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Season 14

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Season 14
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Season 14
The Complete Fourteenth Season.jpg
Season Information
Original run: November 3, 2002 - May 18, 2003
No. of episodes: 22
Previous season: Season 13
Next season: Season 15
DVD boxset: The Complete Fourteenth Season

Season 14 originally aired from November 3, 2002 with "Treehouse of Horror XIII" and ended on May 18, 2003 with "Moe Baby Blues". The Simpsons celebrated its 300th episode in this season.


Picture # Title Original airdate Directed by Written by Prod. code
Treehouse of Horror XIII.jpg 292-1 "Treehouse of Horror XIII" November 3, 2002 David Silverman Marc Wilmore, Brian Kelley and Kevin Curran DABF19
First, Homer uses a magic hammock to clone himself in "Send In The Clones." Then, gun-wielding zombies attack Springfield after a ban on firearms in "The Right To Creep And Scare Harms." Finally, The Simpsons are trapped on an island where people are transformed into animals in "The Island Of Dr. Hibbert."
How I Spent My Strummer Vacation promo.gif 293-2 "How I Spent My Strummer Vacation" November 10, 2002 Mike B. Anderson Mike Scully DABF22
When Marge, Lisa and Bart find out how hard Homer struggles to keep a roof over their heads, they enroll him in a Rock & Roll fantasy camp to relax at for a week.

Guest starring: Elvis Costello as himself, Mick Jagger as himself, Lenny Kravitz as himself, Tom Petty as himself, Keith Richards as Keith Richards and Brian Setzer as himself.

Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade promo.gif 294-3 "Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade" November 17, 2002 Steven Dean Moore Tim Long DABF20
The Simpsons buy a satellite television, which Bart spends so much time watching that he does not study for an important achievement test. He scores so low that Principal Skinner demotes him to third grade, while Lisa does so well that she is moved up to third grade. The two are placed in the same class and become rivals. During a trip to Capital City, they get separated from their class and are forced to help each other in order to find their classmates.

Guest starring: Tony Bennett as himself (via archive audio).

Large Marge promo.jpg 295-4 "Large Marge" November 24, 2002 Jim Reardon Ian Maxtone-Graham DABF18
Marge mistakenly receives breast implants, to her dismay (but to Homer's delight), and embarks on a new career as a trade show model. Meanwhile, a stunt by Bart results in a big public-image problem for Krusty, and Bart hatches a plan to help him. Bart's plan goes awry, but Marge's enhanced "assets" end up saving the day.

Guest starring: Adam West as Batman, Burt Ward as Robin and Baha Men.

Helter shelter.png 296-5 "Helter Shelter" December 1, 2002 Mark Kirkland Brian Pollack and Mert Rich DABF21
The Simpsons attend a hockey game and Lisa brings home a souvenir hockey stick, but the stick has Russian termites, which quickly infest the whole house. When they learn that the house needs to be fumigated and will be uninhabitable for six months, the family look for another place to live and join a reality TV show where they must live like a family from 1895.

Guest starring: David Lander as Squiggy and Larry Holmes as himself.

Great Louse Detective.png 297-6 "The Great Louse Detective" December 15, 2002 Steven Dean Moore John Frink and Don Payne EABF01
The Simpson family win a free spa weekend, and Homer is nearly killed when a mysterious figure locks him in a sauna. Chief Wiggum decides to hire someone who can think like a murderer in order to find one. Bart's mortal enemy Sideshow Bob is sent to live with the Simpsons so he can help find Homer's attempted killer. Bob and Homer track down the attempted murderer and discover that it is Frank Grimes, Jr., the son of a man that Homer drove to insanity. After Grimes is arrested, Bob tries to kill Bart, but he finds that he has "grown accustomed to his "face" and cannot harm him.

Guest starring: Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob.

Special edna.png 298-7 "Special Edna" January 5, 2003 Bob Anderson Dennis Snee EABF02
After Skinner once again has let Mrs. Krabappel down, Bart takes her to the cinema. To cheer her up, Bart nominates Krabappel for the 'teacher of the year' award. The nominations is accepted, and soon the Simpsons family and Mrs. Krabappel are going to the award ceremony in Orlando, Florida, where Skinner tries to get back Krabappel by asking her to marry him.

Guest starring: Little Richard as himself.

Homerdextercolt.png 299-8 "The Dad Who Knew Too Little" January 12, 2003 Mark Kirkland Matt Selman EABF03
Lisa becomes angry after watching a horribly inaccurate video that Homer gave to her as a birthday gift. The video showcases Homer's complete lack of knowledge regarding his daughter, so he decides to hire a private detective to learn more about Lisa.

Guest starring: Elliott Gould as himself.

The Strong Arms of the Ma.png 300-9 "The Strong Arms of the Ma" February 2, 2003 Pete Michels Carolyn Omine EABF04
Marge takes up bodybuilding to boost her self-esteem after a mugging, but the family finds they just can't cope with a Marge that can bench-press 500 pounds.

Guest starring: Pamela Reed as Ruth Powers.

EABF06.png 301-10 "Pray Anything" February 9, 2003 Michael Polcino Sam O'Neal and Neal Boushell EABF06
Homer turns to religion to help him get what he wants, and is soon awarded the church in an injury settlement. Homer then turns the church into his personal party pad, and Reverend Lovejoy leaves Springfield to wallow in its hedonism.

Guest starring: Ken Burns as himself and Lisa Leslie as herself.

Barting Over promo.gif 302-11 "Barting Over" February 16, 2003 Matthew Nastuk Andrew Kreisberg EABF05
Bart learns that he was once a child actor in commercials and that all the money earned was spent by Homer. In retaliation, Bart petitions the court to have himself legally emancipated from his parents and moves out of the Simpson house. Bart is initially miserable in his new apartment, but discovers that skateboarder Tony Hawk lives on one of the floors above. He and Hawk become friends, and Bart is content with his new life. Homer apologizes to Bart and requests that he return home. Bart accepts the apology, but tells his family that he is going on tour with Hawk. At an event, Homer speaks to Bart and finally promises Bart that he will never treat him badly again.

Guest starring: Jane Kaczmarek as Judge Constance Harm, Tony Hawk as himself and Blink-182 as Blink-182.

Lisa spelling.png 303-12 "I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can" February 16, 2003 Nancy Kruse Kevin Curran EABF07
Lisa participates in the Spellympics, but Homer is busy traveling cross-country as Krusty Burger test-markets a new sandwich. Lisa is confident that she will win, until she learns that the contest is rigged against her.

Guest starring: George Plimpton as himself.

Ned sara sloane.png 304-13 "A Star Is Born Again" March 2, 2003 Michael Marcantel Brian Kelley EABF08
Ned Flanders starts dating a the famous movie star, Sara Sloane, but Ned has difficulties with the tabloids following them everywhere.

Guest starring: Helen Fielding as herself, James L. Brooks as himself and Marisa Tomei as Sara Sloane.

Krusty congress.png 305-14 "Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington" March 9, 2003 Lance Kramer John Swartzwelder EABF09
The family makes Krusty run for Congress because of air traffic being redirected to fly dangerously close to their house.
Homer boss.png 306-15 "C.E. D'oh" March 16, 2003 Mike B. Anderson Dana Gould EABF10
Homer takes over the power plant after tricking Mr. Burns into making him the official owner of the power plant.
Lisa stars.png 307-16 "'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky" March 30, 2003 Steven Dean Moore Dan Greaney and Allen Glazier EABF11
When Lisa realizes she has no future, she decides to focus on astronomy, and her first aim is to make the city to turn off the lights to watch the comets rain at night.

Guest starring: Eric Idle as Declan Desmond.

Three Gays of the Condo promo.jpg 308-17 "Three Gays of the Condo" April 13, 2003 Mark Kirkland Matt Warburton EABF12
While searching in his closet, Homer discovers an old letter from Marge that states that she no longer loves him. He begins to think that she only married him because impregnated her and moves out. He finds a new apartment in Springfield's gay district and moves in with a male homosexual couple.

Guest starring: Scott Thompson as Grady Little, "Weird Al" Yankovic as himself and Ben Schatz as Streetcar man 2.

Dude where's my ranch.jpg 309-18 "Dude, Where's My Ranch?" April 27, 2003 Chris Clements Ian Maxtone-Graham EABF13
Homer's song, "Everybody Hates Ned Flanders", becomes a hit in Springfield, but the family leaves Springfield to live a couple of weeks in a ranch to escape Homer's song.

Guest starring: David Byrne as himself, Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Luke Stetson and Andy Serkis as Cleanie.

Old Yeller Belly Promo Card.jpg 310-19 "Old Yeller-Belly" May 4, 2003 Bob Anderson John Frink and Don Payne EABF14
Homer throws out Santa's Little Helper for not saving him from a fire, but soon the dog becomes Duff's new mascot.

Guest starring: Stacy Keach as Howard K. Duff VIII and John Kassir as Duff McShark.

Brake My Wife, Please promo.png 311-20 "Brake My Wife, Please" May 11, 2003 Pete Michels Tim Long EABF15
Homer becomes obsessed with using new gadgets in his car. One day, he becomes distracted and drives off a pier, losing his driver's license. Unable to use a car, Homer starts to learn the joys of walking. Meanwhile, Marge shoulders the burden of Homer's driving duties and becomes stressed out. One day, as Homer sings about the virtues of walking, Marge accidentally runs him over with her car. Later, as Homer recuperates from the accident, he begins to suspect that Marge is trying to hurt him. They fight and go to see a marriage counselor. The counselor advises Homer to perform one completely unselfish gesture to win Marge back. Homer holds a party with all of her friends and a surprised Marge tells Homer that she loves him.

Guest starring: Steve Buscemi as himself, Jackson Browne as himself and Jane Kaczmarek as Judge Constance Harm.

Bart of War.jpg 312-21 "The Bart of War" May 18, 2003 Michael Polcino Marc Wilmore EABF16
Marge makes Bart quit hanging out with Milhouse after the two are caught invading the Flanders' home. She then starts a peer group based around Native American life for Bart, Nelson, Ralph and Database to participate in. When Bart finds out Milhouse has joined a different peer group, they soon are at odds as they see whose group can do more community service around Springfield.
Moe and maggie.png 313-22 "Moe Baby Blues" May 18, 2003 Lauren MacMullan J. Stewart Burns EABF17
After the blooming of a huge plant in Springfield's botanic gardens causes a stinking fume to spread across town, all the Springfieldians take their cars and drive away from the city. When the traffic is jammed on a bridge, Homer falls asleep. When he accelerates, he crashes into another car and Maggie is sent flying out the open roof window. In the mean time, Moe is about to commit suicide by jumping off the same bridge, which is prevented by Maggie falling into his arms. He then becomes crazily obsessed by the baby.

Guest starring: Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony.

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