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Homer's Adventures Through the Windshield Glass

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Season 34 Episode
749 "Clown V. Board of Education"
"Homer's Adventures Through the Windshield Glass"
"Homer's Crossing" 751
"Homer's Adventures Through the Windshield Glass"
Homer's Adventures Through the Windshield Glass promo 5.png
Episode Information
Episode number: 750
Season number: S34 E22
Production code: OABF13
Original airdate: May 21, 2023
Billboard gag: Missing Persons
Chalkboard gag: "I will not try to cram 750 characters into the opening credits..."
Couch gag: The Simpsons run in and sit on the couch in a room full of random characters. Homer asks his family "Who the hell are these people?"
Guest star(s): Lizzo as Goobie-Woo and herself
Tim Robinson as Mercer
Bowen Yang as Richard
Showrunner: Matt Selman
Co-showrunner: Tim Long
Written by: Tim Long
Directed by: Bob Anderson

"Homer's Adventures Through the Windshield Glass" is the twenty-second and finale episode of season 34 of The Simpsons and the seven-hundred and fiftieth episode overall. It originally aired on May 21, 2023. The episode was written by Tim Long and directed by Bob Anderson. It guest stars Lizzo as Goobie-Woo and herself, Tim Robinson as Mercer, and Bowen Yang as Richard.


"Time stands still after Homer crashes his car and flies through the windshield. As his life flashes before his eyes, a magical friend helps Homer learn the secret truth about his marriage"


Homer comes out of the First Bank of Springfield very angry. After he kicks a few things, he gets in his car and starts driving recklessly. As he's driving, he starts to angrily text Marge, but ends up crashing into a fire hydrant as he does. Since he had uses his seatbelt and airbag for his hammock, Homer goes through the window and time starts to slow down. Homer then hears a voice which he finds to be coming from Goobie-Woo, Maggie's The Happy Little Elves doll. Goobie-Woo tells Homer that she's going to help him go on a journey of self-reflection during the crash.

Goobie-Woo starts by helping Homer remember why he was angry. At the bank, Homer met with Richard to open a safety deposit box for his John Travolta potato chip. However, Richard informs Homer that the family already has a safety deposit box and has done for ten years. He shows Homer the contents of the box, which contained the will of Clarence Bouvier, Marge's father. The will revealed that Clarence Bouvier had left $1,000 a month to Marge, which she had kept secret from him. After remembering this, Homer gets angry again.

Goobie-Woo then reveals that Bart and Lisa knew about the money Marge was getting after a young Bart opened a letter from the bank addressed to Marge. This upset Homer even more because he thought that everyone knew about it except him. Goobie-Woo then asks Homer to guess what Marge is spending the money on, to which Homer imagines that Marge has a robot butler and brings in sexy handymen to work around the house whenever he is out. Goobie-Woo then reveals that she really spend the money on Homer, using it to bail him out of all of the terrible situations he finds himself in. After Homer realizes that Marge cares about him, Goobie-Woo lets slip that Marge's father didn't. Homer then watches a flashback of when Clarence Bouvier told Marge that he didn't like Homer and that he'd give her the money each month to make sure she was okay in the future.

Homer then questions why he was able to see a conversation that he wasn't around for, and Goobie-Woo reveals that he's dead. Upon realizing this, Homer goes to what he thinks is Heaven, but is actually Hell. Homer is told that he will be boiled alive in a lake of blood for all eternity, but is made to queue up for it. 20,000 years later, Homer keeps complaining about queuing. To stop this, Homer is given a buzzer to let him know when it's his time to be tortured. As Homer leaves the queue and looks around, he finds several horrible people from history playing poker together. As he joins the game, he realizes that Clarence Bouvier is also playing. Homer starts to fight Clarence but is stopped by Joseph Stalin and Genghis Khan. After this, Clarence takes Homer for a walk and shows him a future event where Lisa brings home Mercer, a narcissistic board games creator. Homer dislikes Mercer and thinks that he's bad for Lisa, but then realizes how Clarence felt about him. This gives Homer an epiphany and allows him to leave Hell.

As Homer wakes up from the crash, an ambulance pulls up and the paramedics get him onto a stretcher. The rest of the family then also arrives and gets into the ambulance with Homer, whilst Maggie picks up Goobie-Woo. When Marge asks Homer why he sent her the angry text, Homer says that it doesn't matter and that he's set aside his own ego and learned to savor his blessings. However, due to the accident, Homer was speaking incomprehensibly and Marge couldn't understand it. Marge then pays the paramedic to give Homer some pain relief as Goobie-Woo sings about it being the end.

In the recording booth for the episode, Lizzo is told that she has to slap Homer. When Lizzo questions that, asking if it should just be a sound effect, Bart slaps Homer for her instead. Lisa and Lizzo then play music together.


Bret McKenzie wrote the music to the song "That Was Marge, Bitch" in the episode.[1]


"Homer's Adventures Through the Windshield Glass" was nominated for a 2024 Writers Guild of America award in Animation.[2]



Promo videos[edit]

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