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Season 12

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Season 12
The Complete Twelfth Season.jpg
Season Information
Original run: November 1, 2000 - May 20, 2001
No. of episodes: 21
Previous season: Season 11
Next season: Season 13

Season 12 aired between November 1, 2000 and May 20, 2001. It had 21 episodes


Picture # Original title Original airdate Directed by Written by Prod. code
THOH XI Promo Art.png 249 - 1 "Treehouse of Horror XI" November 1, 2000 Matt Nastuk Rob LaZebnik (Part 1) John Frink and Don Payne (Part 2) Carolyn Omine (Part 3) BABF21
In "G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad", Homer chokes to death on a piece of broccoli and his spirit must perform a good deed in order to enter heaven. "Scary Tales Can Come True" reveals the dark side of fairy tale characters and in "Night of the Dolphin" - The world is overtaken by dolphins after Lisa frees their leader from captivity.
A Tale of Two Springfields promo.png 250 - 2 "A Tale of Two Springfields" November 5, 2000 Shaun Cashman John Swartzwelder BABF20
While calling Animal Control over a badger taking residence in Santa's Little Helper's doghouse, Homer discovers that Springfield has two different area codes—and ends up leading a revolt that splits the town in two.

Guest starring: The Who as themselves and Frank Welker as Flanders' pet woodpecker.

Insane Clown Poppy promo.png 251 - 3 "Insane Clown Poppy" November 12, 2000 Bob Anderson John Frink and Don Payne BABF17
During an outdoor book fair, Krusty finds out he has a daughter (from a one-night stand with a female soldier who fought in the Gulf War), but loses her trust after gambling away her violin to Fat Tony, prompting Homer and Krusty to retrieve it.

Guest starring: Drew Barrymore as Sophie, Stephen King as himself, Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony, Jay Mohr as Christopher Walken, Amy Tan as herself and John Updike as himself.

Lisa the Tree Hugger promo.jpg 252 - 4 "Lisa the Tree Hugger" November 19, 2000 Steven Dean Moore Matt Selman CABF01
Eager to join "Dirt First" after witnessing their pro-vegetarianism demonstration atop the local Krusty Burger franchise, Lisa attempts to prove her worth by camping out in a giant redwood destined for logging. Meanwhile, Bart joins the workforce in order to buy a new game console advertised on television.

Guest starring: Joshua Jackson as Jesse Grass.

Homer vs. Dignity homer.png 253 - 5 "Homer vs. Dignity" November 26, 2000 Neil Affleck Rob LaZebnik CABF04
Short on funds, Homer approaches the ever-wealthy Mr. Burns for a raise. But when Burns grants his request on the condition that Homer act as his personal jester, Homer finds himself in a series of degrading and embarrassing situations.

Guest starring: Leeza Gibbons as herself.

Number 15.png 254 - 6 "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes" December 3, 2000 Mark Kirkland John Swartzwelder CABF02
Homer discovers the Internet and starts his own web page, where he calls himself Mr. X and begins revealing Springfield's secrets. When it is announced that Mr. X's work has won a Pulitzer Prize, Homer reveals himself in order to claim the prize. However, with his identity as Mr. X now public, Homer can no longer obtain any secrets as no one will say anything while he is around. Homer then begins making up stories to put on his web page. When one of those stories turns out to be the truth, he is kidnapped and taken to "The Island", a place where those who know too much are taken out of society.

Guest starring: Patrick McGoohan as Number Six.

CABF03.png 255 - 7 "The Great Money Caper" December 10, 2000 Michael Polcino Carolyn Omine CABF03
Strapped for cash, Homer and Bart thumb their way through "A Child's Garden of Cons" in search of the road to easy money.

Guest starring: Edward Norton as Devon Bradley.

Skinners Sense of Snow.gif 256 - 8 "Skinner's Sense of Snow" December 17, 2000 Lance Kramer Tim Long CABF06
When a large storm snows in Springfield Elementary, the children are trapped inside for the holidays and soon rebel against Principal Skinner - while Homer tries to rescue them, using Flanders' car.
Crayon in Homer's Brain - HOMЯ.png 257 - 9 "HOMЯ" January 7, 2001 Mike B. Anderson Al Jean BABF22
An x-ray reveals that Homer has a crayon lodged in his brain that has been there since childhood. Upon removal of the crayon, Homer's IQ suddenly jumps to a very high level; he and Lisa form a great new bond, but when his way of life changes drastically he wonders if removing the crayon was a good idea.
Pokey Mom 2.png 258 - 10 "Pokey Mom" January 14, 2001 Bob Anderson Tom Martin CABF05
Marge feels sympathy for an inmate she meets at a prison rodeo, vouches for him at his parole hearing and tries to assist his reentry into the real world. Meanwhile, Homer starts his own chiropractic office.

Guest starring: Michael Keaton as Jack Crowley, Charles Napier as The Warden, Bruce Vilanch as himself and Robert Schimmel as Prisoner.

Worst episode ever comic book guy.png 259 - 11 "Worst Episode Ever" February 4, 2001 Matthew Nastuk Larry Doyle CABF08
Despite being banned from life forever from the comic book store, Bart and Milhouse take over its management when the Comic Book Guy suffers from a cardiac episode, "the worst episode ever". Their management of the shop is fairly successful, until they discover the Comic Book Guy's secret stash of illegal video clips and begin charging admission for their viewing. Meanwhile, the Comic Book Guy on the road to recovery receives tips from Homer on making friends to no avail. Until a chance meeting with Principal Skinner's mother sparks an unusual relationship.

Guest starring: Tom Savini as himself, Neil Armstrong as himself*, Johnnie Cochran as himself* and Richard Nixon as himself*.

Tennis the Menace.jpg 260 - 12 "Tennis the Menace" February 11, 2001 Jen Kamerman Ian Maxtone-Graham CABF07
Instead of buying a casket for his father, Homer uses the money to build a tennis court instead. Springfield wants to use the court for a tennis tournament, which all of the family members enter. But when teams are divided, the family gets competitive with each other, and they recruit professional tennis players to play in their places.

Guest starring: Andre Agassi as himself, Pete Sampras as himself, Venus Williams as herself and Serena Williams as herself.

Day of the Jackanapes promo.png 261 - 13 "Day of the Jackanapes" February 18, 2001 Michael Marcantel Al Jean CABF10
Upon learning that Krusty has erased all the archival tapes of his show from the Sideshow Bob era, Bob schemes to use Bart as a manchurian candidate to blow up Krusty live on the air.

Guest starring: Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob and Gary Coleman as himself.

New Kids on the Blecch promo.png 262 - 14 "New Kids on the Blecch" February 25, 2001 Steven Dean Moore Tim Long CABF12
When a talent agency discovers the musical abilities of Bart, Nelson, Milhouse and Ralph, it scurries to set them up as the next big boy band sensation, complete with a sinister subliminal propaganda campaign in mind: "Join the Navy".

Guest starring: 'N Sync as themselves.

Hungry, Hungry Homer.png 263 - 15 "Hungry, Hungry Homer" March 4, 2001 Nancy Kruse John Swartzwelder CABF09
After Homer discovers that the Springfield Isotopes are being moved to Albuquerque, he stages a hunger strike outside the stadium.

Guest starring: Stacy Keach as Howard K. Duff VIII.

Bye Bye Nerdie.png 264 - 16 "Bye, Bye, Nerdie" March 11, 2001 Lauren MacMullan John Frink and Don Payne CABF11
Lisa's attempts to befriend a new student at Springfield Elementary result in constant bullying, leading her on a crusade to find out just what makes bullies tick.

Guest starring: Kathy Griffin as Francine.

Promotional Card CABF13.png 265 - 17 "Simpson Safari" April 1, 2001 Mark Kirkland John Swartzwelder CABF13
In a frantic search for food Homer finds a box of thirty-year-old animal crackers, which contains a gold giraffe - which means he has just won an African safari.
Trilogy of Error Promo Card.gif 266 - 18 "Trilogy of Error" April 29, 2001 Mike B. Anderson Matt Selman CABF14
Homer's thumb is cut off following breakfast and the episode follows three different paths. Homer's day: as he and Marge race to get his thumb reattached. Lisa's day: as she misses the bus and tries to get to school so that she can win the science fair. Bart's day: as he and Milhouse make use of a stash of fireworks that Fat Tony has illegally smuggled into the country. In the end their respective paths come together.

Guest starring: Frankie Muniz as Thelonius and Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony.

I'm Goin' to Praiseland Promo.gif 267 - 19 "I'm Goin' to Praiseland" May 6, 2001 Chuck Sheetz Julie Thacker CABF15
When he can stop thinking of her and to help him stop living in the past, Ned gets the Simpson family to help remove all the reminders of Maude he has around the house. Only one item misses getting thrown into the chipper, a sketchbook that contains Maude's vision of a Christian amusement park called "Praiseland." Ned goes on a quest to build this amusement park, which, opens to lackluster reviews; describe as the "height of tedium". When suddenly a miracle occurs, as a Maude mask floats in front of the Maude statue. It is quickly discovered that anyone who stands in front of the statue has visions. Is it truly a miracle, or just the passing of gas?

Guest starring: Shawn Colvin as Rachel Jordan.

Children of a Lesser Clod.png 268 - 20 "Children of a Lesser Clod" May 13, 2001 Michael Polcino Al Jean CABF16
Homer injures himself while playing basketball at the Springfield YMCA, and needs surgery. While recovering at home, he finds he is good at caring for pets and at babysitting the Flandereses' children, so much so that he starts a daycare center which gets him nominated for a Good Guy award for service to the community. But Bart and Lisa feel neglected through all of this, and are determined to thwart his award campaign.
Simpsons Tall Tales.gif 269 - 21 "Simpsons Tall Tales" May 20, 2001 Bob Anderson John Frink, Don Payne, Bob Bendetson and Matt Selman CABF17
The family wins a trip to Delaware, but Homer refuses to pay the tax on the ticket, so they ride the rails and meet a hobo who sings and tells them some tall tales. First is the story of Paul Bunyan, with Homer playing the role of Paul as a giant doofus (a natural role for him). Next is Lisa as "Connie Appleseed," who tries to convince the pioneers to eat apples instead of buffalo. The third story is not really tall, but a Mark Twain-style tale about Tom Sawyer (Bart) and Huckleberry Finn (Nelson), who go on the run when Huck will not marry Becky (Lisa).

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