Hyman Krustofsky

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Hyman Krustofsky
Hyman Krustofsky.png
Character Information
Male ♂
Age: 80[1]
Hair: Gray
Occupation: Rabbi
Relatives: Son: Krusty
Granddaughter: Sophie
Grandson: Josh
Ex-wife: Rachel Krustofsky (deceased)
First Appearance: "Like Father, Like Clown"
Voiced by: Jackie Mason
Dan Castellaneta

Hyman Krustofsky (last name also spelled Krustofski) was the Jewish rabbi father of Krusty the Clown.


Hyman Krustofsky became a respected rabbi in Springfield's Lower East Side. He had a son, Herschel Krustofsky, who wanted to become a clown instead of a rabbi, against his father's wishes. Rabbi Krustofsky abandoned Herschel after he saw him perform as a clown on stage.

Years later, Bart Simpson and Lisa Simpson found out about Herschel, a.k.a. Krusty's abandonment from his father and they did everything they could to convince Rabbi Krustofskyto reunite with his son by quoting passages of Jewish scripture. After several attempts, Bart eventually convinced Rabbi Krustofsky to change his ways by quoting from Sammy Davis, Jr.. Rabbi Krustofsky later met his son backstage on The Krusty the Clown Show, and the two embraced after many years. Rabbi Krustofsky appeared in front of the audience playfully throwing a pie at Krusty.[1]

When his son decides to get a Bar Mitzvah, Rabbi Krustofsky said he never gave Krusty one because he wouldn't take the ceremony seriously. Homer was given a show during Krusty's time-slot and it was so popular that Krusty's show was cancelled. In a move of desperation, he decided to televise his Bar Mitzvah. It proved to be extremely successful, but disappoints Rabbi Krustofsky. Krusty then decided to have a real Bah Mitzvah in a real Shul, which pleases his father.[2]

After Krusty discovered nobody liked his comedy he went to his father for advice, while there Hyman died from natural causes.[3]


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Rabbi Krustofsky
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Behind the Laughter[edit]

Mason won an Emmy Award for his performance in "Like Father, Like Clown".

He was supposed to appear in the season 22 episode "The Scorpion's Tale" but his scenes were cut.