Cupcake Kid

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Cupcake Kid
(Bart Simpson)
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Superhero Information
First Appearance: "Simple Simpson"
Voiced by: Nancy Cartwright

Cupcake Kid is the superhero alias used by Bart Simpson, and is a sidekick to masked vigilante Pie Man, who is in fact Homer Simpson. Whereas Pieman throws pies at his enemies, Cupcake Kid similarly attacks with cupcakes.


When Mr. Burns finds out Homer's identity, he asks him to pie his enemies instead. But when one of them turns out to be the Dalai Lama, Homer decides to unmask himself.


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Pie Man and Cupcake Kid have appeared in The Simpson's Super Spectacular #1, where Pie Man was framed, when it turned out to be Krusty, and in Super Spectacular #5, where Pie Man and him swap ages due to Professor Frink, turning them into Captain Cupcake and Pieboy. With the help of Lisa, they then manage to trick Frink into reverting themselves to their normal ages.


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