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Planet of the Apes

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This article is about the real-world sci-fi film franchise. For the in-universe film, see Planet of the Apes (film).
For the musical, starring Troy McClure, see Planet of the Apes musical.

Planet of the Apes is a science fiction media franchise. It began with the 1963 novel by French author Pierre Boulle. In 1968, the novel was adapted into an American science fiction film starring Charlton Heston and Kim Hunter, which spawned four sequels, one in each year from 1970 to 1973. Some of the films were adapted into comic books and novels, and the 70s films also spawned two short-lived television series (one live-action, one animated) which appeared in 1974 and 1975.

A remake film directed by Tim Burton appeared in 2001, but didn't generate enough interest to give rise to any sequels. The franchise was rebooted in 2011 with Rise of the Planet of the Apes, with sequels appearing in 2014 and 2017. The Burton film and the 2010s series have spawned video games as well as novels and comics, both adaptions of the films and additional works that expand on the storyline of the movies.

The Planet of the Apes franchise has been referenced several times on The Simpsons, in episodes, special presentations, and comic books.

References to Planet of the Apes in The Simpsons[edit]


Picture Season Episode number Episode name Reference
Rosebud Ending-Future.png 5 85 "Rosebud" At the end of the episode, Mr. Burns is shown in a futuristic setting where apes control the world and have enslaved human beings, among them clones of Homer.
Deep Space Homer-Press Conference.png 96 "Deep Space Homer" During a NASA pre-mission press conference, Homer says he hopes they won't send him and Barney to "that dreaded Planet of the Apes". Then he realizes the plot twist of the movie and mimics Taylor's breakdown (portrayed by Charlton Heston) near the end, by falling to his knees and crying.
PlanetOfTheAches-Title.png 6 104 "Bart of Darkness" The title of the Itchy & Scratchy cartoon "Planet of the Aches" is a pun on Planet of the Apes. Also, in the title card image, Scratchy is costumed as a gorilla, riding on horseback and about to lasso Itchy, in a sight gag on a scene from early in the 1968 film where apes on horseback round up and capture humans.
Milhouse Captured.png 110 "Bart's Girlfriend" The opening scene, where the kids are playing Cowboys and Indians and are interrupted by the parents capturing them and dragging them off to assorted family activities, is a parody of the scene from the 1968 film where apes on horseback round up and capture humans. (The 2001 film has a very similar scene, but the episode cannot be construed as a reference to it because the episode first aired in 1994.)
Planetoftheapesmusical.png 7 147 "A Fish Called Selma" Troy McClure stars in a musical based on Planet of the Apes called Stop the Planet of the Apes I Want to Get Off.
In Marge We Trust Marquee 3.png 8 175 "In Marge We Trust" The Sunday after Reverend Lovejoy rescues Ned from the "Baboon County USA" exhibit at the Springfield Zoo, the sermon topic at the First Church of Springfield is "Conquest of the County of the Apes", a reference to Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, the fourth film of the 1970s series.
Planet of the Donuts.png 9 197 "Simpson Tide" Planet of the Donuts is a reference to Planet of the Apes. Roddy McDonut is a reference to actor Roddy McDowall who played Cornelius and Caesar.
Not Cornelius Ugly.png 11 242 "Pygmoelian" Back in Moe's "acting days", Helen Morehouse booted him during his audition because he was too ugly. Morehouse wanted "Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island ugly, not Cornelius on The Planet of the Apes ugly."
Planet of the Apes Simpson Safari.png 12 265 "Simpson Safari" One of the pictures in Joan Bushwell's "Serious Research" book is of Planet of the Apes.
Planets of the Apes.png 21 456 "Stealing First Base" The montage of famous kissing scenes, seen when Nikki performs CPR on Bart, includes a scene from Planet of the Apes in which Taylor and Zira kiss.
Planet of the Couches Apes Reference.png 28 600 "Treehouse of Horror XXVII" The couch gag, an edited clip from Planet of the Couches, is a parody of Planet of the Apes.
Restroom of the Apes and TARDIS.png 29 620 "Springfield Splendor" Restroom of the Apes is a reference to Planet of the Apes. Also, several people are dressed as characters.


Picture Name Reference
Planet of the Couches Apes Reference.png Planet of the Couches The couch gag is a parody of Planet of the Apes.


Picture Comic issue Story name Reference
Planet of the Apus.jpg The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Hoodoo Voodoo Brouhaha Planet of the Apus The film advert is a reference to Planet of the Apes.
Dr. Zaius Comic Book Guy.png Comic Book Guy's Best Costumes Ever - Part 2 Comic Book Guy dressed up as Dr. Zaius at Ape-Con 2002.

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