Hiram Simpson

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Hiram Simpson
Hiram Simpson.png
Character Information
Male ♂
Hair: Brown
Occupation: Sharecropper
Relatives: Ex-wife: Mabel Simpson
Daughter: Eliza Simpson
First Appearance: "The Color Yellow"
Voiced by: Dan Castellaneta

Hiram Simpson was a sharecropper in Springfield during the antebellum era, working under the plantation owner Colonel Burns.


Hiram was the first husband of Mabel Simpson and they had one child, Eliza Simpson. The family worked with the underground railroad, helping slaves flee to Canada. Hiram, though, turned against his family and Virgil, one runaway slave under their care, by betraying Virgil to Colonel Burns. Mabel, however, fell in love with Virgil, left her husband, and helped Virgil escape to Canada where the two married and began the family tree from which the modern-day Simpsons descend. Through Eliza Simpson, he is an ancestor of the Van Houten family but not the modern Simpsons themselves.