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Mutiny on the Barty

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Mutiny on the Barty
Mutiny on the Barty.png
Comic Story information
Released: July 2012
Comic series: Simpsons Comics
Pages: 22
Written by: Chuck Dixon
E. Blackburn

Mutiny on the Barty is a Simpsons Comics story that appears in Simpsons Comics #192.


"After a school prank gone bad, Bart is afraid to face the consequences or his parents, so he and Milhouse stowaway on Captain McCallister's boat and set sail for exotic ports. However, an adventure on the high seas is not everything it is cracked up to be. Oh, did we mention the mutiny?"


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Bart have past superglue on everything in Principal Skinner's office. When Skinner next morning comes into his office he is sticking in everything, and after he stumbles down the stairs, he becomes so harmed that he must take an ambulance to the hospital. When Skinner is carried into the ambulance, he tell to the students at he knows it was Bart and he will arrange a parent conference. That remember Bart that Marge told him that he will not get any Christmas presents if there will be three parent conference under the fall and it will now be it now and he know that she was not lying. Bart realizes that he must escape from Springfield and his family and together with Milhouse they runs from the school and go to the harbor where they hiding in a box. The box is then lifted on board at Captain McCallister's boat and when the coast is clear and the boat has left their anchor, they discover the load it's full of food and they start to eating from the food. Bart and Milhouse get then ache of the food and start making noise complaint which is hearning by the crew and they discover Bart and Milhouse.

They have no way to contact the mainland and they can not go back to the harbor so McCallister decide they must work in the kitchen but after their first meal becomes the crew sick and they do a mutiny. McCallister, Bart and Milhouse is in a lifeboat. Meanwhile starts the Simpson and Van Houten familiy missing their sons so they start putting up inquiry overlap in Springfield. McCallister, Bart and Milhouse discover after a time on the lake an island and set course for it, which turn out to be populated by monkeys who seem angry, but after McCallister give them some raisins that he had with him, they calm down. They begin to build a hut on the island but it's not become what they expected, McCallister gets depressed for he had hoped that he would not be wrecked again. Bart tries to cheer him up and tell him they can build a boat but McCallister tell him that they do not have enough forces to build one but after he gets a coconut in his head, he comes up with an idea, the monkeys can help them.

They start building a boat but nearly all job is making by Bart and Milhouse at the same time in Springfield stops the police looking after the boys which let Homer to begin to look after him and starting by do a visit to Moe's. The boat is ready and it weighing anchor and they bring their bananas as their load and they leave the monkeys on the island. Just as they start sail away explode a volcano on the island which they had not previously noticed so the monkeys starts to swimming after the boat and jump on board. McCallister let the monkeys to work but they are lazy so he ask Bart and Milhouse to make some food for them so they feel more energized, but the monkeys do not like the food and make a mutiny and throw on board McCallister, Bart and Milhouse. After a few days have they reached the Shelbyville Shoals where Arnie Pie flying over them with his helicopter and he picks them up. Marge watching the news and cry for it have gone two weeks since Bart was disappeared and he is probably dead now, but suddenly came Bart home after Arnie drop him outside his house, Marge is happy and start kissing him.

Bart and Milhouse is be celebrated in the school for their adventure where Milhouse is rewarded with the key to the school made by choclate and Bart gets a scratcher that he will use during his punishment to scratch Skinner on his back.


Comic issue Release date Country
Simpsons Comics #219 December 19, 2013 800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png
Simpsons Comics Explosion #1 October 29, 2014 Flag of the United States.png
Simpsons Comics 2018 Annual September 8, 2017 800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png

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