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The Simpsons: Tapped Out building and decoration groups

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This is a list of building and decoration groups in The Simpsons: Tapped Out.


Aggressively Make Sales Locations[edit]

Blue House Brown House Pink House Purple House White House

Airport Items[edit]

Runway Corner Runway Light Runway Straight

Balloons KL[edit]

Krustyland Itchy Balloon Krustyland Poochie Parade Balloon Krustyland Scratchy Balloon

Bandit Hideouts[edit]

Android's Dungeon Bandit Fort Bank Blacksmith Brown House Flanders House Krusty Burger Kwik-E-Mart Old Mine Ordnance Express Part and Parcel Postal Simpson House Wild West Film Set


Jake's Unisex Hair Palace

Barfy Bar Troll Lair Group[edit]

Barfy's Bar


Barra Beer-N-Brawl The Boiled Potato Canadian Crossing CBGB Darby O'Guzzlin's Draggle Rock Eski-Moe's The Gridiron Hard Lad Nightclub Hell Moe's Knockers Little Black Box Lotto 'N' Liquor Moe's Brewing Co. Moe's Express Moe's Tavern O'Flanagan's Pub One Night Stan's She-She Lounge Spiro's The Spotted Cat Town Plaza

Beast Lair Group[edit]

Barfy's Bar Bully-vern's Cave Burns Dragon's Pile of Treasure Crawl's Bar Kearneymon's Alley Lewd's Bar Treestache's Grove Wiggops' Station


Bench 1 Bench 2 Bench 3 Bench 4 Boardwalk Bench

Benches with Backs[edit]

Bench 1 Bench 2 Bench 3 Bench 4

Brown House[edit]

Brown House

Bully Vern Lair Group[edit]

Bully-vern's Cave

Burns Dragon Lair Group[edit]

Burns Dragon's Pile of Treasure

Burns Homes[edit]

Burns' Summer Mansion Classic Mansion Cooling Towers Dr. Lenny's Lab

Businesses Visitable[edit]

Golden Goose Realty Krusty Burger Kwik-E-Mart Moe's Tavern Odin's of Shelbyville Stardust Drive-In


Cacti Cactus Patch Cactus Rock 1 Cactus Rock 2 Cactus Rock 3 Cactus 1 Cactus 2 Cactus 3 Mother Cactus


Ancient Ornamental Pond Bear Cave Camping Tent Carl's Dad Caverns Crappy RV Deluxe Desert Tent Desert Box Tent Desert Dome Tent Exotic Pond Fever Cabin Forest Cave Hot Springs Kamp Krusty Lincoln's Cabin Old Faithless Springfield Falls Springfield National Park Springfield Sign Virgil's Cabin Wildlife Sanctuary


$ Casino Britannia Casino Burns' Casino Caesar's Pow-Wow Casino La Belle Frottage Lucky Casino Monte Burns' Resort Casino Nero's Palace Casino Peacock Lounge Safari Casino Woodstock Casino

Castle Buildings[edit]

Barbarian Castle Boxingham Palace Castle Recycle


Barnacle Bay Church Cut-Glass Cathedral First Church of Lard Lad First Church of Springfield Medieval Cathedral Mega Church Mixed Martial Arts Mega Church Old Cathedral Springfield Cathedral Springfield Episcopal Church St. Basil's Cathedral St. Paul's Basilica St. Paul's Cathedral Westminster Abbey


Capital City Capitol Building Capital City Convention Center Capital City Plaza Hotel Springfield Hall of Records U.S. Capitol Building

Class Up a Party Locations[edit]

Brown House Classic Mansion Deluxe Condo Krusty's Mansion Little Black Box Modern Mansion

Coffee Shops[edit]

Cappuccino Royale The Java Server Monorail Cafe Sham Rock Café

Crawl Bar Troll Lair Group[edit]

Crawl's Bar


Debris 1 Debris 2 Debris 3 Debris 4 Debris 5

Deluxe Condo Group[edit]

Deluxe Condo Deluxe Condo (first)‎

Duff Brewery[edit]

Duff Brewery

Dump Group[edit]

Springfield Dump


Dumpster 1 Dumpster 2

Easter Fences[edit]

Easter Fence Pastel Picket Fence


Anime Krusty Burger Asia de Cuba The Bendy Elbow Bloaters at the Squidport Bob's Big Buddha The Boiled Potato The Buzzing Sign Diner CBGB Cafe Kafka The Candy Shoppe Cappuccino Royale Chez Guevara Chili Blasters Chinese Restaurant Cinnabun Circus Cotton Candy Stand The Confidential The Coot Society Cora's Diner Crouching Panda, Hidden Egg Roll Dead Lobster Der Homerschnitzel Deuce's Caboose Chili Dogs Dimwillie's The Doughy Dozen Bagels Dracula-la Land El Chemistri Eski-Moe's The First Class Lounge Five O'Clock Somewhere's The Frying Dutchman General Chang's Taco Italiano Gilded Truffle Giuseppe's Greaser's Cafe Grub Shack Gulp 'N' Blow The Happy Sumo Hell Moe's Hell's Kitchen The Hungry Hun The Java Server The Jazz Hole Jazzy Goodtime's Jittery Joe's Coffee Joe's Tavern Johnny Fiestas Kentucky Fried Simpson Krusty Burger Krusty Burger Franchise Lard Lad Donuts Lard Land Shop Le Krusty Burger Le Petite Appétit Low-Fat Lad Luftwaffles Luigi's Madame Chao's Magic Palace Mirrored Phineas Q. Butterfat's MoHo House Monorail Cafe Much Ado About Muffins Municipal House of Pancakes Mussel & Flanks The Nag & Weasel New Lard Lad Nighthawk Diner Overpass Diner Phineas Q. Butterfat's Piggly's Super Smorg Pimento Grove Pinkbeardy Yogurt Planet Hype Ramen Coma Retro Lard Lad Sha-Boom Ka-Boom Cafe Sham Rock Café Shorty's Singing Sirloin Skip's Diner Slaughterhouse Restaurant Smooches on the Beach Spiro's Springfield Sardi's Swanky Fish The Timberlog Diner Tipsy McStagger's Tofu Bell Tree Steakhouse Truck Stop Diner Up, Up and Buffet! Vesuvius Pizza X-Cell-Ent Burger Zesty's

Exotic Petting Zoo[edit]

Exotic Petting Zoo


Cletus's Farm


Festive Bell Lamp Post Festive Bow Lamp Post Festive Candycane Festive Fancy Lawn Bell Festive Hot Drink Stand Festive Lawn Angel Festive Lawn Bell Festive Nutcracker Festive Trashcan Fire Festive Wreath Lamp Post


Fleet-A-Pita Krustyland Fleet-A-Pita


Flowers 1 Flowers 2 Flowers 3 Flowers 4 Krustyland Flowers 1 Krustyland Flowers 2 Krustyland Flowers 3 Krustyland Flowers 4 Rose Bush Snapdragons

Football Fields[edit]

Football Field

Gas Stations[edit]

Gas and Grub Gas Pump Gasso Station Hooch City Seething Sisters

Glass Depot Group[edit]

Glass Depot

Golf Courses[edit]

Golf Course Golf Green Golf Tee Box Sand Bunker Springfield Glen Country Club Springfield Junipers Golf Club Springfield Municipal Golf Course


Battle Dome Big Bug House Botanical Garden Brown House Springfield Greenhouse Wildlife Sanctuary


Large Hedge Small Hedge

Heights Award[edit]

Gold Mail Box Lamborgotti Fasterossa Luxury Yacht Solid Gold Brick Wall Solid Gold Fence

Heights Pharmaceutical[edit]

Helicopter Vineyard

Heights Smart Device[edit]

Classy Fountain

Heights Yoga Mat[edit]

Fancy Tree Modern Art Statue Modern Solar Panel

Hibbert Island Bungalow[edit]

Hibbert Island Bungalow


Agency Headquarters Alcatraaaz's Mansion Apu's Apartment Astro-House Augustus Redfield's Mansion Auxillary Agency HQ Baby Jesus' House Bachelor Arms Bad Dream House Bart's Moon Mansion Beach House Blue House Boat House Bob's Victorian House Brick Townhomes Brown House Buckingham Palace Burns' Hounds' Quarters Burns Manor The Cabins at Honeymoon Mountain Candy Cave Celebrity Heaven Colonel Burns' Mansion Cool Brown House Crazy Cat House Cypress Creek Home D'Amico Summer Home Deluxe Desert Tent Desert Caravan Desert Casa Dome-icile Dracula's Castle Elf Home Elf Hotel Fallen Diva Apartments Fat Tony's Compound Fernando Vidal's Villa Flanders' Cabin Flanders House Fortress of Choclitude Frink's House Future-Proofed Home Future Simpson's House Garden of Eden Gautama Palace Gingerbread House Global Housing Golf 'N' Die Retirement Village The Great Raymondo's Home Havana Private Home Herod's Citadel Hibbert Island Bungalow Hindu Heaven Holiday Cabin Home of Tomorrow Homer's Dream House The House of Usher Houseboat Hudson's House Igloo Mansion Invisible House Italian Villa Jay G's Mansion The Jesus Cube Kane Manor Krabappel Apartment Krusty's Mansion Krusty's Retreat Lincoln's Cabin Lovejoy Residence Lower East Side Homes Mad Dr. Hibbert's Manor Mad Doctor Itchy's Castle Manger Mansion of Solid Gold Mirrored House Mirrored Simpson's House Mitchell Mansion Monster's Castle Mountain Lodge Movementarian Compound Mudbrick Hovel Muntz House Murder House New Bedlam Rest Home Old Country House Old Simpson Farm Orange House Outlands Simpsons House Parasite House Paula's House Pink House Powers House Preppers' Compound Presidential Estate Pumpkin House Purple House Quimby Compound R'lyeh (Bermuda Triangle Lair) Raoul's Penthouse Regular Heaven Resort Hotel Retro Style Townhouse Rigellian Christmas Fireplace Royal Tower Sanjay's House Scandal-gate Hotel School Bus Serfsons House Shady and the Vamp Simpson House Simpson Houseboat Simpsons Mountain Home Skinner House Slaghold Snake's House Spine Chills Spinster City Apartments Spook House Spooky House Springfield Arms Springfield Funeral Home Spuckler Barn Stacy's Dream House Summer Games Villa Swelldorado Taylor House Three Bears House Transylvania Chalet Transylvania Cottage Transylvanian Shaolin Monastery Truck Shack Ultrahouse 2 Van Houten House Village Apartments White House Wiggum House Willie's Shack The Withstandinator Wolfcastle's Mansion Zenith City Apartments Zenith City Lofts Ziff-Bouvier Mansion Ziff Wedding Home

Home Visitable[edit]

Agency Headquarters Apu's Apartment Auxillary Agency HQ Bachelor Arms Beach House Blue House Brown House Burns Manor Cool Brown House Cypress Creek Home Desert Casa Fat Tony's Compound Flanders House Future Simpson's House Gingerbread House Home of Tomorrow Krabappel Apartment Lincoln's Cabin Mansion of Solid Gold Mountain Lodge Muntz House Orange House Pink House Presidential Estate Pumpkin House Purple House Sanjay's House Scandal-gate Hotel School Bus Simpson House Skinner House Spinster City Apartments Stacy's Dream House Van Houten House Water Baron Burns Mansion White House Wiggum House Willie's Shack Wolfcastle's Mansion


Blue Pride Hydrant Fire Hydrant Green Pride Hydrant Orange Pride Hydrant Purple Pride Hydrant Red Pride Hydrant Yellow Pride Hydrant

IS Attractions[edit]

Child Care Center Injury 500 Itchy & Scratchy Land Gate Itchy's 70's Disco Itchy's Mine Field Log Ride Nurse's Station Roger Meyers Story Soarin' Over Springfield T.G.I. McScratchy's Zoominator

IS Ride Attractions[edit]

Injury 500 Itchy & Scratchy Land Gate Itchy's Mine Field Log Ride Zoominator


Burns State Prison Minimum Security Prison Police Station Springfield Penitentiary

KL Debris[edit]

Krustyland Debris 1 Krustyland Debris 2 Krustyland Debris 3 Krustyland Debris 4 Krustyland Debris 5 Krustyland Debris 6 Krustyland Debris 7 Krustyland Debris 8 Krustyland Debris 9

Kane Manor[edit]

Kane Manor

Kearneymon Lair Group[edit]

Kearneymon's Alley

Krusty Burger[edit]

Krusty Burger Krusty Burger Franchise

Krusty Station Piece[edit]

Drive-Thru Awning Drive-Thru Extension Drive-Thru Platform Drive-Thru Stairs

Krustyland Flowers[edit]

Krustyland Flowers 1 Krustyland Flowers 2 Krustyland Flowers 3 Krustyland Flowers 4

Krustyland Garbage Bin[edit]

Clown Garbage Can Krustyland Garbage Bin


Kwik-E-Mart Kwik-E-Mart (franchise) Newfangled Kwik-E-Mart

Lewd Bar Troll Lair Group[edit]

Lewd's Bar

Lord Montymort Bossfight Decoration Group[edit]

Magic Academy Ruins

Mall Station Piece[edit]

Mall-O-Rail Awning Mall-O-Rail Extension Mall-O-Rail Platform Mall-O-Rail Stairs


Alcatraaaz's Mansion Augustus Redfield's Mansion Bart's Moon Mansion Burns Manor Burns' Summer Mansion Colonel Burns' Mansion Column Mansion Humble Gingerbread House Igloo Mansion Jay G's Mansion Kane Manor Krusty's Mansion Mad Dr. Hibbert's Manor Mansion of Solid Gold Mendoza's Mansion Mitchell Mansion Powell Mansion Water Baron Burns Mansion Wolfcastle's Mansion Ziff-Bouvier Mansion Ziff Mansion

Medical Facilities[edit]

Calmwood Mental Hospital Future Plastic Surgery Center Geriatric Medicine H.M.O. Hibbert Family Practice Hotenhoffer Pharmaceuticals Monroe Family Therapy Center MovingOn New Bedlam Rest Home Plastic Surgery Center Quitters Screaming Monkey Medical Research Center Springfield Asylum Springfield General Hospital Springfield Medical Center Springfield Physical Therapy Stomach Staples Center

Medieval Decorations[edit]

Barbarian Statue Barracks Cardboard Gates Cardboard Tower Cardboard Wall Castle Gates Castle Tower Castle Wall Catapult Chicken Coop Chicken Coop (grind) Elixir Mixer Flaming Torch Guillotine Guillotine (premium) Hay Cart Hot Air Balloon Medieval Banner 1 Medieval Banner 1 (premium) Medieval Banner 2 Medieval Banner 3 Medieval Tent Recycled Gates Recycled Tower Recycled Wall Stock Treasure Chest Two-Story Outhouse Two-Story Outhouse (grind) Windmill Windmill (grind)

Medieval Cardboard Decorations[edit]

Cardboard Gates Cardboard Tower Cardboard Wall

Medieval DIY Decorations[edit]

Recycled Gates Recycled Tower Recycled Wall

Metal Depot Group[edit]

Metal Depot

Misc Cash[edit]

$ Casino Abandoned Lighthouse Abandoned Store The Actual North Pole African Tree Resort Ah, Fudge! Factory Ajax Steel Mill Alien Utopia All Night Gym Ancient Dig Ancient Multiplayer Game Animal Hospital Anime District Arctic Hypertrain Atlantis Aztec Theater Ba'al Pit Baboon County, USA Bachelor Arms Bail Bonds Barbecue Battle Booth Barnacle Bay Church Barra Bastille Beer -N- Brawl Beloved Billionaires Club Big Bug House Big Cat Country Big T Theatre Blacksmith Blarg Huts Blazing Guy Blockoland Bloodbath & Beyond Blues Vomitorium Boardwalk Carousel Box Factory Broken Dreams Storage Lockers Burns Cult Headquarters Burns Slant-Drilling Co. Burnsum and Bailey Circus Businessman's Social Club Caddyshack Caesar's Pow-Wow Casino Calmwood Mental Hospital Canadian Border Canadian Crossing Canary M. Bird House Capital City Con Center Captain Dodge-Em's Bumper Cars Captain Mordecai's Boat Car Impound Lot CarGo Carnival Camp Carnival Haunted House Cartoon Motel Cartoon Set Catfish Lake Center for Pre-Emptive Education Chateau Maison Cheddarbarrel Farm Child Care Center Childrarium Chimp Refuge Chocolate Chapel Christmas Cabin Churrascarias Civic Center Classy Girls Strip Club Claus Co. The Clown Plaza Hotel CoE Championship Arena Colosseum Community Center Cookie Castle Column Mansion Corral Cosmic Wars Ranch Couch World Court House Cracker Factory Cretaceous Park Cthulhu Monument Cupid HQ Cursed Tomb Cypress Creek Elementary DMV Darby O'Guzzlin's Daws Butler Hall Desert Welding Yard The Devil's Oasis Ding-A-Ling Bros. Circus Ding-A-Ling Front Office Dognitive Behavioral Therapy Institute Donut Boat Donut Tray Donut Truck Downward Doghouse Yoga Studio Draggle Rock Drive-In Theater Driving Range Drum Circle Duff Brewery E4 Convention Center Egg Nog Bar Eiffel Tower Elementary Play Stage Emily Winthrop's Canine College Emma The Emu Experience Enriched Learning Center The Escape Zone Exploration Inc. Fair Pavilion Fantasy Mountain Castle Ferris Wheel Film Director's Trailer Film Set Filthy Angels Orphanage Fireworks Factory First Church of Lard Lad Five Alarm Chili Florence of Arabia Fogbury Port Lighthouse & Pier Frink's Lab Frontier Town Furious Fliers Gasso Station Geriatric Medicine Geriatric Park Dome Geriatric Park Pond Ginormous Pictures Giuseppe's Workshop Go-Kart Track (no betting) Golden Exits Retirement Farm Golden Ring Wrestling Headquarters Golf Green Good Neighbors Bounty Hunters Grand Pyramid Grease Recycling Plant Great Plains Groovetone Records Guinea Pig Rescue Center H.M.O. H2WHOA! Half-Pipe Hall of Mirrors Hall of Vice Presidents Hangar 18 Happy Little Elves Farm Health Spa The Heartmark Channel Heaven Reception Heavenly Showroom Heavenly Swing Set Hell Labs Hell Stage Hellfire Pepper Cactus Hellfish Monument Hellscape Helter Shelter Heyus Heyus Hibbert Island Bungalow Hidden Research Facility Himeji Castle Holy Forge Hootenanny Barn Hotenhoffer Pharmaceuticals House of Pain Human Power Plant Humanity's Hope Humbleton IRS Ice Palace Incubator Think Tank Insanity Cauldron International Court of Justice Island Capitol Building Isotope Stadium Itchy & Scratchy Studio Itchy's Mine Field Jake's Unisex Hair Palace Jefferson Memorial Jesus' Carpentry Shop Jewish Heaven Jogyesa Temple Junk Base Juvenile Correction Facility Juvenile Courthouse KJAZZ KTV Building Kamp Krusty Kathmandu U Kid First Industries KidZone Elite King Chili Tent King Quimby's Court Klub Krusty Adult Retreat Krusty Clown College Krustylu Studio Office Lard Lad Donut Factory Lazy I Ranch The League of Extra-Horny Gentlemen Leaning Tower The Leftorium Lisa M. Simpson Foundation A Little Bit of Lenny Little Black Box Lord Montgomery's Castle The Lucky Stiff Funeral Home Lumber Mill Luxury Crypt Mafia Front Maison Derriere Malibu Stacy Fan Club Malibu Stacy Headquarters Mapple HQ Marguerite's Wagon Marriage Counseling Mars Colony Master Hypnotist Tent Mattress King Warehouse Mega Church Mega Playscape Melric's Melnibones Mendoza's Mansion Mendoza's Tower Mike Pop's Recording Studio Mike Wegman Center Mirrored J.R.R. Toykin's Mirrored Lugash's Gym Miss Tillingham's School Mixed Martial Arts Mega Church Monroe Family Therapy Center Monster Business School Monte Burns' Resort Casino Montessori School Mother Cactus Mountain Buddhist Temple Mr. Sparkle Factory Ms. Glick's House Mt. Splashmore Slide Mt. Swartzwelder Historic Cider Mill Mt. Useful Museum of Natural History Museum of Super Fine Arts Museum of Zippers Nana Sophie Mussolini's Vineyard Ned's Camper The Needle Exchange Neuterville City Hall New Invention Expo NewTube Nickel 'N' Dime Animation No Kill Kennel Noise Land Video Arcade Notre Dame of Springfield O'Flanagan's Pub Office of Unemployment Old Abandoned Warehouse Old Cathedral Old Scratch's Gym Olde Springfield Towne Old Theatre District Ominously Blank Graveyard One Night Stan's Orfanato De Artie Ziff Original Brown House Original Springfield Post Office Outlands Factory Palm Springfield Resort Paris Hotel Parking Garage Parthenon The Peak Inn Personal Liability Attorney The Pitiless Pup Attack Dog School Plastic Surgery Center Police Headquarters Polo Field House Polystar Pictures Portal to Rigel 7 Powell Mansion Powell Motors Powers House Preparatory School Private Investigator Office Rancho Relaxo The Reality Channel Redstar Headquarters Refrigeratorium Remote On-site Correctional Center Renter-Prise Dent-A-Car Rigel 7 Military Base Rigel VII Rigellian Christmas Spaceship Rigellian Construction Site Rigellian North Pole Rio Days-Inn-Ero Robot Rumble Arena Robot Rumble Studio Roger Meyers Story Rommelwood Academy Rommelwood Barracks Ronald Reagan Reeducation Center The Rotting Pelican Royal Tokyo Ruffian Fort Samba School Santa's Castle Santa's House Santa's Workshop School for the Clowning Arts Scotland Yard Scrap City Screaming Monkey Medical Research Center Seething Sisters Serenity Ranch Sergeant Thug's Mountaintop Command Post Seven Sisters Shapes Shelbyville Elementary Shelbyville Manhattan Statue Shotgun Pete's Shotkickers Simpsons' Skating Rink Sir Putt-A-Lot's Slimu Auditorium Slot Canyon Slots Soarin' Over Springfield Sportswardsies Center The Spotted Cat Springfield Academy of Music Springfield Airport Springfield Animal Police Academy Springfield Aquarium Springfield Asylum Springfield Atoms Stadium Springfield Auto Show Springfield Barbecue Festival Springfield Car Wash Springfield Cathedral Springfield Christmas Tree Farm Springfield Clamphitheater Springfield Community Theater Springfield Demolition Derby Springfield Destruction Derby Ground Springfield Dog Pound Springfield Domestic Orphanage Springfield Ele-Zen-Tary Springfield Episcopal Church Springfield Glen Country Club Springfielde Glenne Condos Springfield Gymdandee Springfield Henge Springfield High School Springfield Junipers Golf Club Springfield Knowledgeum Springfield Meatball Factory Springfield Medical Center Springfield Men's Mission Springfield Mesa Springfield Multicultural Center Springfield Municipal Golf Course Springfield Museum Springfield Mystery Spot Springfield Opry House Springfield Penitentiary Springfield Pet Fair Stage Springfield Physical Therapy Springfield Planetarium Springfield Playhouse Springfield Robotics Laboratory Springfield Shopper Springfield Skating Rink Springfield Sports Palace Springfield STEM Academy Springfield Storage Locker Springfield Union Station Springfield University Springfield Wax Museum Springfield Wrestling Pavilion Springfield's Little Italy St. Basil's Cathedral St. Paul's Basilica St. Paul's Cathedral St. Sebastian's School for Wicked Girls Stage 1 Stage 4 Stage Cabin Stomach Staples Center Stonecutter Daycare Center Stonecutter Lodge Stormy Island Stu's Disco Summer Games Headquarters Sumo Stadium Surveillance Post The Taj Mahal Temperance's House Tex-ida Football Academy Thai Food Factory Tower of Babel Tower of Science Tower of Springfield Toy Fortress Toy Town Tween Lit Inc. UPA Talent Agency Ultimate Fighting Zoo Ultranet Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag Universal Panacea University of Heidelberg US Military Holding Facility Van Brunt & Churchill Ad Agency Van Houten Villa Vindicators Base Volcano Lair Voodoo, Hexes & Curses Warehouse Hideout Warmongers The Webs Westminster Abbey Whiz-Bang Toy Company Whack A Real Mole Widow's Peak Wild West Film Set Wilted Rose Woosterfield Hotel Writers Building Yo Yo's Cloud Palace Ziff Hotel Ziff Mansion Zip Zap and 'Za

Monorail Stations[edit]

Krusty's Drive-Thru Station Magic Station Mall-O-Rail Station Monorail Station North Pole Station Tetanus Terminal

Monorail Station Piece[edit]

Station Awning Station Extension Station Platform Station Stairs

Monster Visitable[edit]

Bell Tower Burns Family Crypt Catacombs Construction Yard Count Burns' Castle Haunted Stables Forest Cave House on Scary Hill Large Mausoleum MAG Office Mad Doctor's Castle Medieval Cathedral Medieval Rich House Shinning Hotel Spooky Cabin Spooky Cabin (Premium) Spooky House

Mrs. Muntz Go on Dates Group[edit]

Krusty Burger Krusty Burger Franchise Moe's Tavern Springfield Elementary Willie's Shack

Mysterious Artifacts[edit]

Mayan Calendar Mayan Calendar Piece 1 Mayan Calendar Piece 2 Mayan Calendar Piece 3 Mayan Calendar Piece 4 Mayan Calendar Piece 5 Mayan Calendar Piece 6


Ancient Ornamental Pond Bench 1 Catfish Lake Duck Pond Easter Pond Exotic Pond Harpoon Hill Minnow Pond Mount Fuji Murderhorn Picnic Spot Shelbyville Bluffs Ski Lift Small Snowy Christmas Hill Springfield Gorge Sugarloaf Mountain Tree 1

New Frontier[edit]

Buffalo 1 Buffalo 2 Donut Vein 1 Donut Vein 2 Donut Vein 3 New Frontier Canyon Prospector's Shack Trees 0 Trees 1 Trees 2 Trees 3 Trees 4 Trees 5 Trees 6 Trees 7 Trees 8 Trees 9


Filthy Angels Orphanage Springfield Domestic Orphanage Springfield Orphanage

Painted Houses[edit]

Painted Home 1 Painted Home 2 Painted Home 3 Painted Home 4 Painted Home 5 Painted Home 6 Painted Home 7 Painted Home 8 Painted Home 9

Parade Roller Group[edit]

Parade Roller Station

Parade Train Group[edit]

Parade Train Station


Cretaceous Park Geriatric Park Dome Geriatric Park Pond Geriatric Park Visitors Center Not Responsible for Injuries Park Peek-At-Em Park Springfield Desert State Park Sign Springfield Dog Park Springfield Gorge Springfield National Park Springfield Park Entrance Springfield Skate Park

Pays Taxes[edit]

Adult Education Annex All Seeing Eye Ancient Burial Ground Bad Dream House Barbarian Castle Barney's Bowlarama Bartman Cave Blarney Castle Botanical Garden Boxingham Palace Burns State Prison The Castle of Equalia Castle Recycle Crap Silo Death Mountain Elf Cave Elf Home First Church of Springfield Fort Sensible Ghost Pirate Airship Hibbert Family Practice Indoor Tennis Courts It Blows Krustylu Studios Lugash's Gym Minimum Security Prison Monsarno Research Museum Of Swordfish National Bank of Springfield Opera House Present Depot Radioactive Man Statue Radstation Air Fortress Republican Party HQ Santa's Village Sleep-Eazy Motel Springfield Buddhist Temple Springfield Coliseum Springfield General Hospital Springfield Library Springfield Observatory Springfield Post Office Springfield Slaughterhouse Springfield YMCA Spruce Caboose Super Collider Superior Squad HQ Tar Pits Toy Workshop Waverly Hills Elementary ZiffCorp Office Building

Plastic Depot Group[edit]

Plastic Depot

Practice Snakes[edit]

Green Practice Snake Ninja Homer Practice Snake Purple Practice Snake Red Practice Snake Yellow Practice Snake

Pride Decorations[edit]

Pride Billboard Rainbow Flag Rainbow Tree

Quimby Go Shopping[edit]

Banana Dictatorship Costington's Gold Navy Mapple Store Spiffany's Vulgari Jewelry Store



Religious Places[edit]

First Church of Springfield Kwik-E-Mart Springfield Buddhist Temple


Death Drop Duff Pavilion Eyeballs Of Death The Food Needle Gift Shop Happy Elves Ride Krusty's Giant Wheel Krusty's Haunted Condo Krustyland Burger Krustyland Entrance Krustyland Hotel Mt. Krustmore One Plate Maximum Buffet Radioactive Man: The Ride Scratchy's Flea Dipper Sleeping Itchy's Castle Tavern on the Scream The Tooth Chipper Tunnel of Love Twirl 'N' Hurl Unoriginal Log Ride Viking Boat Ride Wet & Smokey Stunt Show


Big Cat Lazy Rock Cactus Rock 1 Cactus Rock 2 Dragonfly Rock Old West Sign Rock Formation Rock Pile 1 Rock Pile 2 Rock Pile 3 Rock Pillar 1 Rock Pillar 2 Rock Pillar 3 Rolling Rock Satan's Anvil Snake Rocks Springfield Mesa Wolf Rock


$5 Antler Rental 8 Track Shack Abercrombie & Fetch Abercrombie & Rich All Sales Vinyl Alley McBalls Americatown Amulet Hamlet Anchor Management Android's Dungeon Appropriations Cultural Artifacts Armistead's Mopeds Babies B This Bag a Reindeer Hunting Range Banana Dictatorship Banana Monarchy Bank Barber Hibbert's Surgery Barking Good Butchery Bazaar Beefy Bishop's Barbershop Bethlehem Inn Big & Tall Men's Shop Blocko Store Blue Bail Bonds Blue Check Cashing Bones & Noble The Boob Tubery Bookaccino's Books! Books! And Additional Books! Captain Blip's Zapateria Carnaby Street Charmer's Market Chazz Busby Ballet Academy Cheep, Cheep, Cheap! Circuit Circus Circus of Values Cirque De Puree Columbus Day HQ Coolsville Costington's CostMo Crate and Burial Crazy Vaclav's Place of Automobiles Cristo of Springfield Crypto Barn Curl Up and Dye Dentz Department of Magical Vehicles Dog Playground Donut Store The Elegant Scoundrel Fancy Farms Fantastical Beastarium Fireworks, Candy & Puppies Fogburyport Fool Locker Fortune Megastore Fortune Teller Tent Fotohut Future Plastic Surgery Center Gas and Grub Gavelby's Auction House Geriatric Park Visitors Center Gimbel's Department Store Gnome-in-the-Home Dome Gold Navy The Golfin Dolphin Gospel for Less The Gridiron Guitar Central Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop Haagen Death Hairy Shearers Hammock District Hard Lad Nightclub Heavenly Hills Mall Heavenly Hills East Wing Heavenly Hills West Wing Heavenly Pedicure Hut Hello Krusty Herman's Military Antiques Honest John's Computers Hooch City House of Evil Howard's Flowers Hyborian Apparel It Blows It's A Wonderful Knife The Itchy and Scratchy Store Itchy's 70's Disco Jewish Walk of Fame The Jogging Stroller-y Just Half-Capes Just Rainsticks Kevin's Kindling King Toot's Kliff's Kar Chalet Knockers Knot What It Seams Krusty's Kristmas on Ice Kwik-E-Mart Kwik-E-Mart (franchise) Left-mazon Lionel Budgie D.V.M. Lotto 'N' Liquor Lullabuy$ Madame and Masseur Magic Shop Make-a-Thing Workshop Malaria Zone Mapple Store Mattress King Mirrored Android's Dungeon Mirrored Blocko Store Mirrored Bookaccino's Mirrored Bowlarama Mirrored Costington's Mirrored G Mart Mirrored It's a Wonderful Knife Mirrored Leftorium Mirrored Sportacus Mirrored Springfield Shopper Moe's Brewing Co. Monstromart Motherloving Sugar Co. MovingOn The Mug Shot My First Tattoo Mylar Baggins Never 21 Newfangled Kwik-E-Mart Odin's of Shelbyville Oedipus Rx Ordnance Express Painless Dentistry Part and Parcel Postal Pet Costumes Phone-Henge Kiosk Plunderer Pete's Pone, Pelts and Beyond Poppa Wheelie's Princess Opal's Pro-Shop Prodigy Barn Puppy Gap Quick & Fresh Quitters Radiant B.S. Station Radioactive Man Movie Scene Ranger's Office Rats Court Mall Reindeer Burger Truck Restoration Bard Wear Rigellian Christmas Toy Workshop Roller Rink Sconewall Bakery Screaming Stitch & Hem The Screens Sequel Stop Simpson and Grandson Bike Customizing Simpson Laser Tag Sir Duncan's Doughed Naughts Sneed's Feed & Seed Snow Bank The Snowed Inn Snub Club Snuggler's Cove Speed-E-Mart Spiffany's Sportacus Sprawl-Mart Springfield Books Springfield Costume Shop Springfield Dry Cleaner Springfield Farmers Market Springfield Grocery Store Springfield Hunting Supplies Springfield Mall Springfield Pet Shop Springfield Swap Meet Stardust Drive-In Steamed Hams Stoner's Pot Palace Swapper Jack's T.G.I. McScratchy's Taste of Springfield Festival Testosterzone Texxon Tomorrow's Costington's Top Chop Barber Shop Towne Centre at Springfielde Glenne Town Plaza Toys "B" This Toys Were Us Try-N-Save Turban Outfitters Turn Your Head and Coif VHS Village Vandersniff and Whiffly The Vast Waistband Vicki Valentine School of Dance Victarion's Secret Victor's Secret Vulgari Jewelry Store Walking Kwik-E-Mart Wes Doobner's Rib Huts Yarn Barn Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn You Forgot-Me-Nots You Only Own Twice Zenith City Store Front Zenith City Times


Burning Bush Shrub 1 Shrub 2 Shrub 3 Shrub 4 Shrub 5 Tall Shrub 1 Tall Shrub 2 Tall Shrub 3

Springfield Heights Decorations[edit]

Classy Fountain Fancy Bush Fancy Fence Fancy Gate Fancy Gold Tree Fancy Lampost Fancy Tree Fancy Wall Flying Car Gold Mail Box Gold Palm Tree Helicopter Jet Ski Lamborgotti Fasterossa Luxury Yacht Money Tree Palm Tree 1 Palm Tree 2 Polo Field Small Gold Plant Small Plant Solid Gold Brick Wall Solid Gold Fence Springfield Heights Gate Springfield Lake Vineyard

Stop Sign Group[edit]

Stop Sign

SWAT Van[edit]

Police Station S.W.A.T. Van

Tetanus Station Piece[edit]

Terminal Awning Terminal Extension Terminal Platform Terminal Stairs

Timed Fountain[edit]

Constant Fountain Sequence Fountain 1 Sequence Fountain 2 Sequence Fountain 3 Sequence Fountain 4

Toy Stores[edit]

Blocko Store Circuit Circus CostMo The Itchy and Scratchy Store Kwik-E-Mart Newfangled Kwik-E-Mart Playdough Factory Prodigy Barn Rigellian Christmas Toy Workshop Speed-E-Mart Sprawl-Mart Toy Town Toys "B" This Toys Were Us Walking Kwik-E-Mart Whiz-Bang Toy Company

Track Piece[edit]

Curved Track Piece S Curve Piece Short Track Piece Straight Track Piece


Apple Tree Beach Tree Boardwalk Tree Brazilwood Tree Dead Tree Desert Tree Exotic Tree Holo-Tree 0 Huge Tree Japanese Cherry Tree Japanese Maple Tree Maple Tree Orange Tree Plum Tree Spooky Tree Tentacle Tree Tree 1 Tree 2 Tree 3 Tree 4 Tree 5 Tree 6 Tree 7 Tree 8 Tree Swing Trees 0 Trees 1 Trees 2 Trees 3 Trees 4 Trees 5 Trees 6 Trees 7 Trees 8 Trees 9 Valentine's Tree Willow Tree

Treestache Lair Group[edit]

Treestache's Grove

Valentine's Decorations[edit]

Animatronic Bears Cherub Topiary Cozy Hammock I Choo-Choo Choose You Train Love Planter Rose Arch Rose Bush Sir Love-A-Lot Valentine's Pond Valentine's Tree


Moe's Tavern Police Station Springfield Elementary Town Hall


Ambulance Bloodmobile Burns Limo Canyonero Chalmers' 1979 _ONDA Channel 6 News Van The Collector's Car DMV Limo Demon Car Discouver Vancouver Bus Duff Racer Fleet-A-Pita Flying Car Freakmobile Frinkosonic MHV Garbage Truck The Homer Homer's Car Ice Cream Truck Jet Engine Bike Left-handed Roadster Limo Mafia Car Milhouse's Scooter Movementarian Ad Truck Orthodox Ambulance Oscar's Obstacles Truck Parked Hover Car Plow King's Plow Police Car Rad Mobile Rat Trap Delivery Truck Rocket Car S.W.A.T. Van Simpson's Hover Car Stunt Bike

Vulgari or Kwik-E-Mart[edit]

Kwik-E-Mart Kwik-E-Mart (franchise) Newfangled Kwik-E-Mart Vulgari Jewelry Store

Walk the Dog Locations[edit]

Business Center Classic Mansion Coffee Shop Column Mansion Deluxe Condo Health Spa Heights Theater Institute of Technology John's Pharmaceuticals L.A. Body Works Modern Mansion Plastic Surgery Center Shøp Valet Parking

Whistle Blowers[edit]

The Java Server Simpson House

White House or Hospital[edit]

Springfield General Hospital White House

Wiggops Lair Group[edit]

Wiggops' Station

Wooden Fences[edit]

Picket Fence Whitewashed Fence Wooden Fence