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Dilbert is an American entertainment franchise created by cartoonist Scott Adams. The Dilbert comic strip was first published in April 1989. In its early years, the comic strip was set mainly in the home of its title character, socially challenged engineer Dilbert. Plotlines revolved around Dilbert's interactions with his pets, bizarre inventions, and awkward social life. The strip's popularity skyrocketed when Adams changed the strip's setting to Dilbert's workplace and its emphasis to technology and workplace issues.

Dilbert has spawned dozens of books, including chronological and theme-based compilations from the comic strip and non-fiction and humor books by Scott Adams. Other merchandise includes calendars, video games, board games, and food products. Dilbert also gave rise to an animated TV series which aired on UPN from January 1999 to July 2000, for a total of 30 episodes.

Dilbert has been referred to several times in The Simpsons.

References to Dilbert in The Simpsons[edit]

Television episodes[edit]

Picture Season Episode number Episode name Reference
As Dull As Dilbert.png 13 278 "Jaws Wired Shut" Marge asks Homer to adopt a more even-keeled lifestyle: "No more craziness, for me?" Homer agrees and promises her, "For you, I'll be as dull as Dilbert."
Dilbert's Flying Cubicle T-Shirt.png 18 381 "Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em" When Homer welcomes the "out-of-town rollercoaster weirdos" to the re-opening of The Zoominator, one of them is wearing a "Dilbert's Flying Cubicle" T-shirt.
Dilbert's Flying Cubicle.png 19 404 "I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" The Dilbert's Flying Cubicle ride is seen in the background as Marge and Dwight Diddlehopper walk in the Plaster Mountain Theme Park. Also, the theme music for the Dilbert TV show plays.
Ellen Loves Dilbert.png 21 464 "Judge Me Tender" When Ellen DeGeneres is serving as a judge on American Idol, she is asked to give her opinion of a contestant's performance: "Ellen, what's your ramble on this?" She begins her answer by saying that she doesn't ramble, but then goes into a stream-of-consciousness monologue where she hits on several topics, finishing by saying that she loves Dilbert, "because when you spend all day in a cubicle you just gotta dance".
Japanese Warrior Monks One Million Copies Announcement.png 28 607 "Pork and Burns" The Japanese Warrior Monks' Guide to Tidying Up is a self-help book that has to date been handcrafted by the monks referred to in the title. A manager announces that they have received an order for a million copies to be shipped to the USA. One of the monks exclaims in dismay, "One million! That's Dilbert territory!", referencing the Dilbert books' track record of generating voluminous sales.

Comic stories[edit]

Picture Comic issue Story name Reference
Kang Criticizes Comic Strips.jpg The Simpsons Comic Strips Kang Hypnosis In his criticism of Earth comic strips, Kang says that he and Kodos have no use for "the bittersweet interoffice shenanigans of your Earth cartoon man, Dilbert".
Marge Asks If Lisa Reading Dilbert.png Simpsons Comics #121 The Town That Time Forgot Lisa chuckles at a news story she reads in the newspaper. Marge overhears and asks if she's reading Dilbert.

References to The Simpsons in Dilbert[edit]

Picture Source Reference
Dilbert - March 30, 1991.png Comic strip of March 30, 1991 Dilbert says it's easy to draw The Simpsons and shows Dogbert a picture he has drawn of Bart riding a bicycle. Dogbert says, "Your Bart is worse than your bike."
Dilbert - December 17, 2010.png Comic strip of December 17, 2010 Dilbert begins to introduce himself to a female co-worker, but she cuts him off, takes his picture with her cell phone and says she'll use an app to learn all about him. The app identifies Dilbert as "either Bart Simpson or a huge dry-erase marker".

Common cast and crew[edit]


Picture Name Role on Dilbert Role on The Simpsons
Jason Alexander.jpg Jason Alexander Voiced Catbert. Guest voice of Bourbon Verlander in "The Caper Chase".
Andy Dick.jpg Andy Dick Guest voice of The Assistant in "The Assistant". Guest-voiced himself in "Yokel Chords".
Kathy Griffin.jpg Kathy Griffin Voiced Alice. Guest voice of Francine Rhenquist in "Bye, Bye, Nerdie".
Christopher Guest.jpg Christopher Guest Guest voice of Dupey in "The Dupey" Guest voice of Nigel Tufnel in "The Otto Show".
Maurice LaMarche.jpg Maurice LaMarche Voiced the Garbageman, Bob the Dinosaur, and other characters. Recurring guest voice actor.
Jay Leno.jpg Jay Leno Guest-voiced himself in "The Delivery". Guest-voiced himself in "The Last Temptation of Krust" and "To Courier with Love".
Tress MacNeille.jpg Tress MacNeille Voiced Carol, Lena, and other characters. Supporting Cast: Voices Agnes Skinner, Lindsey Naegle, Cookie Kwan, Crazy Cat Lady, and many other characters.
Daniel Stern.jpg Daniel Stern Voiced Dilbert. Guest voice of the narrator (Bart's adult self reflecting on his getting a part-time job, Wonder Years style) in "Three Men and a Comic Book".
Billy West.jpg Billy West Guest voice of the Marketing Guy and the Pointy-haired Boss's Boss. Voiced Zoidberg in The Simpsons Game; Philip J. Fry, Zoidberg, and Professor Farnsworth in "Simpsorama".


Picture Name Role on Dilbert Role on The Simpsons
Young Baek Background layout artist for nine episodes. Background layout artist for five episodes in Seasons 10 and 11.
Steve Bartek.jpg Steve Bartek Music arranger and music producer. Orchestrator for The Simpsons Movie and for the album The Simpsons Movie: The Music.
Tricia Benson Character layout artist for eleven episodes. Character layout artist for 18 episodes in Seasons 11-13 and 18-20 and for The Simpsons Movie.
Sue Bielenberg Background layout artist for three episodes. Character layout artist and background clean-up artist for 54 episodes in Seasons 2 through 9; art director for The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield.
Acacia Caputo.jpg Acacia Caputo Animation timer for six episodes. Additional timer, Season 29 to present.
Edgar Carlos Background designer for eight episodes. Background layout artist for The Simpsons Movie.
Ray Claffey Assistant director for one episode. Animation timer (Season 15 to present); assistant director for The Simpsons Movie.
Dave Cunningham Storyboard artist for four episodes. Storyboard artist for "Margical History Tour".
Kevin Davis Storyboard revisions for one episode. Character layout artist for "Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming".
Janet Dimon Associate producer for 13 episodes. Supervising producer for the Robot Chicken couch gag in "The Fabulous Faker Boy".
Holly du Rivage Animation timer. Additional timer for five episodes in Seasons 27 and 28.
Danny Elfman.jpg Danny Elfman Composer of the theme music for both Dilbert and The Simpsons.
Richard Gasparian Animation timer for ten episodes. Animation timer for 120 episodes in Seasons 16 through 29, The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons Game, and The Simpsons Ride.
Ned Goldreyer Producer and co-producer; writer for seven episodes. Wrote "Treehouse of Horror VIII" and "Lisa the Simpson"; story editor for 34 episodes in Seasons 7 through 9.
Jeffrey Goldstein Producer. Various production roles (assistant to the associate producer, post production coordinator, post production supervisor and associate producer) in Seasons 2 through 6.
Cynthia Ignacio Background layout artist for one episode. Background layout artist for The Simpsons Movie.
Louie C. Jhocson Animation checker for 16 episodes. Scene planner and compositor for The Simpsons Movie and The Simpsons Game.
Seth Kearsley Supervising director. Character layout artist for seven episodes in Season 7.
Andi Klein Director for four episodes. Character layout artist, animation timer for a total of 35 episodes in Seasons 1 through 9.
Kenneth Kobett Re-recording mixer for 17 episodes. Re-recording mixer for "Wild Barts Can't Be Broken".
Alexandra Kube Prop designer. Prop designer for five episodes in Seasons 18 and 19.
Bob Lacivita Production sound mixer. Production mixer for five episodes in Seasons 8 and 9.
Randy Ludensky Animation timer. Additional timer for "Homer's Paternity Coot".
Bobby Mackston Sound editor. Dialogue sound editor, Seasons 2 through 28.
Norm MacLeod.jpg Norm MacLeod Sound editor. Dialogue sound editor, Season 8 to present.
John Mathot Storyboard artist for three episodes. Various artist roles (background clean-up artist, character layout artist, storyboard artist and storyboard revisionist) for 150 episodes in Seasons 3 through 22.
Javier Pineda.jpg Javier Pineda Assistant director (two episodes); storyboard revision (one episode). Background layout artist, Season 12 to present.
Travis Powers.jpg Travis Powers Sound designer. Sound effects editor, Season 1 to present.
Richard Raynis.jpg Richard Raynis Supervising producer. Producer, Season 3 to present; previously, executive in charge of animation production (Season 3); supervising producer for The Simpsons Movie.
Chris Reccardi Storyboard artist for one episode. Layout artist for four episodes in Seasons 2 and 4.
Greg Reyna Animation timer for five episodes. Layout artist for five episodes in Season 1.
Mark Scheib Editor and sound editor. Animatic editor for 17 episodes in Seasons 21 and 22; second editor for The Simpsons Movie.
Andy Schuler Character layout artist for ten episodes. Character layout artist for two episodes in Season 8.
Ralph Sosa.jpg Ralph Sosa Character layout artist for five episodes. Character layout artist, Season 8 to present; directed or co-directed four episodes ("Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em", "In the Name of the Grandfather", "Mona Leaves-a", "Donnie Fatso"); assistant sequence director on The Simpsons Movie; multiple other roles on the show.
Betty Tang Character layout artist for six episodes. Character layout artist for six episodes in Seasons 3 and 4.
Bill Thyen Background layout artist for 13 episodes. Background layout artist and background designer, Season 30 to present.
Barry Vodos Director for one episode. Character layout artist for "See Homer Run".
Dusty Wakefield Layout artist for three episodes. Character layout artist for three episodes in Seasons 18 and 19; storyboard artist for The Simpsons Game.
Dave Warren Character designer for 22 episodes. Character layout artist for "Rome-Old and Juli-Eh"; artist for The Simpsons Movie.
Merle Welton Animation checker for 16 episodes. Animation checker for 26 episodes in Seasons 2 through 5.

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