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Bug Boy

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Radioactive Man Icon.png The contents of this article or section are related to the Radioactive Man universe. They are considered fictional in The Simpsons.
Bug Boy
(Bix 32-22-7)
Bug Boy.png
Superhero Information
Male ♂
Alias(es): Bix Bentley
Age: 12[1]
Powers: Intelligence
Empathic link to creatures
Relatives: Mother: Bug Mom
First appearance: The Molten Menace of Magmo, the Lava Man

Bug Boy, real name Bix 32-22-7, known publicly as Dr. Bix Bentley, Jr., is a member of the Superior Squadron and a friend of Radioactive Man born on the planet Kranium-4.


Life on Kranium-4[edit]

On Kranium-4, when Bix 32-22-7 was two years old, he attended the 42nd Hiveminder Station. With an IQ of 350, Bix was considered dumb among his people. One day, Bix created a device that could transmute vegetables into chocolate, but the Grand Hive-Minder wasn't impressed as he could do that back when he was in the queen's womb. Feeling unhappy about his life on Kranium-4, Bug Boy looked through a telescope to Earth and decided to go there to live. He took a ship to Earth and accidentally obliterated Kranium-4 with the interdimensional drive in the process, possibly killing everyone on the planet.[2]

Life on Earth[edit]

When Bug Boy crash landed on Earth, he was taken in by a couple who worked on a farm. Bug Boy worked as a freak show attraction then as a talk show pundit, which is how he made his living.[2]

Bug Boy helped to take down Hypno Head with the rest of the Superior Squad. After, he helped with the cleanup. Bug Boy was originally going to help Radioactive Man get the shrapnel from his head out but he had to work on getting S.E.N.T.I.N.E.L. up and running again, after it broke, instead.[1]

Bug Boy went with the rest of the Superior Squad to Crystal Belle's Crystal Balls to meet Plasmo.[3] However, this was a trap led by Madame Eczema, and Eczema captured the Superior Squad.[4] When Radioactive Man freed the Superior Squad, Bug Boy was freed as well.[5]

When Larva Girl kidnapped Fallout Boy, Radioactive Man was told to go to the planet Remitrom to get Zirconia-Gems there. Radioactive Man went to Bug Boy to ask for directions to Remitrom. When Bug Boy realized what would happen if Radioactive Man got exposed to the sun at Remitrom, he created an antidote which he applied to Gloria Grand's lipstick. At the wedding between Radioactive Man and Larva Girl, Gloria kissed Radioactive Man, breaking the love spell that was over him. Bug Boy then explained that he made the antidote.[6]

Bug Boy set up the Rumpus Room in the Mando Building to help train the Superior Squad when they weren't needed to fight crime.[7]

Bug Boy was one of the Superior Squad members who couldn't help stop Shootin' Irons as he was being held captive by The Scarlet Floozy.[8]

Bug Boy, along with the rest of the Superior Squad, got captured by Dr. Crab in his asteroid base. As the Superior Squad fought over who will lead the team, Dr. Crab's Crab-Bots attacked the Mando Building. Bug Boy helped fight back against them, using his empathic link to control a swarm of insects. However, they went after Plasmo instead. After Radioactive Man returned from the dead, now evil, Bug Boy and the rest of the Superior Squad fought back against him but were defeated. Fallout Boy then managed to get the lightning bolt back into Radioactive Man's head, turning him good again.[9]

Bug Boy came up with a plan to remove the shrapnel from Radioactive Man's head, to teleport it to another dimension. However, there was a problem in doing so, which caused Radioactive Man to split from his alter-ego, Claude Kane III. Radioactive Man then took Bug Boy as his personal advisor as he took over Zenith City for himself.[10]

Radioactive Man and Heart of Darkness went to Bug Boy to see if he agreed with Heart of Darkness that the president is wrong about banning superheroes. Bug Boy was the one member of the Superior Squardron smart enough to trademark his name and retain merchandising rights, getting money from his action figures. Bug Boy disagreed with Heart of Darkness and said that he didn't think it was a conspiracy. Bug Boy then stayed behind as the rest of the heroes went to find out what was causing the energy field.[11]

At some point, Radioactive Man went to Bug Boy to see if he could remove the lightning bolt in his head. However, he couldn't, but gave him a contraption to cover it, which Radioactive Man refused.[12]


Bug Boy is extremely smart at the young age of 12.[1] His IQ is 350, which makes him stupid compared to his fellow people. This led to him wanting to leave, which he did.[2]


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