelson "In the Name of the Grandfather"
Bart Simpson Lester.png Lester "The Day the Violence Died"
Shelby.png Shelby "Lemon of Troy"
Simon Woosterfield.png Simon Woosterfield "Double, Double, Boy in Trouble"
AdultBartKABF14.png Adult Bart
Biff Westwood.png Biff Westwood The Artist Formerly Known as Bart
Brit Simpson.png Brit Simpson Brit Simpson!
Barb Simpkins.png Barb Simpkins The Rebooting!
Bart and Lisa Simpson Bart and Lisa doppelgangers 1.png Unnamed doppelgängers "Homer Goes to Prep School" When Homer is looking for Bart and Lisa in Smart Tykes, he sees these doppelgängers first.
Bart and Lisa doppelgangers 2.png
Bart and Lisa doppelgangers 3.png
Homer Simpson Mr. Sparkle.png Mr. Sparkle "In Marge We Trust" Logo on a box of dishwashing detergent from Japan found at the Springfield City Dump.
Marge vs. the Monorail - Ad for Lanley Institute of Monorail Conducting.png Unnamed doppelgänger "Marge vs. the Monorail" Homer sees a tv ad for the Lanley Institute of Monorail Conducting.
Woman resembling Homer.png Woman resembling Homer "Brother from the Same Planet"
Guy Incognito.png Guy Incognito "Fear of Flying"
Shelby's father.png Shelby's father "Lemon of Troy"
Fake Homer.png Fake Homer "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes"
Reformed dad.png Reformed dad "There's No Disgrace Like Home"
Homer Simpson lookalike.png Homer look-alike "The Simpsons Guy" Also sounds like Homer
Late shift worker.png Late shift worker "Flaming Moe"
British Homer.png British Homer "The 7 Beer Itch"
Yellow Crush Homer doppelganger.png Hong Kong Butterfly Detention Facility employee Yellow Crush
Omar Simpson.png Omar Simpson Brit Simpson!
Gomer Simpkins.png Gomer Simpkins The Rebooting!
Lisa Simpson Eliza.png Eliza "The Day the Violence Died"
Lisa, Jr..png Lisa, Jr. "Missionary: Impossible" Doesn't look that similar to Lisa but Homer sees a resemblance.
Lily Simpson.png Lily Simpson Brit Simpson! {{{1}}}
Lee Simpkins.png Lee Simpkins The Rebooting!
Marge Simpson Marge-bot.png Marge-bot "The Heartbroke Kid" Fictional robot replica.
Marnie Simpson.png Marnie Simpson Brit Simpson!
Madge Simpkins.png Madge Simpkins The Rebooting!
Waylon Smithers Fredericks.png Fredericks Tanks for Nothing
Squeaky-voiced teen Squeaky-voiced Australian teen.png Squeaky-voiced Australian teen "Bart vs. Australia"
Moe Szyslak Female Moe.png Moe's Eastern European woman look-alike "The Blue and the Gray" When she realized that there was no true love for her, she stood on a chair and put a rope around her neck.
Joe (Shelbyville).png Joe "Lemon of Troy"
Saloon keeper.png John Flammang Schrank "Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts" In Bart's imagination
Littlesyzlak.png Little Moe Szyslak "The Monkey Suit"
Milhouse Van Houten Cypress Creek Milhouse lookalike.png Milhouse look-alike "You Only Move Twice" Bart's new classmate at Cypress Creek Elementary School
Milhoose.png Milhoose "Boy Meets Curl"
Milhouse (Shelbyville).png Milhouse "Lemon of Troy"
Tango de La Muerte Milhouse.png Character in Tango de La Muerte "Last Tap Dance in Springfield"
Milquetoast.png Milquetoast Brit Simpson!
Groundskeeper Willie Groundskeeper Wilma.png Groundskeeper Wilma "Lemon of Troy" Groundskeeper at Shelbyville Elementary School
Groundskeeper Seamus.png Groundskeeper Seamus "I Am Furious (Yellow)" Briefly Springfield Elementary School's second groundskeeper
Yes Guy Brazilian Yes Guy.png Brazilian Yes Guy "Blame It on Lisa"
Lisa Simpson, Martin Prince, Wendell Borton, Üter Zörker and Database Interschool Academic Demathlon.png Shelbyville Elementary School students Lisa's Laughatory