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Character Information
Male ♂
Hair: Green
First appearance: "Not It"
Voiced by: Dan Castellaneta

Krusto was an evil killer clown who terrorized Kingfield.


Krusto was at Mussel & Flanks with Krusty and some other clowns.[1]


Donut Homer.png The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened or existed.

In Kingfield, many kids over the years had gone missing. Their disappearances were the result of Krusto the clown killing them. Krusto had many different occupations as a clown over the town's history, from hosting a radio show called It's Krusto Time!, hosting a stage show called The Krusto Follies, leading a freak show called Krusto D. Clown's Troupe of Oddities, and finally hosting the show The Yuk-Yuk Hour with Krusto! The one thing that was for sure was that Krusto was never funny in anything he did.

One day, Barney Gumble was playing with a paper boat that he made in the rainwater in the gutter. When the boat went down a sewer grate, Barney tried to get it back. However, Krusto was down there and dragged Barney down into the sewer, killing him. Homer Simpson started putting up missing posters for Barney and later saw Krusto when he was being attacked by the bullies. When the Loser gang chased off the bullies, they took Homer back to their clubhouse and each revealed that they had also seen Krusto, who played on their fears. Krusto almost drowned Marge in seltzer, appeared as a ventriloquist dummy to Moe, appeared as a sexy alien to Carl, and appeared as the rotting corpse of Comic Book Guy's grandmother in a hot tub full of maggots. The gang decided that they had to work together to stop Krusto.

At the Kingfield Clown Archives, Marge found the book The Oxford Collection of Unabridged TV Guides 1951 - 1960, which gave them the answer as to who Krusto was. They found out about the previous shows that Krusto had put on. As they were showing a clip of The Yuk-Yuk Hour with Krusto!, Krusto came out of the screen and tried to kill Comic Book Guy. Homer attacked Krusto with some garden shears, which hurt him. Marge then pulled the plug on the television, which caused him to disappear. The gang then armed up to go and take on Krusto at Channel 14, the network that aired The Yuk-Yuk Hour with Krusto! When they arrived, they found a box labeled "Free Candy". Homer opened the box, which revealed Krusto to them. The kids attacked Krusto with their weapons but they were ineffective. As Krusto started to brag about how they couldn't kill him, he slipped on some marbles and went through a slapstick comedy routine of hurting himself. The kids started to laugh, which was the first time Krusto had heard real laughter towards him. Krusto then continued to perform slapstick comedy until Marge gave him some Li'l Stinker Cherry Bombs to eat. The resulting explosion defeated Krusto, leaving the gang to think they had won. Afterwards, the gang made a pact that if Krusto returned, they would come together again to defeat him.

27 years later, Krusto returned to Kingfield at the You're All Gonna Pie shop. He killed Nelson, Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney, which was reported on the news. When Homer saw this, he called in his former friends to defeat Krusto once again. Everyone except Comic Book Guy returned and started to plan on how to defeat Krusto. Comic Book Guy eventually turned up to bring Marge back home, also bringing his and Marge's kids, Bert and Lizzie. As Comic Book Guy and Marge argued, Bert and Lizzie were kidnapped by Krusto outside of Needful Crap Secondhand Store. When Krusto revealed this to the gang, they went back to Channel 14 to defeat him once more.

When the gang confronts Krusto, he brought back every child he had killed as a ghost and part of his audience, with a sign telling the audience when to laugh. The gang told Krusto that he no longer had power over them as they had conquered their childhood fears. However, Krusto told them that they had something worse than fears, anxieties. Krusto then made the gang see things that caused them anxiety. As this was happening, Bert and Lizzie realized that the laughter sign making the ghosts laugh was giving Krusto his power. As Marge tried to destroy the sign with a rock, Krusto attempted to eat her. Comic Book Guy jumped into the way to protect Marge, getting bitten in the process. Marge successfully destroyed the sign and defeated Krusto once and for all.[2]


Krusto has a large range of powers, including the ability to shapeshift, teleport, and fire different liquids from his mouth. He can also keep dead children around as ghosts, which are what gives him his power.

Behind the Laughter[edit]

Krusto is a parody of the character It, AKA Pennywise, from It.