Ms. Albright

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Ms. Albright
Ms. Albright.png
Character Information
Female ♀
Hair: Brown
Occupation: Sunday school teacher at the First Church of Springfield
First Appearance: "The Telltale Head"
Voiced by: Tress MacNeille

Ms. Albright is the Sunday school teacher at the First Church of Springfield. She is good friends with Helen Lovejoy.


She told Janey that her dog Pepper wouldn't be in Heaven because only people went to Heaven. When Lisa asked if Snowball would be in Heaven, she gave the same answer. She told Milhouse that cavemen won't be in Heaven and told Bart that if you had a leg amputated, it would be in Heaven waiting for you. She also answered a question from Bart about ventriloquists going to Heaven but not the dummies but got fed up of questions when Bart asked about a robot with a human brain.[1]

She taught the class about Hell. She told them that if they ever saw Hell, they would die from being frightened. Bart then asked her several questions including "Wouldn't you eventually get used to it, like in a hot tub?" and "Are there pirates in Hell?" She then taught the class the Ten Commandments.[2]

She eventually banned Bart from Sunday school due to his bad behavior. She said that everyone was happy, especially the hamster. When Bart asked to come back to Sunday school so he could get close to Jessica Lovejoy, she let him back in because the Bible teaches forgiveness. She then passed around a replica of the slingshot that King David used to sleigh Goliath. When she did, Bart was tempted to fire something at her when she had her back turned, but didn't to impress Jessica.[3]


  • In her first appearance she wore glasses, all episodes after she lacks them, implying she either wears contact lenses or got laser eye surgery.