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The Lion King

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The Lion King (1994) is an animated movie made by Walt Disney Studios. The story is about Simba, a lion cub whose father Mufasa is murdered by his brother (and Simba's uncle) Scar. Simba is chased away and Scar becomes king instead. Years later Simba returns to have his revenge. The film has been referenced often in The Simpsons.


Television episodes[edit]

Picture Season Episode number Episode name Reference
Round Springfield.png 6 125 "'Round Springfield" Bleeding Gums Murphy appears in the sky to thank Lisa for making more people familiar with his music. Then Mufasa the Lion appears in the sky, in reference to a similar scene in The Lion King where the late Mufasa gives his son advice from the clouds. Mufasa says: "You must avenge my death, Kimba... I mean: Simba!" This is a reference to the accusations that the Disney Studios plagiarized a large part of the look and plot of the 1960s Japanse animated TV series Kimba, The White Lion.
Sunset at Tanzania.png 12 265 "Simpson Safari" When Kitenge is driving the Simpsons on a safari, you can see Pride Rock from The Lion King in the background. The sunrise, silhouettes of animals and the rhythmic music are all reminiscent of the opening moments of the film.
15 319 "Today I Am a Clown" During his televised Bar Mitzvah, Krusty thanks the cast of The Lion King as they leave the stage.
The Circle of Knife montage.png 17 375 "Girls Just Want to Have Sums" The Itchy and Scratchy musical "Stab-A-Lot" spoofs the songs and the look of The Lion King. The song The Circle of Knife is a parody of The Circle of Life.
MrTLionKing.jpg 19 403 "Midnight Towboy" Homer is driving at night in search of milk for Maggie. He sees a billboard with the letters "MILK" going down the left edge, but when he gets closer he sees that it really reads "Mr. T Is the Lion King", advertising a performance at the Capital City Playhouse.
The Lyin' King.png 22 478 "Angry Dad: The Movie" Bart and Homer walk by a poster for an animated film called The Lyin' King, a pun on The Lion King.
The Loin King.png 23 493 "The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants" The Loin King is a reference to The Lion King.

Comic stories[edit]

Picture Comic issue Story name Reference
Ever Heard of the Circle of Life.png Bart Simpson #7 All's Veldt That Ends Veldt! When Bart is being chased by two lionesses, he turns and asks them, "Haven't you guys ever heard of 'The Circle of Life'?" He then remembers, to his chagrin, Lisa telling him, "That's just a nice way of referring to 'The Survival of the Fittest'!"

Special guest voices[edit]

Picture Name Role in The Lion King Role on The Simpsons
James Earl Jones.jpg James Earl Jones Portrayed Mufasa in The Lion King. Voiced a removalist, Serak the Preparer and The Raven narrator in "Treehouse of Horror II", Maggie Simpson in "Treehouse of Horror V" and the narrator in "Das Bus".
Elton John.jpg Elton John Contributed songs to the soundtrack of The Lion King. Voiced himself in "I'm With Cupid".
Jim Cummings.jpg Jim Cummings Played Ed the Hyena in The Lion King. Voiced Duncan in "Saddlesore Galactica".
Cheech Marin.jpg Cheech Marin Played Banzai the Hyena in The Lion King. Voiced himself in "A Midsummer's Nice Dreams".
Jeremy Irons.jpg Jeremy Irons Played Scar in The Lion King. Voiced Raggy in "Moe Goes from Rags to Riches".

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