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Simpsons Mania!

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For other uses of "Simpsons Mania", see Simpsons Mania.
Simpsons Mania!
Simpmanialogosm.gifBart Promo.jpg
Card Game Information:
Number of cards: 72 (Base Set)
Maker: Inkworks

Simpsons Mania! is a series of trading cards published in December 2001 as a follow up to a previous set published in 1993/4 by SkyBox International. The first 36 cards included character bios with secrets, pet peeves, and extra data not mentioned in the show.

Card list[edit]

Base Set[edit]

Character Cards[edit]

# Card Front Back
1 Title Card 1 Title Card front.jpg 1 Title Card back.jpg
2 Comic Book Guy 2 Comic Book Guy front.jpg 2 Comic Book Guy back.jpg
3 Professor Frink 3 Professor Frink front.jpg 3 Professor Frink back.jpg
4 Fat Tony 4 Fat Tony front.jpg 4 Fat Tony back.jpg
5 Number One 5 Number One front.jpg 5 Number One back.jpg
6 Gil 6 Gil front.jpg 6 Gil back.jpg
7 Birch Barlow 7 Birch Barlow front.jpg 7 Birch Barlow back.jpg
8 Disco Stu 8 Disco Stu front.jpg 8 Disco Stu back.jpg
9 Dolph 9 Dolph front.jpg 9 Dolph back.jpg
10 Wendell 10 Wendell front.jpg 10 Wendell back.jpg
11 Uter 11 Uter front.jpg 11 Uter back.jpg
12 Baby Gerald 12 Baby Gerald front.jpg 12 Baby Gerald back.jpg
13 Helen Lovejoy 13 Helen Lovejoy front.jpg 13 Helen Lovejoy back.jpg
14 Maude Flanders 14 Maude Flanders front.jpg 14 Maude Flanders back.jpg
15 Lucius Sweet 15 Lucius Sweet front.jpg 15 Lucius Sweet back.jpg
16 Drederick Tatum 16 Drederick Tatum front.jpg 16 Drederick Tatum back.jpg
17 Cletus Del Roy 17 Cletus Del Roy front.jpg 17 Cletus Del Roy back.jpg
18 Brandine Del Roy 18 Brandine Del Roy front.jpg 18 Brandine Del Roy back.jpg
19 Luann Van Houten 19 Luann Van Houten front.jpg 19 Luann Van Houten back.jpg
20 Kirk Van Houten 20 Kirk Van Houten front.jpg 20 Kirk Van Houten back.jpg
21 Ugolin & Cesar 21 Ugolin & Cesar front.jpg 21 Ugolin & Cesar back.jpg
22 Ernst & Gunter 22 Ernst & Gunter front.jpg 22 Ernst & Gunter back.jpg
23 Jacques 23 Jacques front.jpg 23 Jacques back.jpg
24 Chef Luigi 24 Chef Luigi front.jpg 24 Chef Luigi back.jpg
25 Akira 25 Akira front.jpg 25 Akira back.jpg
26 Sideshow Raheem 26 Sideshow Raheem front.jpg 26 Sideshow Raheem back.jpg
27 Joey Jo Jo Jr. Shabadoo 27 Joey Jo Jo Jr. Shabadoo front.jpg 27 Joey Jo Jo Jr. Shabadoo back.jpg
28 McBabe 28 McBabe front.jpg 28 McBabe back.jpg
29 Inanimate Carbon Rod 29 Inanimate Carbon Rod front.jpg 29 Inanimate Carbon Rod back.jpg
30 Stuart the Duck 30 Stuart the Duck front.jpg 30 Stuart the Duck back.jpg
31 Mr. Pinchy 31 Mr. Pinchy front.jpg 31 Mr. Pinchy back.jpg
32 Homer '74 32 Homer '74 front.jpg 32 Homer '74 back.jpg
33 Marge '74 33 Marge '74 front.jpg 33 Marge '74 back.jpg
34 Principal Dondelinger '74 34 Principal Dondelinger '74 front.jpg 34 Principal Dondelinger '74 back.jpg
35 Barney '74 35 Barney '74 front.jpg 35 Barney '74 back.jpg
36 Artie Ziff '74 36 Artie Ziff '74 front.jpg 36 Artie Ziff '74 back.jpg

Treehouse Cards[edit]

# Card Front Back
37 Flaming Willie 37 Flaming Willie front.jpg 37 Flaming Willie back.jpg
38 Homer in the Box 38 Homer in the Box front.jpg 38 Homer in the Box back.jpg
39 Witch Marge 39 Witch Marge front.jpg 39 Witch Marge back.jpg
40 Dracula Burns 40 Dracula Burns front.jpg 40 Dracula Burns back.jpg
41 The "Simpsters" 41 The "Simpsters" front.jpg 41 The "Simpsters" back.jpg
42 Alien Maggie 42 Alien Maggie front.jpg 42 Alien Maggie back.jpg
43 Brew 'n' Stew 43 Brew 'n' Stew front.jpg 43 Brew 'n' Stew back.jpg
44 Donut Homer 44 Donut Homer front.jpg 44 Donut Homer back.jpg
45 Werewolf Ned 45 Werewolf Ned front.jpg 45 Werewolf Ned back.jpg

Packy Wack Cards[edit]

# Card Front Back
46 Barnacle Bill's Pregnancy Test 46 Barnacle Bill's Pregnancy Test front.jpg 46 Barnacle Bill's Pregnancy Test back.jpg
47 Krusty-O's 47 Krusty-O's front.jpg 47 Krusty-O's back.jpg
48 Krusty Non-Toxic Kologne 48 Krusty Kologne front.jpg 48 Krusty Kologne back.jpg
49 Krusty Kough Syrup 49 Krusty Kough Syrup front.jpg 49 Krusty Kough Syrup back.jpg
50 Jackie-O's 50 Jackie-O's front.jpg 50 Jackie-O's back.jpg
51 Cheezus H. Rice 51 Cheezus H. Rice front.jpg 51 Cheezus H. Rice back.jpg
52 Uncle Jim's Country Fillin' 52 Uncle Jim's Country Fillin' front.jpg 52 Uncle Jim's Country Fillin' back.jpg
53 Much Ado About Stuffing 53 Much Ado About Stuffing front.jpg 53 Much Ado About Stuffing back.jpg
54 Krusty Sulfuric Acid 54 Krusty Sulfuric Acid front.jpg 54 Krusty Sulfuric Acid back.jpg
55 Duff Beer 55 Duff Beer front.jpg 55 Duff Beer back.jpg
56 Buzz Cola 56 Buzz Cola front.jpg 56 Buzz Cola back.jpg
57 Southern Cracker 57 Southern Cracker front.jpg 57 Southern Cracker back.jpg
58 Strawberrito 58 Strawberrito front.jpg 58 Strawberrito back.jpg
59 Lard Lad Donuts 59 Lard Lad Donuts front.jpg 59 Lard Lad Donuts back.jpg
60 Powersauce 60 Powersauce front.jpg 60 Powersauce back.jpg
61 Soy Pop 61 Soy Pop front.jpg 61 Soy Pop back.jpg
62 Squishee 62 Squishee front.jpg 62 Squishee back.jpg
63 Heat Lamp Dogs 63 Heat Lamp Dogs front.jpg 63 Heat Lamp Dogs back.jpg

Bart Gallery Cards[edit]

# Card Front Back
64 Robbie Conal 64 Robbie Conal front.jpg 64 Robbie Conal back.jpg
65 Chris Yambar 65 Chris Yambar front.jpg 65 Chris Yambar back.jpg
66 Peter Kuper 66 Peter Kuper front.jpg 66 Peter Kuper back.jpg
67 Sergio Aragones 67 Sergio Aragones front.jpg 67 Sergio Aragones back.jpg
68 Dan Brereton 68 Dan Brereton front.jpg 68 Dan Brereton back.jpg
69 Bill Morrison 69 Bill Morrison front.jpg 69 Bill Morrison back.jpg
70 Craig Bartlett 70 Craig Bartlett front.jpg 70 Craig Bartlett back.jpg
71 Tony Bennett 71 Tony Bennett front.jpg 71 Tony Bennett back.jpg
72 Checklist Card 72 Checklist Card front.jpg 72 Checklist Card back.jpg

Other Cards[edit]

SimpsaDelic Blacklight Cards[edit]

# Card Front Back
S1 The Larry Davis Experience S1 The Larry Davis Experience front.jpg S1 The Larry Davis Experience back.jpg
S2 Bleeding Gums Murphy S2 Bleeding Gums Murphy front.jpg S2 Bleeding Gums Murphy back.jpg
S3 Keep On Suckin'... S3 Keep On Suckin'... front.jpg S3 Keep On Suckin'... back.jpg
S4 Let Your Spirit Soar S4 Let Your Spirit Soar front.jpg S4 Let Your Spirit Soar back.jpg
S5 Springfield High Prom S5 Springfield High Prom front.jpg S5 Springfield High Prom back.jpg
S6 The Be Sharps S6 The Be Sharps front.jpg S6 The Be Sharps back.jpg
S7 Marge S7 Marge front.jpg S7 Marge back.jpg
S8 Scratch the Cat S8 Scratch the Cat front.jpg S8 Scratch the Cat back.jpg
S9 Krusty the Clown S9 Krusty the Clown front.jpg S9 Krusty the Clown back.jpg

Autographs Cards[edit]

# Card Front Back
A1 Nancy Cartwright A1 Nancy Cartwright front.jpg A1 Nancy Cartwright back.jpg
A2 Dan Castellaneta A2 Dan Castellaneta front.jpg A2 Dan Castellaneta back.jpg
A3 Hank Azaria A3 Hank Azaria front.jpg A3 Hank Azaria back.jpg
A4 Russi Taylor A4 Russi Taylor front.jpg
A5 Pamela Hayden A5 Pamela Hayden front.jpg A5 Pamela Hayden back.jpg
A6 Tress MacNeille A6 Tress MacNeille front.jpg
A7 Yeardley Smith A7 Yeardley Smith front.jpg A7 Yeardley Smith back.jpg

Sketch Cards[edit]

# Card Front Back Total
SK1 Swinton O. Scott, III SK1 93 Swinton O. Scott, III front.jpg SK1 293 Swinton O. Scott, III back.jpg 237
SK2 Mark Kirkland SK2 220 Mark Kirkland front.jpg SK2 220 Mark Kirkland back.jpg 244
SK3 Phil Ortiz SK3 6 Phil Ortiz front.jpg SK3 6 Phil Ortiz back.jpg 240
SK4 Julius Preite SK4 67 Julius Preite front.jpg SK4 67 Julius Preite back.jpg 230
SK5 Wes Archer SK5 95 Wes Archer front.jpg SK5 95 Wes Archer back.jpg 233
SK6 Rich Moore SK6 1 Rich Moore front.jpg SK6 1 Rich Moore back.jpg 224
SK7 Mike B. Anderson SK7 192 Mike B. Anderson front.jpg SK7 192 Mike B. Anderson back.jpg 246
SK8 Jim Reardon SK8 152 Jim Reardon front.jpg SK8 152 Jim Reardon back.jpg 249
SK9 David Silverman SK9 154 David Silverman front.jpg SK9 154 David Silverman back.jpg 253

Fold-'em Cards[edit]

# Card Front Back
F1 Snake F1 Snake front.jpg
F2 Rabbi Hyman Krustofski F2 Rabbi Hyman Krustofski front.jpg
F3 Miss Elizabeth Hoover F3 Miss Elizabeth Hoover front.jpg
F4 Selma Bouvier F4 Selma Bouvier front.jpg
F5 Principal Seymour Skinner F5 Principal Seymour Skinner front.jpg
F6 Gabbo F6 Gabbo front.jpg
F7 Llewellyn Sinclair F7 Llewellyn Sinclair front.jpg
F8 Montgomery Burns F8 Montgomery Burns front.jpg
F9 Abe Simpson F9 Abe Simpson (Grandpa) front.jpg

Promo Cards[edit]

# Card Front Back
BL1 The Silver Box Card BL1 The Silver Box Card front.jpg BL1 The Silver Box Card back.jpg
CL1 The Golden Case Card CL1 The Golden Case Card front.jpg CL1 The Golden Case Card back.jpg
P1 King-Size Homer P1 King-Size Homer front.jpg P1 King-Size Homer back.jpg
P2 Gee, Your Hair Smells Krusty Shampoo P2 Gee, Your Hair Smells Krusty Shampoo front.jpg P2 Gee, Your Hair Smells Krusty Shampoo back.jpg
Pi King Kang Pi King Kang front.jpg Pi King Kang back.jpg
SD-2001 All-New Original Art! SD-2001 All-New Original Art! front.jpg SD-2001 All-New Original Art! back.jpg



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