Juliet Hobbes

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Juliet Hobbes
Juliet Hobbes.png
Character Information
Female ♀
Hair: Black
Relatives: Father: Professor Hobbes
Mother: Mrs. Hobbes
First Appearance: "Lisa the Drama Queen"
Voiced by: Emily Blunt

Juliet Hobbes is a girl who was a friend of Lisa's.


Lisa first met her at the Springfield Recreation Center during art class. The two quickly became good friends. Juliet and Lisa started a novel about a magical land called Equalia. The Simpson family later went to Juliet's house for dinner where they found that Juliet hates her parents. Juliet decided to run away with Lisa to an abandoned restaurant shaped like a castle, Clam-Elot Sea-Food, where they get caught by the bullies but then escape. Lisa decided to stop being Juliet's friend because she had too an vivid imagination and Lisa wanted to live in the real world. Juliet then rode off on her bike alone.

Behind the Laughter[edit]