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Other characters
Big Alberto Asa Lily Bancroft Mimsy Bancroft Red Barclay Uncle Bill Shary Bobbins Mr. Bont Gautama Buddha Dante Calabresi Dante Calabresi, Jr. Rosemary Chalmers Cornelius Chapman Jesus Christ Cookie Crushed man Anna Maria D'Amico Chip Davis Artimus Deadly Roger Ducette Elmo Emile Estelle Esther Frankie Flatbed Fred Pete Freedman Granny Frink Alice Glick Graphic Novel Kid Frank Grimes Arnie Gumble Mrs. Gumble Harold Milton Haas Hezron Homer Howard, Sr. Winifred Beecher Howe Professor Huntington J.P. Johnny Armstrong Jones James Earl Jones Fred Kanneke Ms. Killebrew Hyman Krustofsky League of Evil Shelbyville Manhattan Margareet Margareet's daughter Margareet's husband Margareet's son Max C. W. McAllister‎ Griff McDonald Stevie McGregor Ian McTauge Emilie Mercer Roger Meyers, Sr. Mindy Steve Mobbs Bleeding Gums Murphy Michiko Nakamura NBC representative Edgar Neubauer Dr. Nussbaum Frank Ormand Asa Phelps Playground ghost Prisoner Cyrus Quimby Joe Quimby, Sr. Joshua Quimby Onus Quimby The Great Raymondo's brother Dirk Richter Sailor Sandy Scheherazade Shahryār Beatrice Simmons Simpstler's Mother Sheldon Skinner John Smith Mary Smith Waylon Smithers, Sr. Duke de Springfield Jebediah Springfield Ned Springfield Obadiah Springfield Olive Springfield Zechariah Springfield Chester L. Suicide King of Sweden Moe Szyslak's mother Captain Tenille Fat Tony Milford Van Houten Victor Victor's wife Viking art thief Otto von Schlichtfarber Foot Powder Wellbourne Etch Westgrin Iggy Wiggum Horace Wilcox Blind Willie Witherspoon Zohar