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List of specials

A list of all The Simpsons special episodes that aired.



Image Title Airdate
Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire promo.png "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" December 17, 1989


Image Title Airdate
Big Bird's Birthday, or Let Me Eat Cake.png "Big Bird's Birthday, or Let Me Eat Cake" March 15, 1991
1991 Black or White.jpg "Black or White" November 14, 1991


Image Title Airdate
1992 Oprah.jpg "The Oprah Winfrey Show" November 4, 1992


Image Title Airdate
1995 NFL on FOX.jpg "Homer and Bart visiting NFL on FOX" September 3, 1995
Springfield's Most Wanted.png Springfield's Most Wanted September 17, 1995



Image Title Airdate
The Simpsons Quiz Show.png The Simpsons' Quiz Show November 5, 2004
Ultimate Guide to The Simpsons November 5, 2004
ChristmasMessage.png The Simpsons' Christmas Message December 25, 2004



Image Title Airdate
Simpsonsride.png The Simpsons Ride May 15, 2008
Homer's Colonoscopy.png Homer's Colonoscopy September 5, 2008
Late Show Top Ten List 1.jpg Late Show Top Ten List


Image Title Airdate
Homer Congratulates Huell!.png Homer Congratulates Huell! December 1, 2009



Image Title Airdate
FOX's 25th Anniversary Special.png FOX's 25th Anniversary Special April 22, 2012
The Longest Daycare.png The Longest Daycare July 13, 2012
Homer Votes 2012.png Homer Votes 2012 September 20, 2012
Debate Reaction.png Debate Reaction October 5, 2012
A Message From Springfield Republican Party Headquarters.png A Message from Springfield Republican Party Headquarters October 22, 2012
Mr. Burns Endorses Romney.png Mr. Burns Endorses Romney November 1, 2012
Late Show Top Ten List 3.jpg Late Show Top Ten List November 8, 2012
Fiscal Cliff.png Fiscal Cliff December 4, 2012


Image Title Airdate
Maggie Sucks.png Maggie Sucks January 18, 2013
Oscar-Nominated.png Oscar-Nominated January 31, 2013
Homer Shake.png Homer Shake March 1, 2013
A Day in the Life...with Yeardley Smith.png A Day in the Life...with Yeardley Smith March 18–20, 2013


Image Title Airdate
Super Bowl Promo.png Super Bowl Promo January 26, 2014
Simpsons Ice Bucket Challenge.png Simpsons Ice Bucket Challenge August 26, 2014
Willie's Views On Scottish Independence.png Willie's Views on Scottish Independence September 12, 2014
The Simpsons Take the Bowl.png The Simpsons Take the Bowl September 12-13-14, 2014
The Simpsons Guy promo 1.jpg The Simpsons Guy September 28, 2014





Image Title Airdate
A Tale of Two Trumps.png A Tale of Two Trumps March 23, 2018
MLB on Fox Postseason.png MLB on Fox Postseason October 14, 2018


Image Title Airdate
The Simpsons Are Coming To Disney+.png Welcome to the Family, The Simpsons! April 11, 2019
West Wing Story.png West Wing Story August 20, 2019
The Simpsons Disney+ Trailer.png Everybody Smile October 27, 2019


Image Title Airdate
Playdate with Destiny title card.png Playdate with Destiny March 6, 2020 (theater)
April 10, 2020 (Disney+)
Dear Class of 2020.png Dear Class of 2020 June 7, 2020
Homer Peabody Award Speech.png Homer Peabody Award Speech June 10, 2020

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