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Radioactive Ape

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Radioactive Man Icon.png The contents of this article or section are related to the Radioactive Man universe. They are considered fictional in The Simpsons.
Radioactive Ape
Radioactive Ape.png
Superhero Animal Information
Species: Ape
Color: Brown
Male ♂
Occupation: Superhero
First Appearance: Who Washes the Washmen's Infinite Secrets of Legendary Crossover Knight Wars?

Radioactive Ape, real name Grrk-Grrk, is an ape superhero.



For generations, Grrk-Grrk's tribe had a high level of intelligence, including the ability to speak. This was due to a radioactive ore that was buried underneath their territory. The tribe lived in peace and tranquility for centuries until a band of evil geologists attacked the tribe, in search of the radioactive ore. At the time of the attack, Claude Kane III and his father were in the vicinity. Radioactive Man went to help the apes and defeat the geologists. However, the geologists let off a Xeno Ray Mini-Bomb which Radioactive Man jumped in the way of to protect Grrk-Grrk. The Xeno Rays passed through Radioactive Man and they, as well as the radioactive Gorrillium Rays in the region, turned Grrk-Grrk into Radioactive Ape.

Radioactive Ape used his new powers to help his tribe's standard of living and eventually helped to build Simian City. He then went on to form The Secret Society of Super-Simians with other crime-fighting simians.[1]

Later history[edit]

Radioactive Man went to Simian City to have a vacation as he was getting worn down by all the crime fighting. After meeting with The Secret Society of Super-Simians, Radioactive Man began to feel ill. Shortly after, Radioactive Ape also felt unwell, before turning into a Giant Radioactive Ape-Baby. Radioactive Ape had scheduled a press conference for that day so Radioactive Man made a costume out of coconut fibers to pretend to be Radioactive Ape in his place. When Radioactive Man returned to Radioactive Ape, he found that Radioactive Ape had grown a mermaid's tail. Radioactive Ape then told Radioactive Man that he had a date with Grrla-G'rrl later that day, so Radioactive Man went on the date in disguise for him.

After the date, Radioactive Man found that Radioactive Ape had turned back to normal, so he went to sleep. The next day, Radioactive Man awoke to find that Radioactive Ape had turned into a hand puppet. Since Radioactive Ape had scheduled to appear at the mall, Radioactive Man went in disguise once more. However, a fan saw through him and Radioactive Man had to rush back to Radioactive Ape's house. Radioactive Ape then quickly went through a variety of transformations before turning into the Radioactive Ape of 1,000,000 A.D. This gave him super intelligence and he started to work out a way to counteract the transformations. However, he transformed once more before he could finish. Radioactive Man then used what Radioactive Ape had done to build a diagnostikon to help diagnose what was wrong with Radioactive Ape. The machine told them that Radioactive Man was the cause because of the Xeno Ray Cannon that Brain-O the Magnificent hit him with back in Zenith City. Radioactive Man then flew to Mount Weisinger and bathed in the lava to cause his molecules to release the Xeno Rays. He then returned to Simian City to find Radioactive Ape was cured.

At that point, Grrla-G'rrl and Gl'mma Gr'lla both arrived at the house and they went on a double date with Radioactive Ape and Radioactive Man.[1]

Radioactive Ape attended the wedding of Larva Girl and Radioactive Man. When fighting broke out, he defeated Brain-O the Magnificent.[2]

When Radioactive Man was nowhere to be found, Fallout Boy called up Radioactive Ape to ask if Radioactive Man was there.[3]

Radioactive Ape was one of the superheroes who came through the energy rift above Zenith City. He said that he was in his tribal throne room when he was enveloped by an energy field and brought to Radioctive Man's universe. He and the other superheroes who got pulled through teamed up with the Superior Squad to solve the issue of the energy field. They traveled through to a negative universe where they fought against Nega-Pneumatica, eventually defeating her. After going back to Radioactive Man's universe, they found that it was all a trick using holograms and other technology and that they got brought to Radioactive Man's universe by Dr. Broome's Trans-Spatial Stairclimber. Radioactive Ape then used the Stairclimber to go home.[4]


Behind the Laughter[edit]

Radioactive Ape is shown to be in the same universe as Radioactive Man in The 1,001 Faces of Radioactive Ape!. However, in Who Washes the Washmen's Infinite Secrets of Legendary Crossover Knight Wars? and Anomaly of the Automaton That Ran Amok!, he is said to be in a parallel universe.