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Season 24

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Season 24
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Season 24
Season 24 iTunes logo.jpg
Season Information
Original run: September 30, 2012 – May 19, 2013
No. of episodes: 22
Previous season: 23
Next season: 25

Season 24 of The Simpsons is the season that aired during the 2012–13 United States network television schedule. It began on September 30, 2012 with "Moonshine River" and ended on May 19, 2013 with "Dangers on a Train".


Picture # Original title Original airdate Directed by Written by Prod. code
Moonshine River promo 3.jpg 509 - 1 "Moonshine River" September 30, 2012 Bob Anderson Tim Long PABF21
When Bart's love life heats up again it will this time involve five flames. But when Bart learns that Mary has relocated to New York, he decides that she's the one that got away and embarks on a mission to track her down.

Guest starring: Ken Burns as himself, Zooey Deschanel as Mary Spuckler, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Gina Vendetti, Anne Hathaway as Jenny, Maurice LaMarche as Charlie Sheen, Don Pardo as himself, Natalie Portman as Darcy, Kevin Michael Richardson as Jamaican musician, Al Roker as himself and Sarah Silverman as Nikki McKenna.

Treehouse of Horror XXIII promo 10.jpg 510 - 2 "Treehouse of Horror XXIII" October 7, 2012 Steven Dean Moore David Mandel and Brian Kelley PABF17
The episode is set to feature a Back to the Future style story involving Homer and Marge, with Marge ending up with Artie Ziff in an alternative future scenario. In "The Greatest Story Ever Holed" (the first segment), Professor Frink's unstable science experiment inadvertently created the black hole that slowly sucks in the town (and townspeople) of Springfield. The Simpsons adopt a mini-black hole that is growing more powerful. It has an interesting reaction to Bart feeding it his math homework. Comic Book Guy inserts Disney's The Black Hole into the black hole. In a found-footage parody is something really strange is going on in the Simpson house. They also have a segment about Mayan prophecy of the world ending in 2012.

Guest starring: Jon Lovitz as Artie Ziff.

Adventures in Baby-Getting promo 8.png 511 - 3 "Adventures in Baby-Getting" Flag of Canada.png October 21, 2012
United States of America November 4, 2012
Rob Oliver Bill Odenkirk PABF18
When Marge's car falls into a sink hole, she buys the perfect replacement to fit her family of five. But she quickly grows to hate it because, as she tells a shocked Homer, the car would be too small if she wanted to have another baby. Meanwhile, Bart and his friends are determined to find out what secret Lisa is keeping when Bart finds her cryptic messages and follows her sneaking off downtown for covert meetings after school.

Guest starring: Jeff Gordon as himself.

Gone Abie Gone promo 7.jpg 512 - 4 "Gone Abie Gone" November 11, 2012 Matthew Nastuk Joel H. Cohen PABF16
Homer doesn't trust banks, so has stashed Lisa's college fund in an online poker site. The actress and poker expert Jennifer Tilly pops up in an instructional DVD that Lisa watches to brush up on her card skills.

Guest starring: Jennifer Tilly as herself, Marvin Hamlisch as himself and Anika Noni Rose as Rita LaFleur.

Penny-Wiseguys promo 2.jpg 513 - 5 "Penny-Wiseguys" November 18, 2012 Mark Kirkland Michael Price PABF19
Homer is shocked to discover that his bowling teammate, Dan Gillick (guest voice Steve Carell), is an accountant for Fat Tony (guest voice Joe Mantegna) and his mob. When Fat Tony gets jury duty, he appoints Dan as the temporary don of the mafia. Meanwhile, Lisa adds insects to her vegetarian diet after she passes out in the middle of a saxophone solo, but starts questioning her decision when bugs start pleading for mercy in her dreams.

Guest starring: Steve Carell as Dan Gillick, Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony and Alex Trebek as himself.

A Tree Grows in Springfield promo 5.jpg 514 - 6 "A Tree Grows in Springfield" November 25, 2012 Timothy Bailey Stephanie Gillis PABF22
Homer wins a MyPad at the school auction and Steve Mobbs, who is now in heaven, talks to Homer through it. Homer goes into a funk when he breaks the myPad, until Ned Flanders discovers a miracle tree in the Simpsons' back garden.

Guest starring: Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob.

The Day the Earth Stood Cool promo 4.jpg 515 - 7 "The Day the Earth Stood Cool" December 9, 2012 Matthew Faughnan Matt Selman PABF20
A "cool family" from Portland moves in next door to the Simpsons. Homer is desperate to befriend them, while Marge is skeptical, thinking that being cool is not all it's cracked up to be.

Guest starring: Fred Armisen as Terrence, Carrie Brownstein as Emily, Patton Oswalt as T-Rex and Colin Meloy as himself.

To Cur, with Love promo 3.jpg 516 - 8 "To Cur, with Love" December 16, 2012 Steven Dean Moore Carolyn Omine RABF01
When a fire at the retirement home forces Grampa (Dan Castellaneta) to move home with the Simpsons, Homer throws out his back on moving day and decides to stay home to recover. While enjoying his time alone, Homer gets distracted by "Villageville" – a super-addictive tablet game in which he is able to create his own virtual village – and loses the family dog, Santa's Little Helper.
Homer Goes to Prep School promo 2.jpg 517 - 9 "Homer Goes to Prep School" January 6, 2013 Mark Kirkland Brian Kelley RABF02
Homer joins the "Springfield Preppers," an off-the-grid survivalist group whose leader (guest voice Tom Waits) has set up a top-secret retreat outside of town to prepare for the end of the world. But Marge grows skeptical of the group's alarmist shenanigans.

Guest starring: Tom Waits as Lloyd and Maurice LaMarche as Tom Skerritt.

A Test Before Trying promo 3.jpg 518 - 10 "A Test Before Trying" January 13, 2013 Chris Clements Joel H. Cohen RABF03
When Springfield Elementary is threatened with closure because of low standardized test scores, the fate of the school rests on one student who missed the test, and who must raise the average above the minimum threshold: Bart Simpson. Meanwhile, Homer finds a parking meter at a local dump, and starts deploying it around Springfield to fleece unwitting parkers of their quarters.

Guest starring: Valerie Harper as Jennifer Clarkeson.

Changing of the Guardian promo 1.jpg 519 - 11 "The Changing of the Guardian" January 27, 2013 Bob Anderson Rob Lazebnik RABF04
After surviving a tornado, Marge and Homer seek out guardians for the kids, in case the worst should happen. They first turn to friends and family, including Homer's half-brother, Herb Powell (guest voice DeVito) with whom to entrust their kids, but when Bart and Lisa fall in love with a super-cool couple, Mav and Portia, Marge starts to question their potential guardians' true motivations.

Guest starring: Rashida Jones as Portia and Danny DeVito as Herb Powell.

Love Is a Many-Splintered Thing 1.jpg 520 - 12 "Love Is a Many-Splintered Thing" February 10, 2013 Michael Polcino Tim Long RABF07
Bart's heartstrings are pulled once again when Mary Spuckler returns to Springfield, but his failure to pay her enough attention strains their relationship.

Guest starring: Benedict Cumberbatch as Prime Minister of the UK and Severus Snape, Zooey Deschanel as Mary Spuckler, Max Weinberg as himself and Robert Caro as himself.

Hardly Kirk-ing promo 1.jpg 521 - 13 "Hardly Kirk-ing" February 17, 2013 Matthew Nastuk Tom Gammill and Max Pross RABF05
Bart and Milhouse explore the perks of being an adult when a shaving experiment leaves Milhouse looking exactly like his father. Also, Marge desperately tries to save Maggie from the dangers of children's television.

Guest starring: Kevin Michael Richardson as Springfield Mall security guard.

Gorgeous Grampa promo 8.jpg 522 - 14 "Gorgeous Grampa" March 3, 2013 Chuck Sheetz Matt Selman RABF06
Homer's obsession with the TV show "Storage Battles" leads the family to discover Grampa's past identity as an old-time Gorgeous George-type wrestler. What's more, he was once revered by a young Montgomery Burns who now convinces Grampa to get back in the ring. But when Bart starts to adopt some of his grandfather's former cheating ways, Grampa must reconcile with his past before it's too late.
Black-Eyed, Please promo 1.jpg 523 - 15 "Black-Eyed, Please" March 10, 2013 Matthew Schofield John Frink RABF09
Flanders becomes jealous when his laid-back parents start to prefer Homer's company over his and he faces unbearable guilt after punching Homer in the eye, as he desperately tries to reconcile with him. Meanwhile, Ms. Cantwell becomes Lisa's substitute teacher who does not warm to Lisa for some mysterious reason, making the latter feel distressed.

Guest starring: Tina Fey as Ms. Cantwell and Richard Dawkins as himself.

Dark Knight Court promo 3.jpg 524 - 16 "Dark Knight Court" March 17, 2013 Mark Kirkland Billy Kimball and Ian Maxtone-Graham RABF10
Bart is falsely accused of pulling an Easter prank involving the school marching band and stuffing rotten eggs in the brass section's horns, and Lisa must step in as his attorney to defend her brother. Meanwhile, Mr. Burns attempts to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a superhero, Fruit Bat Man.

Guest starring: Janet Reno and Maggy Reno Hurchalla as Janet Reno.

What Animated Women Want Promo 1.jpg 525 - 17 "What Animated Women Want" April 14, 2013 Steven Dean Moore J. Stewart Burns RABF08
Wanda Sykes and George Takei guest voice as a couple experiencing marital differences. Once again, Homer must save his marriage when Marge gets fed up with his behavior. Meanwhile, after watching "A Streetcar Named Desire," Milhouse takes on a Marlon Brando-inspired bad-boy persona to attract Lisa.

Guest starring: Maurice LaMarche as Karl Malden, George Takei as sushi chef, Wanda Sykes as Springfield Elementary School therapist, Bryan Cranston as Walter White and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman.

Pulpit Friction Promo 1.jpg 526 - 18 "Pulpit Friction" April 28, 2013 Chris Clements Bill Odenkirk RABF11
When the town is infested with bedbugs thanks to the Simpsons' lounge becoming broken, Lovejoy can't cope that nobody will listen to him in the middle of this panic. But then, the most lovable minister visits Springfield and he is much more popular than Reverend Lovejoy, even recruiteing Homer to be a church deacon. But after Lovejoy becomes really upset and becomes a hot tub salesman, Bart asks Flanders to help him track down their former pastor and try to figure out how to get Lovejoy back, when Homer starts to embrace the faith a little too seriously. Meanwhile, Marge finds out her dry cleaners mistakenly swapped her wedding dress with one of Krusty's costumes.

Guest starring: Edward Norton as Elijah Hooper.

Whiskey Business Promo 2.jpg 527 - 19 "Whiskey Business" May 5, 2013 Matthew Nastuk Valentina L. Garza RABF13
Sonny Rollins appears as a hologram to Lisa when she takes exception to a "Tupac-at-Cochella"-style hologram of blues icon Bleeding Gums Murphy and starts a letter writing campaign to stop this holographic exploitation. Grampa injures himself while babysitting Bart, and quickly discovers he prefers being cared for by his grandson than the staff at the nursing home and Moe finds a new lease on life when rich venture capitalists take an interest in his homemade bourbon after Marge and Homer help him.

Guest starring: Sonny Rollins as himself, Ron Taylor as Bleeding Gums Murphy (archive voice clip), Kevin Michael Richardson as Cop with a secret and Tony Bennett as "Capital City" singer.

The Fabulous Faker Boy Promo 1.jpg 528 - 20 "The Fabulous Faker Boy" May 12, 2013 Bob Anderson Brian McConnachie RABF12
Marge encourages Bart to explore his creative side and take music lessons and Bart develops a crush on his beautiful piano teacher, Zhenya. To pay for Bart's music lessons, Marge agrees to be Slava's driving instructor. Homer is shocked when he loses the last two remaining hairs on his head and Patrick Stewart teaches Homer how to live with his newfound baldness.

Guest starring: Justin Bieber as himself, Jane Krakowski as Zhenya, Bill Hader as Slava and Patrick Stewart as himself.

The Saga of Carl promo 1.jpg 529 - 21 "The Saga of Carl" May 19, 2013 Chuck Sheetz Eric Kaplan RABF14
Homer, Moe, Lenny and Carl win $200,000 in the Springfield Lottery. But when Carl takes off to Iceland - his homeland - with all the winnings, the guys embark on a Nordic adventure to get the cash back.

Guest starring: Sigur Rós as end credits performer.

Dangers on a Train promo 4.jpg 530 - 22 "Dangers on a Train" May 19, 2013 Steven Dean Moore Michael Price RABF17
Marge mistakes a swinging Ashley Madison-type website for a Dolly Madison-type cupcake site, not realizing it's a destination for married people seeking liaisons. On the site, she meets the charming "Ben", who pursues her after they learn they share a love for a "Downton Abbey"-type TV series.

Guest starring: Lisa Lampanelli as Ramona and Seth MacFarlane as Ben.

Season 24 episodes script covers[edit]

The Simpsons: Tapped Out[edit]

To celebrate the premiere of Season 24, on September 28, 2012, players of iOS game The Simpsons: Tapped Out were greeted with a notice that to celebrate the premiere, they have been given a Duff racecar from the Springfield Grand Prix. A quest was then given to place the Duff racer. Several other episode tie-in events were also added to the game for a limited period of time.

Season 24 Episodes
Moonshine River Treehouse of Horror XXIII Adventures in Baby-Getting Gone Abie Gone Penny-Wiseguys A Tree Grows in Springfield The Day the Earth Stood Cool To Cur, with Love Homer Goes to Prep School A Test Before Trying The Changing of the Guardian Love Is a Many-Splintered Thing Hardly Kirk-ing Gorgeous Grampa Black-Eyed, Please Dark Knight Court What Animated Women Want Pulpit Friction Whiskey Business The Fabulous Faker Boy The Saga of Carl Dangers on a Train