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Son of Homer's Odyssey

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Bongo logo 2012.png The contents of this article are based on an issue of Simpsons Comics or another comic series and is considered to be non-canon and may not have actually happened/existed.
Son of Homer's Odyssey
Son of Homer's Odyssey.png
Comic Story information
Released: February 2016
Comic series: Bart Simpson Comics
Pages: 40
Written by: Nathan Kane (Story)
Ian Boothby (Script)

Son of Homer's Odyssey is a Bart Simpson Comics story that appears in Bart Simpson #100.


"When Homer is put in charge of security for Mr. Burns’ secret R&D division, he inadvertently unleashes a series of events that threaten Springfield’s very existence! If that’s not bad enough, an all-too-familiar evil from Springfield’s distant future arrives amid the chaos to stake his claim! But wait! Yet another mysterious figure from the future travels back to a current-day Springfield with the town on the brink of destruction! Will this stranger aid the embattled citizens in their darkest hour or make them eat his shorts?"


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Chapter I: Pork rinds and portents![edit]

Bart Simpson is frightened by the exchange student Bea who has a monkey's paw. Seymour Skinner makes him stop it and wonder how they are with Martin Prince which is at Count Dracula Elementary. He gets there chased there by the students after he giving out cookies. Bart is knockdown by hail balls, Kent Brockman report on TV about it outside a non-descript buldning and after received a bribe by Waylon Smithers he telling that the building has nothing to do with the weather. Professor Frink is pleased that the public don't know about at he built a machine that changes the weather. The cause of the hail balls was because his cables was bitten by squirrels. Smithers let Homer remove the squirrels. Homer and Bart are looking for the squirrels when they find a room that consists Frink's robots. Bart found then a time machine that he try.

Chapter II: Bart to the Future![edit]

Bart has ended up in the year 11 000 and are chasing by mutants which want to eat his brain. He goes back to the present time where Homer has made a deal with the squirrels and are getting ribs and donuts. Frink asking Bart if he saw if vortex become opened but he did not.

Chapter III: Burnsie got back![edit]

Burns has come through a vortex and he is a robot, he freezes Burns and Smithers when they want to get rid of him. Homer gets attacked by squirrels and it turns out that Frink made as a robot. Burns robot is soon Springfield's new overlord. If they escape the city, they will be eating by the large octopus The Kraken to make them become loyal they must sign a contract. Frink feeling bad at he created a robot body to Burns beacuse he never thought he would use it for super evil. All in Springfield are working for Burns at the power plant even kids. They trying to think of some way to take him back to the future, but Frink has no Frinktonium left. Sebastian Cobb he hear them and telling them that they used Frinktonium when they built the Springfield Monorail. Frink reminds that they buried it in Springfield Caverns. They send down Bart to retrieve it.

Chapter IV: Underground and Down![edit]

Bart gets discovered by the mole people and they take him their leader Hans Moleman. Bart telling Hans at he will to the monorail but Hans will not because he lives there and they'll eat him when they know about mole people. Bart stops the mole people, and telling them that a much older human is healthy to eat and they make revolution and eat Hans instead. Bart finds the Frinktonium and take it to Frink. Milhouse is coming and are mad at Bart because he will not fly kite like they had decided. Milhouse is then sent to the future by mistake. Bart has an idea how he can thaw Burns and holding a dollar bill in front of his body and he melts. They telling Burns that a robot version of him taken over the city.

Chapter V: Super Friends![edit]

Bartman and Fruit Bat Man driving away to stop robot Burns. Burns driving too fast and running on the lawyers before he crashes on the Kraken that spits up the people that he has eating. Robot Burns gives Bartman an electric shocks which cause his death.

Interlude: Heaven can eat my shorts![edit]

Bart has ended up in heaven where he meets Edna. Edna telling at she believes Bart is a good kid because she never gave up on him and he should not give up that easy, and kicks him down back in life. Edna telling then to Maude Flanders that she was waiting to kick him in an eternity.

Chapter VI: Again with the roman numerals![edit]

The Springfielders make revolution and strikes. Bartman come back to live to Comic Book Guy's joy. Milhouse coming back from the future and has with him 100-year-old Bart, which has a remote control. When he using it turns out to Milhouse is a robot and robot gives Burns an electric shock which his robot hands and head detaches from the robot body. Real Milhouse is then showing up and has robot Smithers with him and also his own comic book. Robot Burns and Smithers are going back home again. Burns does not know where Smithers because his is still frozen so he hired Barney as he replacement.

Chapter VII: Everything must go![edit]

The future people are traveling back to their time and the present life in Springfield continues. A week later, Frink pasting the Simpsons and telling them that soon the city is built up again until they may continue to use his reality glasses. Bart takes them off and seeing that Springfield is totally destroyed and Frink reminds him that he should wear them so they can pretend that nothing happened with the help of his program M.A.T.T.G.R.O.E.N.I.N.G. The Simpsons is watching the sunset and going inside to sit on the couch and watch TV.


Comic issue Release date Country
Simpsons Comics #253 July 28, 2016 800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png

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