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The Simpsons: Tapped Out characters

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Tapped Out characters.png

A list of characters, and their tasks, in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. They are sorted according to the character collection.


  • Click on the header or image to go to that character collection and to see the full list of characters and their tasks and other information.
The Simpsons Churchy Joes
Tapped Out The Simpsons.png Churcy Joes.png
Homer Simpson Marge Simpson Bart Simpson Lisa Simpson Grampa Simpson Maggie Simpson Rev. Lovejoy Father Sean Helen Lovejoy Jessica Lovejoy
Villains School Workers
Villians.png School workers.png
Mr. Burns Hank Scorpio Snake The Rich Texan Lucille Botzcowski Principal Skinner Groundskeeper Willie Edna Krabappel Otto Mann Superintendent Chalmers Lunchlady Dora Coach Krupt Groundskeeper Seamus
Civil Servants Business Owners
Civil servants.png Business owners.png
Chief Wiggum Mayor Quimby Lou Eddie K9 Officer Freddy Quimby Mrs. Quimby Comic Book Guy Moe Szyslak Luigi Risotto Lugash Roscoe
C-List Celebrities B-List Celebrities
C-list celebrities.png B-list celebrities.png
Kent Brockman Bumblebee Man Arnie Pye Sideshow Mel Miss Springfield Mr. Teeny Lurleen Krusty the Clown Duffman Booberella Drederick Tatum Wolfcastle Paris Texan Declan Desmond
Oddballs Squeaky-voiced Teens & Molemen
Oddballs.png Squakey-voiced teen and moleman.png
Cletus Spuckler Professor Frink Herman Sea Captain Handsome Pete Disco Stu The Yes Guy Brandine Wise Guy Hans Moleman Squeaky-voiced teen
Kids Toughies
Kids.png Toughies.png
Milhouse Martin Ralph Sherri & Terri Database Uter Janey Kearney Nelson Shauna Dolph Jimbo Kearney's Other Son
Treehouse of Horror XXIII Wise Guys
Treehouse of horror xxiii.png Wise guys.png
The Raven Burns Monster Mayan God Talking Krusty Doll Fat Tony Legs Louie Michael D'Amico Don Vittorio Frankie the Squealer Johnny Tightlips
Barflies Robots
Barflies.png Robots
Barney Gumble Blue Funzo Pink Funzo Purple Funzo R.O.S.A
Animals and Pets Plant Workers
Animals and pets.png Plant workers.png
Santa's Little Helper Frink's Robot Dog Jub-Jub Turkey Christmas Raccoon Stewart Duck IRS Drone Waylon Smithers Lenny Leonard Carl Carlson Mindy Simmons Frank Grimes Zutroy Ruth Powers
Irishmen Whacking Day
Irishmen.png Tapped Out Whacking day.png
Tom O'Flanagan Leprechaun Yupprechaun Northern Irish Leprechaun Lumpy Pet Snake Western Snake
Oldies Boardwalk Performers
Oldies.png Boardwalk performers.png
Agnes Skinner Jasper Lampwick Stacy Lovell Molloy Mona Mime Juggler Fiddler Human Statue Fire Eater
Krustyland Mascots Bouvier Family
Krustyland mascots.png Bouvier Family.png
Itchy Mascot Scratchy Mascot Poochie Mascot Selma Mrs. Bouvier Patty
More Oddballs Treehouse of Horrors XXIV
More Oddballs.png Tapped Out THOH XXIV characters.png
Dr. Nick Mrs. Muntz Princess Kashmir French Waiter Lance Murdock Old Jewish Man Becky Suzanne the Witch King Snorky Frog Prince
Aliens Zombies
Tapped Out Aliens.png Tapped Out Zombies.png
Kodos Kang Shuffling Zombie Crazy Zombie Senile Zombie Snarling Zombie Clawing Zombie
Van Houtens More Business Owners
Tapped Out VanHoutens.png Tapped Out MoreBusinessOwners.png
Kirk Van Houten Luann Van Houten Tribal Chief Roger Myers Jr. Akira Artie Ziff Marvin Monroe Herb Powell Cookie Kwan Belle Lindsey Naegle Mrs. Sinclair
Holiday 2013 Legal Eagles
Tapped Out Holiday 2013 Collection.png Legal Eagles.png
Mr. Costington Candy Kevin Snow Monster The Grumple Judge Snyder Blue Haired Lawyer
Spuckler Brood Apu's Family
Tapped Out Spuckler Brood.png Apu's Family.png
Whitney Dubya Birthday Apu Manjula Sanjay Jay
Mascots More Animals and Pets
Mascots.png More Animals and Pets.png
Capital City Goofball Cocoa Beanie Snowball II Pokey
Easter 2014 Flanders Family
Easter 2014.png Flanders Family Tapped Out.png
Hugs Bunny Egg Council Guy Bunny #24601 Mojo the Helper Monkey Ned Flanders Maude Flanders Rod Flanders Todd Flanders
Exotic Animals and Pets More School Workers
Exotic Animals and Pets.png More School Workers.png
Stampy Freedom Chirpy Boy & Bart Junior Two-nicorn Mutant Rabbit Homer Dog Space Coyote Miss Hoover Dewey Largo
Hibbert Family Stonecutters
Hibbert Family Tapped Out.png Tapped Out Stonecutters.png
Dr. Hibbert Bernice Hibbert Chester Dupree Number 1 Number 12 Number 14 Number 36 Number 51 Number 67 Number 908
More Stonecutters Even More Stonecutters
Tapped Out More Stonecutters.png Tapped Out Even More Stonecutters.png
Number 2 Number 5 Number 21 Number 29 Number 59 Number 85 Number 600 Number 22 Number 50 Number 66 Number 79 Number 111 Number 314
4th of July Helpful Guest Stars
TSTO July 4th Collection.png Helpful Guest Stars.png
Rex Banner Abraham Lincoln Giuseppe George Washington Richard Nixon Kumiko Shary Bobbins Crazy Cat Lady Princess Penelope Matt Groening
Clash of Clones Treehouse of Horror XXV
Clash of Clones collection.png Treehouse of Horror XXV TSTO.png
Barbarian Homer Barbarian Barbarian Homer Archer Lisa Goblin Bart Wizard Marge Space Mutant Hugo Bulldozer-saurus Mutant Peacock
More Kids Winter 2014
More Kids.png Winter 2014.png
Greta Wolfcastle Laura Powers Ling Bouvier Gina Vendetti Baby Gerald Patches and Poor Violet Sophie Krustofsky King Winter Annual Gift Man Bonestorm Santa Frosty the Hitman
Superheroes Vigilantes
Superheroes Vigilantes
Radioactive Man Fallout Boy The Collider Plopper Pie Man Bartman Fruit-Bat-Man Sidekick Milhouse
Super Villains The Terwilligers
Super Villains The Terwilligers
Dr. Colossus Petroleus Rex Clownface The Collector Sideshow Bob Cecil Terwilliger Dame Judith Underdunk Francesca Terwilliger Gino Underdunk Terwilliger Dr. Robert
Mutants Sporty Simpsons
Mutants Sporty Simpsons
Pet Mutant Plant Pet Mutant Seedling Bob Clone Tall Bob Clone Short Bob Clone Referee Homer Soccer Lisa Jockey Bart Tennis Marge
Sporty Oldies Sporty Tough Guys
Sporty Oldies Sporty Tough Guys
Softball Mr Burns Toreador Grampa Baseball Jasper Football Nelson Boxing Drederick Tatum Furious D
Pin Pals Sporty Wannabes
Pin Pals Sporty Wannabes
Pin Pal Apu Ballet Ralph Kung Fu Comic Book Guy Springy
Monorail Titans of Trash
Monorail Titans of Trash
Conductor Homer Sebastian Cobb Ray Patterson Jesse Grass Hippie
Treehouse of Horror XXVI Kids Treehouse of Horror XXVI Adults
Treehouse of Horror XXVI Kids Treehouse of Horror XXVI Adults
Clockwork Bart Radioactive Milhouse Saxophone Lisa Wizard Martin Holiday Homer Acorn Kirk Squirrel Luann
Treehouse of Horror XXVI Freaks Treehouse of Horror XXVI Nightmares
Treehouse of Horror XXVI Freaks Treehouse of Horror XXVI Nightmares
Model Donut Pirate Kang Fairy Kodos Star Spawn Disco Zombie Formless Terror Helter Skeleter
Thanksgiving Winter 2015
Thanksgiving Winter 2015
Sacagawea Lisa Puritan Flanders King-Size Homer White Witch Burns Festivus CBG Dancing Reindeer Imaginary Bear
Deep Space Homer Casino Staff
Deep Space Homer TSTO Casino Staff Collection.png
Deep Space Homer Astronaut Barney Reclusive Mr. Burns Casino Boss Bart Ginger Flanders Amber Simpson Hostess Miss Springfield Casino Nessie Chippy
Casino Performers Volunteer Fire Department
TSTO Casino Performers Collection.png Volunteer Fire Department.png
Magic Act Milhouse Lucius Sweet Cregg Demon Gabbo and Arthur Fire Chief Moe Fireman Skinner Fireman Apu Fireman Homer
Old West Simpsons Old West Partners
Old West Simpsons.png Old West Partners.png
Cowboy Homer The Kid With No Name Prairie Maggie Gummy Joe Luke Stetson Longshot Skinner Buck McCoy Tumbleweed Prospector
Old West Villains
Old West Villains.png
Outlaw Snake Wes Doobner Brutus
Mayan Homer Marge the Witch Devil Flanders Cool Homer Santa Homer Mr. Plow Gorgeous Grampa Ninja Homer Gymnastic Lisa Bare Chested Willie Respectable Moe All-American Apu McBain Kamp Bart Count Burns Strongman Homer Santa Flanders Plow King Ebenezer Burns Fit™ Milhouse
More Costumes
Cool Lisa Mayan Marge Tuxedo Krusty Shadow Knight Ice Princess Martin Little Helper Ralph Stupid Sexy Flanders Queen Helvetica Slave Labor Willie Ice Cream Man Homer Muscular Marge Daredevil Bart Monty Moneybags Beer Stein Wiggum U. B. O. Moog Opera Krusty Lady Duff Captain Bob Treehugger Lisa
Even More Costumes
Shredded Ned Lizard Queen Lisa