Mrs. Gumble

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Mrs. Gumble
Mrs. Gumble.png
Character Information
Female ♀
Hair: Gray
Occupation: Formerly: Navy officer
Relatives: Son: Barney Gumble
Husband: Arnie Gumble (deceased)
Brother-in-law: Al Gumble
First Appearance: "Simpson Tide"
First Mentioned: "Mr. Plow"
Voiced by: Dan Castellaneta

Mrs. Gumble was the mother of Barney Gumble, the widow of Arnie Gumble, and the sister-in-law of Al Gumble. She bears a significant resemblance to her son in both her appearance and her behavior.


When Barney's adult diaper flew off, he chased after it down the street and on the corner of the street he said "Hiya, ma!".[1]

When the navy officer said, the the navy recruits didn't have there mothers there to help them, and Barney said that he did and pointed to his mother and she burped. Later, when the navy captain told Barney, who was asleep, to open the torpedo tube, she said that he'll never get a response to to her son like that and she said you have to poke he with a stick and Barney said that he didn't want to go to school today.[2]

While at Lenny's party, Barney said that he was going to put the centerpiece of the table he was sitting at on his mother's grave.[3]