Dante Calabresi, Sr.

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For his son, see Dante Calabresi, Jr..
Dante Calabresi, Sr.
Dante Calabresi Sr.png
Artwork of Dante Calabresi, Sr. from The Simpsons: Tapped Out.
Character Information
Male ♂
Hair: Gray
Occupation: Member of the Calabresi mob
Relatives: Son: Dante Calabresi, Jr.
First Appearance: "The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer"
Voiced by: Joe Pantoliano

Dante Calabresi, Sr. was an Italian-American mobster and the father of Dante Calabresi, Jr.


When the Calabresi family thought that Fat Tony had gone soft, they attempted to kill him. After this incident, the Calabresis went to Fat Tony's compound for a sit-down with the Springfield Mafia. After clearing up the misunderstanding, Fat Tony and the Calabresis got along again with Dante Calabresi, Sr. and Fat Tony hugging it out. Michael D'Amico then came into the room with a plate of soufflés for everyone to eat. After Michael revealed that he made them himself, the Calabresi family laughed at him and then left. The Calabresis then attacked Fat Tony in a helicopter, hospitalizing him.

After the Simpsons became involved with the mob, Michael invited the Calabresis to the Simpsons house for dinner, to hand over all of Fat Tony's territory to them in exchange for the safety of his family and the Simpsons. Dante Sr. told Michael that they couldn't do that, but they wouldn't kill them. He told Michael that he wasn't cut out to be a mobster and told Bart to call him as Bart had a future in the business. When the Calabresis started eating, they all died because the food was poisoned.[1]