Captain Mordecai

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Captain Mordecai
Captain Mordecai.png
Character Information
Male ♂
Fictional deceased
Hair: Bald
Occupation: Fisherman
Relatives: Wife: Temperance Barrow
Children: Bartaby, Leezakiah, eight unnamed
First Appearance: "Diatribe of a Mad Housewife"
Voiced by: Dan Castellaneta

Captain Mordecai is a fictional character in Marge's romantic novel, The Harpooned Heart. The character was inspired by Homer Simpson.


Mordecai was originally depicted as a caring husband and successful whaler, but Homer's oafish behavior and indifference to Marge's writing prompted her to rework the character, turning Mordecai into a selfish incompetent slob to resemble Homer. He later slipped of a cliff, as his foot was caught in the rope of his weapon, and drowned.