Ms. Cantwell

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Ms. Cantwell
Ms. Cantwell.png
Character Information
Female ♀
Hair: Brown
Occupation: Substitute teacher
First Appearance: "Black-Eyed, Please"
Voiced by: Tina Fey

Ms. Cantwell is a substitute teacher who formerly substituted for Elizabeth Hoover at Springfield Elementary School.


After Miss Hoover temporarily left the school due to coming down with severe depression, Ms. Cantwell came in as a substitute. Lisa was excited as Ms. Cantwell seemed like an excellent teacher to her at first, until she gave Lisa a B for her homework just because she could. Ms. Cantwell then started to bully Lisa and made her feel bad about herself.

After Lisa told her parents what was going on, they went to see Seymour Skinner about it but instead of making things better, it made things worse. Ms. Cantwell put Lisa into detention. After Lisa tells her parents that they made things worse, Homer goes to ask Ned Flanders if he could ask Edna Krabappel to find a way to get Ms. Cantwell to leave. Edna temporarily drops Bart down two grades and puts him into Ms. Cantwell's class. When Ms. Cantwell left to go the the toilet for two minutes, Bart turned the classroom into a wreck and filmed Ms. Cantwell while she was in the toilet. Ms. Cantwell decided to leave and literally ran from school. Lisa got onto her car and made her stop, where Ms. Cantwell revealed to her that she bullied her because she thought that Lisa was pretty and popular.