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What Animated Women Want

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Season 24 Episode
524 "Dark Knight Court"
"What Animated Women Want"
"Pulpit Friction" 526
What Animated Women Want
What Animated Women Want Promo 1.jpg
Episode Information
Episode Number: 525
Production Code: RABF08
Original Airdate: April 14, 2013
Couch Gag: Breaking Bad Couch Gag
Special Guest Voices: Maurice LaMarche
George Takei as sushi chef
Wanda Sykes as school counselor
Written By: J. Stewart Burns
Directed By: Steven Dean Moore

"What Animated Women Want" is the 17th episode of season 24 episode.[1] It originally aired on April 14, 2013.[2] Maurice LaMarche, George Takei, and Wanda Sykes guest-starred. Special guest was Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.


Wanda Sykes and George Takei guest voice as a couple experiencing marital differences. After watching A Streetcar Named Desire Milhouse takes on a Marlon Brando-inspired bad-boy persona to attract Lisa. Milhouse seeks then advice from the school counselor. Homer tries to save his marriage by becoming a better man and fulfilling old promises when Marge becomes fed up with his behavior and he seeks advice from his local sushi chef.

Promotional images[edit]

International airdates[edit]

Country Date Channel Note
800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png United Kingdom November 24, 2013; 7pm Sky1 Gathered 844,000 viewers


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