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Season 28

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Season 28
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Season 28
Season 28 iTunes logo.png
Season Information
Original run: September 25, 2016 – May 21, 2017
No. of episodes: 22
Previous season: 27
Next season: 29

Season 28 of The Simpsons is the season that aired during the 2016–17 United States network television schedule. It began on September 25, 2016 with "Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus" and ended on May 21, 2017 with "Dogtown". "Treehouse of Horror XXVII" was the 600th episode of the show.


On May 4, 2015, FOX announced that The Simpsons had been renewed for seasons 27 and 28.[1]


Picture # Original title Original airdate Directed by Written by Prod. code
Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus promo 1.jpg 597 - 1 "Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus" September 25, 2016 Matthew Nastuk Tom Gammill and Max Pross VABF20
When Springfield is burned to the ground, the Simpsons beg Mr. Burns to fund its rebuilding. Burns agrees – with one condition: he gets to put on a variety show at the Springfield Bowl.

Guest starring: Amy Schumer as Mrs. Burns and Pendleton Ward as "Simpsons Time" singer.

Friends and Family promo 1.png 598 - 2 "Friends and Family" October 2, 2016 Lance Kramer J. Stewart Burns VABF18
Mr. Burns hires the Simpsons to play his live-in virtual reality family, but excludes Homer so that he may play dad. Now alone, Homer finds a new best friend in girl-next-door Julia, who eats, drinks and thinks like him.

Guest starring: Allison Janney as Julia.

The Town promo poster.png 599 - 3 "The Town" October 9, 2016 Rob Oliver Dave King VABF17
After Homer catches Bart rooting for Springfield's football rival, the Boston Americans, he plans a family "hate-cation" trip to Boston in an attempt to show Bart that Boston is a terrible city.

Guest starring: Bill Burr as Boston fan 1, Michael Chiklis as Handsome quarterback, Rachel Dratch as Bostonian doctor, Dana Gould as Boston fan 2 and Doris Kearns Goodwin as herself.

Treehouse of Horror XXVII poster.jpg 600 - 4 "Treehouse of Horror XXVII" October 16, 2016 Steven Dean Moore Joel H. Cohen VABF16
In the midst of a major drought, Mr. Burns introduces a Hunger Games-style contest in which Springfield's children fight each other for a day in Burns' personal reservoir. Meanwhile, Lisa's imaginary best friend, Rachel, is jealous of Lisa's real best friends and starts killing them. Moe tells Bart that the barflies are actually covert agents and that he wants Bart join their team in Homer's place.

The first segment has a Hunger Games-theme. Sideshow Bob and Frank Grimes are both present.

Guest starring: Donald Fagen as himself, Sarah Silverman as Rachel Cohen, Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob and Drew Carey as himself

Trust but Clarify promo 1.png 601 - 5 "Trust but Clarify" October 23, 2016 Michael Polcino Harry Shearer VABF21
Lisa and Bart investigate Krusty's suspicious new "Krustaceans" candy. Meanwhile, Homer wants a promotion at the nuclear plant and asks Marge to help him dress the part, and news anchor Kent Brockman struggles to find his feet in the changing media world.

Guest starring: Dan Rather as himself.

There Will Be Buds promo 1.png 602 - 6 "There Will Be Buds" November 6, 2016 Matthew Faughnan Matt Selman VABF22
Homer gets roped into coaching the kids' lacrosse team with Milhouse's dad, Kirk, who is in desperate need of a friend. When Kirk gets too clingy, Homer vents about how much of a loser he is. Kirk overhears his rant and disappears, right when the team needs him most: the championship game.
Havana Wild Weekend promo 1.png 603 - 7 "Havana Wild Weekend" November 13, 2016 Bob Anderson Dan Castellaneta, Deb Lacusta and Peter Tilden VABF19
When the Retirement Castle and the V.A. Hospital can't solve Grampa's health issues, the Simpsons decide to take a family trip to Cuba to get him cheap medical care.

Guest starring: Stacy Keach as Howard K. Duff VIII and Deb Lacusta as Isabella.

Dad Behavior promo 1.png 604 - 8 "Dad Behavior" November 20, 2016 Steven Dean Moore Ryan Koh WABF01
Homer finds a new app that makes his life much easier and outsources his father-son bonding. Meanwhile, Grampa finds that he is about to be a father again.

Guest starring: Matt Leinart as himself.

The Last Traction Hero promo 1.png 605 - 9 "The Last Traction Hero" December 4, 2016 Bob Anderson Bill Odenkirk WABF03
A workplace accident leaves Homer in a cast, and in a position to sue Mr. Burns. This leaves Marge unfulfilled, so she turns to an unexpected source for romance. Meanwhile, Lisa is made "Bus Monitor" and tries to keep the peace.
The Nightmare After Krustmas promo 1.png 606 - 10 "The Nightmare After Krustmas" December 11, 2016 Rob Oliver Jeff Westbrook WABF02
Krusty tries to impress his daughter as they spend Christmas with the Simpsons. Meanwhile, Reverend Lovejoy seeks converts after church attendance plummets, and Maggie is haunted by a spooky Christmas toy.

Guest starring: Jackie Mason as Hyman Krustofsky, Natasha Lyonne as Sophie, Wayne Gretzky as himself and Theo Jansen as himself.

Pork and Burns promo 1.png 607 - 11 "Pork and Burns" January 8, 2017 Matthew Nastuk Rob LaZebnik WABF06
When Marge becomes obsessed with a Japanese style of living, the Simpsons must part with any item that no longer brings them joy. For Homer, this means finding a new home for the family pig. For Lisa, it means saying goodbye to her beloved sax.

Guest starring: Joyce Carol Oates as herself and Michael York as Dr. Budgie.

The Great Phatsby Part One promo 1.png 608 - 12 "The Great Phatsby: Part One" January 15, 2017 Chris Clements Dan Greaney WABF04
Mr. Burns tries to relive his glory days, and crosses paths with a mysterious music mogul. After being conned by him and reduced to bankruptcy, Mr. Burns seeks revenge on the music producer with the help of Homer, Bart, rapper Jazzy James and the mogul's ex-wife, Praline. Also, Lisa is courted by the richest kid in town, Smithers begins a perilous journey and Marge opens an obscure boutique store.

Guest starring: Keegan-Michael Key as Jazzy James and Charles Barkley as himself.

The Great Phatsby Part Two promo 1.png 609 - 13 "The Great Phatsby: Part Two" January 15, 2017 Timothy Bailey Dan Greaney and Matt Selman WABF05
Mr. Burns tries to relive his glory days, and crosses paths with a mysterious music mogul. After being conned by him and reduced to bankruptcy, Mr. Burns seeks revenge on the music producer with the help of Homer, Bart, rapper Jazzy James and the mogul's ex-wife, Praline. Also, Lisa is courted by the richest kid in town, Smithers begins a perilous journey and Marge opens an obscure boutique store.

Guest starring: Keegan-Michael Key as Jazzy James, Taraji P. Henson as Praline, Snoop Dogg as himself, RZA as himself and Common as himself.

Fatzcarraldo promo 1.png 610 - 14 "Fatzcarraldo" February 12, 2017 Mark Kirkland Michael Price WABF07
When all the fast food restaurants in Springfield become healthy, Homer turns to the last bastion of greasy food for comfort - and digs up some childhood memories along the way. Meanwhile, Lisa must find a good news story when the future of her school radio station is in jeopardy.

Guest starring: Glenn Close as Mona Simpson.

The Cad and the Hat promo 2.png 611 - 15 "The Cad and the Hat" February 19, 2017 Steven Dean Moore Ron Zimmerman WABF08
When Bart betrays Lisa, he has to deal with his guilt - literally. Meanwhile, Springfield is in awe when Homer is revealed to be a chess savant.

The couch gag was based on Robot Chicken again.

Guest starring: Seth Green as the Nerd, Patton Oswalt as Bart's guilt and Magnus Carlsen as himself.

Kamp Krustier promo 1.png 612 - 16 "Kamp Krustier" March 5, 2017 Rob Oliver David M. Stern WABF09
It's a sequel to "Kamp Krusty".

When Bart and Lisa return home abruptly after a traumatic incident at Kamp Krusty, they put an end to Homer and Marge's romantic encounters. Without sex to distract him, Homer becomes a more productive worker and caring husband, but Marge misses the old Homer. Then, Bart and Lisa return to camp to confront the source of their trauma.

Guest starring: Michael Sheen as William Masters and Lizzy Caplan as Virginia Johnson.

22 for 30 promo 1.png 613 - 17 "22 for 30" March 12, 2017 Chris Clements Joel H. Cohen WABF10
In this parody of a cable sports show, Bart goes from delinquent with detention to the star basketball player at Springfield Elementary. Lisa covers Bart's success for the school paper, and Homer becomes the team's coach. Things go awry when Bart gets involved with the mafia.

Guest starring: Stephen Curry as himself, Earl Mann as the narrator (Eddie Muntz) and Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony.

A Father's Watch promo 2.png 614 - 18 "A Father's Watch" March 19, 2017 Bob Anderson Simon Rich WABF11
Worried that Bart is destined for failure, Marge turns to a series of parenting "experts" for advice. Homer decides to cash in on one expert's advice by opening up a trophy store in Springfield. Meanwhile, Bart finds some needed encouragement from Grampa, who gives him a precious watch coveted by Homer.

Guest starring: Brian Posehn as Dumlee, Rob Riggle as Dr. Fenton Pooltoy, Vanessa Bayer as Clarity Hoffman-Roth and Adam Silver as himself.

The Caper Chase promo 3.png 615 - 19 "The Caper Chase" April 2, 2017 Lance Kramer Jeff Westbrook WABF12
Disappointed in Yale, Mr. Burns decides to start his own for-profit university and Homer is hired as a professor.

Guest starring: Suze Orman‎‎ as herself, Neil deGrasse Tyson as himself, Robert McKee‎ as himself, Jason Alexander as Bourbon Verlander, Ken Jennings as himself, and Stan Lee as himself.

Looking for Mr. Goodbart promo 1.png 616 - 20 "Looking for Mr. Goodbart" April 30, 2017 Michael Polcino Carolyn Omine WABF13
Bart gets in trouble on Grandparents Day at school and is forced to hang out with Skinner's mother as punishment. After spending time with various grandmas in the neighborhood, he learns the benefits of hanging out with the elderly, but eventually recognizes the dangers of taking advantage of them. Meanwhile, Peekimon Get has taken over the town of Springfield.

Guest starring: Jennifer Saunders as Phoebe Pratt and Valerie Harper as Old lady.

Moho House promo 2.png 617 - 21 "Moho House" May 7, 2017 Matthew Nastuk Jeff Martin WABF14
Homer and Marge attempt to work on their marriage, not knowing that Mr. Burns and Nigel have a bet on whether Nigel can break them apart. With the successful, albeit unconventional, help of Moe, the couple gets back their mojo.

Guest starring: Michael York as Nigel and Valerie Harper as Pancake syrup lady.

Dogtown promo 2.png 618 - 22 "Dogtown" May 21, 2017 Steven Dean Moore J. Stewart Burns WABF15
When Homer's court case determines that a dog's life is more valuable than a human's is, the status of man's best friend rises in Springfield. When the dogs recognize their new position of power, they assert their dominance over the humans.

Guest starring: Michael York as Dr. Budgie.

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