Harlan Dondelinger

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Principal Dondelinger
Harlan Dondelinger.png
Character Information
Male ♂
Occupation: Principal of Springfield High School
Relatives: Wife: Unnamed (deceased)[1]
First Appearance: "The Way We Was"
Voiced by: Harry Shearer

Principal Harlan Dondelinger is the principal of Springfield High School dating as far back as 1974.


He was principal when Homer and Marge were in their final year where he was shown as being a stern figure who appeared to have had several run-ins with Homer and Barney Gumble.[2]

He also appeared at Homer and Marge's reunion[3] and at Artie Ziff's recreation of the prom.[4] During Homer's high school reunion, he announced that Homer has an incomplete high school education and actually never graduated, embarassing Homer in front of the crowd. This mortification motivates Homer to earn his missing credits and get a high school diploma. Homer enrolls in an adult education program to take the science course, only to find Dondelinger as the teacher, who said he got back into teaching to take his mind off the loss of his wife. However, Dondelinger as a teacher does not seem to have enmity towards Homer in this regard, and passes Homer (arguably because Homer was being somewhat of an earnest student).

He was among the angry mob that came in search of Homer during Trappuccino.[5]