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Star Trek

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Star Trek is a 1966-1969 U.S. science fiction TV series, which gained a cult following for its clever scripts, adventurous plots and social commentary. Between 1979 and 1991, six film adaptations were made starring the regular cast members, including William Shatner (Captain Kirk) and Leonard Nimoy (Spock). Since 1987, several spin-off TV series have been produced—including Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager—while seven further films have been made since 1994, four starring the cast members of Star Trek: The Next Generation and three as part of a reboot series featuring the original TV series' characters.

References to Star Trek in The Simpsons[edit]


Picture Season Episode number Episode name Reference
Martin Klingon ear.png 2 34 "Three Men and a Comic Book" Martin loses one of his Klingon ears at the "Close Encounter of the Comic Book Kind" Convention. The lost and found also has Tricorders.
3 41 "Like Father, Like Clown" When Krusty the Clown is revealed to be Jewish, Homer dismisses the idea of a "Jewish entertainer". Lisa then lists several celebrity entertainers who are Jewish, among them William Shatner.
Montgomery Scott.png 4 65 "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie" The family sees a trailer and clips from the latest Original Series film, Star Trek XII: So Very Tired, which depicts an elderly and senile cast. Captain Kirk complains about poor sleeping habits and everyone else's indifference to his complaining, while Scotty has grown so fat he cannot fire the phasers because his gargantuan stomach is in the way of the control panel.
Leonard Nimoy.png 4 71 "Marge vs. the Monorail" Leonard Nimoy is present to give a celebration speech for the new monorail. He jokes that this vessel "could do at least Warp 5", a reference to Warp speed in 'Star Trek'. Mayor Quimby then makes a reference to Star Wars, which annoys Nimoy and it turns out the major thinks he was one of The Little Rascals. In the same episode Nimoy looks through his monorail window making philosophical observations in the same style as Spock. However, the man next to him asks if anyone else wants to change seats? At the end of the story Nimoy looks back at the events and says: "My work is done here." Barney Gumble then points out that he hasn't done anything, whereupon Nimoy states: "Haven't I?" and dissolves in the same beam effect as in 'Star Trek'.
5 84 "Homer Goes to College" Benjamin, Doug and Gary get into an online argument with students of the Massachussets Institute of Technology whether Captain Kirk (from Star Trek: The Original Series) is better than Captain Picard (from Star Trek: The Next Generation)?
Homer Fights Barney.png 5 96 "Deep Space Homer" The title is a reference to the 'Star Trek' spin-off 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'. As part of his NASA training, Homer fights Barney in the Triskelion arena while the classic "Star Trek fight music" plays in the background. Dr. Babcock bets "400 quatloos on the newcomer".
Planet-Aches-FutureMice.png 6 104 "Bart of Darkness" The Itchy and Scratchy cartoon in this episode is a parody of "The Cage", "The Menagerie, Part I", and "The Menagerie, Part II", with the "future mice" resembling the aliens from Talos IV and possessing strong telepathic and telekenetic abilities.
CouchGagS6E04.png 107 "Itchy & Scratchy Land" The couch gag for this episode shows the Simpson family being beamed on the couch the same way people are beamed onto the Enterprise.
110 "Bart's Girlfriend" Abe Simpson confesses to being the one who cancelled Star Trek.
116 "And Maggie Makes Three" Homer claims that the dawn of the internet showed the average person "what some nerd thought of Star Trek."
William Shatner.png 121 "A Star Is Burns" William Shatner is one of the actors auditioning for the role of Montgomery Burns dressed in a Starfleet uniform and speaking in his "Kirk voice" ("Ex-cell-ENT!").
Pepsi.png 122 "Lisa's Wedding" In this episode, Hugh Parkfield's watch makes identical noises to a TOS communicator, Troy McClure's uniform is identical to the TOS uniforms, and the nuclear power plant resembles and makes the same noises as the Enterprise.
Pet store man.png 123 "Two Dozen and One Greyhounds" A clerk at a pet store performs a "human-dog mind meld" on Santa's Little Helper. He recommends that the Simpsons buy a lot of his merchandise to help calm the dog. Apparently it worked as the next scene depicts the family driving home with a car full of dog-related goods.
8 156 "The Homer They Fall" Comic Book Guy reflects on winning a high-tech belt from a Star Trek trivia costume, and is upset that its medium size is too small for most Star Trek fans.
Leonard Nimoy and Bart.png 162 "The Springfield Files" Leonard Nimoy appears again, and is addressed as "Spock" by a hot dog vendor.
Lace the Final Brassiere.png 9 192 "Das Bus" When Comic Book Guy starts to download a nude picture of Captain Janeway, he says, "Lace ... the final brassiere", referencing the line "Space ... the final frontier" from the show's introductory narrative.
Simpson Tide Sulu.png 197 "Simpson Tide" Homer ends up as captain of a military submarine and refers to helmsman Moe as "Mr. Moe". A "Mr. Sulu" is also part of the crew and mentions Rigel VII while setting a course.
10 212 "Mayored to the Mob" Vina's theme from "The Cage" is heard when Comic Book Guy is entranced by a nerdy young Comic Book Gal.
Other Car is a Millenium Falcon.png 213 "Viva Ned Flanders" Comic Book Guy has a bumper sticker which says "I Brake For Tribbles". Tribbles are creatures which appeared several times in the original Star Trek series, debuting in the Star Trek episode "The Trouble With Tribbles". Most of the other bumper stickers are Star Trek references while the license plate is the same as the registry number for the Starship Enterprise.
Comic Book Guy Star Trek costume.png 222 "They Saved Lisa's Brain" Comic Book Guy dresses in a costume resembling the Star Fleet uniform worn in Star Trek.
Only Working Phaser Ever Built.png 11 230 "Treehouse of Horror X" Comic Book Guy holds Bart and Lisa at bay with "the only working phaser ever built" which was "fired once to keep William Shatner from releasing another album."
The Collector Spock.png Leonard Nimoy as Spock was one of the celebrities that The Collector had captured.
We Need More Power.png 243 "Bart to the Future" When the audience at Nelson's Crab Shack are displeased with the performance of Captain Bart and the Tequila Mockingbirds, they boo and start throwing things at the stage. A laser grid quickly activates and disintegrates all of the thrown objects, thus protecting the performers. However, the barrage continues and threatens to overload the grid. Willie, who is running the grid, panics and exclaims "We need more power! The shield won't hold much longer!", echoing a couple of Scotty's catchphrases from the original series.
Human Contact The Final Frontier.png 12 259 "Worst Episode Ever" As Comic Book Guy goes to a class about making friends, he says, "Human contact: the final frontier", referencing the show's introductory narrative ("Space: the final frontier").
Comicspock.png 267 "I'm Goin' to Praiseland" When Comic Book Guy hallucinates he imagines himself to be part of the cast of Star Trek: The Original Series and is seduced by Colonel Uhura before he suddenly wakes up.
I Am Not Spock.png 13 277 "Sweets and Sour Marge" Comic Book Guy bought the books I Am Not Spock, I Am Spock and I Am Also Scotty by Leonard Nimoy. The first two books are actual real-life autobiographies by Nimoy.
Comic Book Guy's Spock disguise.png 14 310 "Old Yeller-Belly" Comic Book Guy goes to Springfield Dry Cleaners to get his disguises of Spock, Batman and Spider-Man.
Nichelle Nichols.png 15 332 "Simple Simpson" Nichelle Nichols from Star Trek visits Comic Book Guy's shop while his face is covered in pie.
The Maltese Vulcan.png 21 442 "Homer the Whopper" The Maltese Vulcan's name is a reference to the detective novel The Maltese Falcon and Vulcans.
Spock.png 456 "Stealing First Base" When Bart hallucinates many famous pop culture kisses, one of them is Spock being kissed by Uhura, from the 2009 Star Trek reboot movie.
Starship Enterprise.png 23 494 "The Ten-Per-Cent Solution" A model of the Enterprise is seen.
Futuristic transporter.png
Future Hibbert.png
The Hardy Borgs.png
Ships in Bottles.png
495 "Holidays of Future Passed" In the future:
  • The most common method of travel is the teleport, which resmbles the transporters in Star Trek.
  • Dr. Hibbert now wears a VISOR, like Geordi La Forge.
  • Homer reads a book titled The Hardy Borgs, a reference to the Borg and the unrelated novel series The Hardy Boys.
  • One of the ships Homer bottled is the Star Trek Enterprise.
YOLO promo 7.jpg 25 534 "YOLO" The alien that Homer fights is a Gorn from the episode "Arena".
Jingle Bell Spock.png 538 "White Christmas Blues" Jingle Bell Spock is a reference to "Jingle Bell Rock" and stars Spock.
Vulcan Clock.png 540 "Married to the Blob" A clock for Vulcan is seen.
Comic Book Guy Star Trek outfit.png 542 "Diggs" Comic Book Guy is seen dressed up in a Star Trek outfit.
Homer Captain's log.png 26 562 "The Man Who Came to Be Dinner" Homer makes an entry to the "Captain's Log" on the journey away from Rigel VII.
As the family receives a transmission from an unknown source, theme music that accompanied the Klingons in the Star Trek film series played.
TMWCTBD - StarTrek Credits1.png
TMWCTBD - StarTrek Credits2.png
TMWCTBD - StarTrek Credits3.png
TMWCTBD - StarTrek Credits4.png
TMWCTBD - StarTrek Credits5.png
TMWCTBD - StarTrek Credits6.png
TMWCTBD - StarTrek Credits7.png
TMWCTBD - StarTrek Credits8.png
TMWCTBD - StarTrek Credits9.png
TMWCTBD - StarTrek Credits10.png
TMWCTBD - StarTrek Credits11.png
The end credits parody Star Trek and its theme music plays.
  • Marge appears as Vina, in Orion form, from the episodes 'The Cagel / The Menagerie'.
  • Homer is seen as Captain Kirk fighting the Gorn from 'Arena'.
  • Akira Kurosawa appears as a topless fencer, referencing Sulu in the episode 'The Naked Time'.
  • Lisa is depicted as the Borg Queen.
  • The episode 'The Trouble with Tribbles' is spoofed with Crazy Cat Lady standing in for Kirk, Principal Skinner as Spock, Professor Frink as Mr. Lurry and Superintendent Chalmers as Nilz Baris.
  • Bart appears as Scotty working in a Jefferies tube.
  • Lokai and Bele from 'Let That Be Your Last Battlefield' appears with faces which mix Lenny and Carl and Lou and Eddie.
  • Homer reappears as Kirk in the next shot, talking to the Triskelion Providers from 'The Gamesters of Triskelion'.
  • Milhouse is seen as a Quark from 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'.
  • Barney appears as Harry Mudd and Patty and Selma as his wives in 'I, Mudd'.
  • The closing shot shows Mr. Burns as Balok from 'The Corbomite Maneuver'.
Lisa with an S Couch Gag.png 27 581 "Lisa with an "S"" In the couch gag the Simpsons live in a donut-version of the Enterprise, which is then shot down by couches.
Cosmic Wars and Klingon.png 29 620 "Springfield Splendor" A stall for "Klorrgh and Thracck Attorneys at Law", specializing in Klingon divorce, is seen at Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con.
Krusty the Clown TV shows.png 30 647 "Krusty the Clown" Star Trek: Discovery is one of the shows shown on the TV screens.
654 "101 Mitigations" Comic Book Guy said that he gave Homer the U.S.S. Enterprise and that he returned with The Orville, a reference to Star Trek and The Orville respectively.
The owner of Zorbot the Geek says that German is Earth's closest language to Klingon.
Comic Con 101 Mitigations.png Displays at the Comic Con include Klingon Treasures and Star Trek Uniforms.
Star Trek Four.png 32 688 "Treehouse of Horror XXXI" When talking about time loops in film, Comic Book Guy showed Lisa and Nelson a picture from Star Trek Four.
Star Trek security guard.png 699 "Do PizzaBots Dream of Electric Guitars?" The Bad Robot security guard is dressed like a Star Trek character.
33 716 "A Made Maggie" Comic Book Guy mentions worshiping the Klingon faith of Ba-a-a-a.
Football players and teams.png 717 "The Longest Marge" The player M. Rutherford is from Starfleet Academy.
34 741 "The Many Saints of Springfield" Comic Book Guy says a prayer in the Klingon language.


Picture Comic issue Story name Reference
Simpsons Comics #10 Fan-Tasty Island The story starts off with Homer dreaming that he is a captain in Starfleet, with his crew consisting of Apu, Lenny and Groundskeeper Willie/chief engineering officer (all of whom are in the Starfleet uniforms that appear in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan). Before waking up, Homer takes an interest in a giant donut surrounding an unnamed planet.
Radioactive Homer Star Trek.png Simpsons Comics #31 Radioactive Homer Principal Skinner dresses up as Spock for the Masquerade Ball.
I Am Not Benjamin Spock, But I Know Kids!.png Simpsons Comics #35 To Live and Diaper in Springfield Marge reads a book titled I Am Not Benjamin Spock, But I Know Kids! written by Leonard Nimoy, referencing his autobiography I Am Not Spock.
Simpsons Comics 39 CBG's opening statement 1.png
Simpsons Comics 39 CBG's opening statement 2.png
Simpsons Comics 39 CBG's opening statement 3.png
Simpsons Comics #39 Sense and Censorability While in court, Comic Book Guy's jail clothes include a Federation emblem. During his opening statement, he mentioned Data. After he gives his opening statement, apparently in Klingon, Benjamin speaks Klingon and Gary translates it.
CBG Carol List.png Simpsons Comics #52 Worst Christmas Ever! Comic Book Guy lists a number of Christmas carols he plans to sing with his filking group. Among them is "Sulu hear what I hear" and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Romulan".
Tickets to Star Trek Memories Musical.png Simpsons Comics #71 Simpson Sideshow Sibling Smackdown As part of his campaign to destroy Lisa Simpson, Cecil Terwilliger blackmails Krusty into going off the air with the aid of the nerd trio of Gary, Benjamin and Doug. As a reward, Cecil gives them tickets to William Shatner's Star Trek Memories: The Musical, starring Richard Hatch from Battlestar Galactica.
Comic Book Guy The X Men Star Trek.png Simpsons Comics #118 The "X" Men Comic Book Guy asks one of his dates about which spin-off best captured the spirit of the original series.
Eddie Spock reference A Brand New Burns.png Simpsons Comics #133 A Brand New Burns, Part Two! Eddie said that the fake Burns was like Spock when he had the goatee.
Lisa Simpson's Toot Suite Star Trek.png Simpsons Comics #188 Lisa Simpson's Toot Suite Comic Book Guy goes into King Toot's and says he wishes to purchase a Vulcan lute, as seen in the original series Star Trek episode "Charlie X". Lisa tells him that she's pretty sure that doesn't exist.
Evil Wendell.png Bart Simpson #21 Batter-Up Bart Evil Wendell is a reference to the Mirror Universe from Star Trek, and he wears a goatee similar to the Mirror World version of Spock.
Easy Writer Mr. Spock.png Bart Simpson #40 Easy Writer Comic Book Guy calls Milhouse "Mr. Spock".
Meester Espock vs Capitan Kirko.jpg Bart Simpson #84 ¡Bart Speaks Spanish! Meester Espock and Capitan Kirko are wrestlers with their personas based on Spock and Captain Kirk.
Midday on the Midway Star Trek.png The Simpsons Summer Shindig #1 Midday on the Midway Comic Book Guy is seen in a Star Trek outfit for the costume contest.
Klingon Batman.png The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Hoodoo Voodoo Brouhaha Comic Book Guy's Best Costumes Ever - Part 2 Comic Book Guy dresses up as Klingon Batman at Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con 2001.
Starship Enterprise CBG.png Comic Book Guy's Best Costumes Ever - Part 3 Comic Book Guy dresses up as the Starship Enterprise at Costume-Con 1986.
Captain Kirk CBG.png Comic Book Guy's Best Costumes Ever - Part 4 Comic Book Guy dresses up as Captain James T. Kirk at Dallas Fantasy Fair 1989.
Geeks Versus Nerds.jpg Comic Book Guy: The Comic Book 2 The Death of Comic Book Guy! (Part Two) When the geeks and nerds of Springfield take up sides against each other following the shutdown of the Internet, one of the geeks is dressed up as a Klingon and wielding a bat'leth. Gary is on the side of the nerds dressed as Spock.


Picture Book Reference
CBG Prop Display.png Comic Book Guy's Book of Pop Culture Comic Book Guy has props and costume pieces from several different superhero and sci-fi franchises displayed on a dress mannequin, including the upper-body portion of a set of Klingon armor.
Table of Geeky Delights.jpg Lisa Simpson's Guide to Geek Chic Star Trek (St), Klingon (Kg) and Enterprise (U.S.S.) (E) are elements in Lisa's Table of Geeky Delights.


Picture Name Reference
Comic Book Guy Spock Tapped Out.png The Simpsons: Tapped Out When Comic Book Guy does his "Cosplay" task, he dresses up as Spock and runs around with a blaster.
Tapped Out Romulan Ale CBG.png Comic Book Guy asks for Romulan Ale, and if they don't have the real thing, to give him Coors Light with green food coloring.
Tapped Out Sulu reference.png Homer asks Akira Kurosawa to say "Oh my!", to which Homer then says "He he he. You sound just like him.". Akira then does the job "Impersonate a Character from Star Trek". After the job is completed, Bart says "That isn't Sulu. Sulu tried to buy weed and go to White Castle.". This is a reference to George Takei, who played Sulu in Star Trek and voiced Akira in his first appearance in "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish".
Tapped Out Star Trek Mind Meld.png In the Superheroes update, Comic Book Guy mentions a mind-meld.


Account Date Tweet
ComicBookGuy July 22, 2011 I hereby engage in #FF-ery: Beloved heroes @HamillHimself @WilliamShatner @TheRealAdamWest and of course, @LuigisFamousMeatballSubs #FOXSDCC
ComicBookGuy July 22, 2011 It's absurd that the San Diego Taco Bell won't accept gold-pressed latinum. #FOXSDCC
ComicBookGuy July 23, 2011 Met the great @wilw. "Stand By Me" while I proclaim my man crush...er! And I regret all my "Wesley Must Die" t-shirts
ComicBookGuy February 26, 2012 I refuse to celebrate a meaningless award show until Hollywood recognizes the geniuses behind easy-apply Klingon head lumps.
ComicBookGuy May 25, 2012 Today is Geek Pride Day. To celebrate, I shall do Lt. Uhuru's fan dance upon a table and throw my "Goonies" plates against the wall.


Picture Merchandise Reference
2 Comic Book Guy back.jpg Simpsons Mania! Secret Origin: conceived at the first Star Trek convention and later abandoned.
5 Number One front.jpg Simpsons Mania! Number One is a security guard at the Stark Trek Museum.

References to Star Trek: The Next Generation in The Simpsons[edit]


Picture Season Episode number Episode name Reference
Superstar Celebrity Mic - Bart Pranks Homer.png 3 48 "Radio Bart" When Bart pranks Homer, using the Superstar Celebrity Microphone to make him think that Martians have invaded, he says (among other things), "Resistance is useless", referencing the Borg catchprase "Resistance is futile".
5 84 "Homer Goes to College" Benjamin, Doug and Gary get into an online argument with students of the Massachussets Institute of Technology whether Captain Kirk (from Star Trek: The Original Series) is better than Captain Picard (from Star Trek: The Next Generation)?
Scar Trek The Next Laceration.png 5 96 "Deep Space Homer" Homer, Bart, and Lisa watch an episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show titled "Scar Trek: The Next Laceration", a pun on the show.
CouchGagS6E04.png 6 107 and 120 "Itchy & Scratchy Land" and "Homer vs. Patty and Selma" The couch gag shows the family transporting onto the couch using transporters seen in The Next Generation.
Pepsi.png 122 "Lisa's Wedding" Troy McClure's uniform is identical to the The Next Generation uniforms.
Meat and You Partners in Freedom.png 7 133 "Lisa the Vegetarian" The propaganda film Meat and You: Partners in Freedom is subtitled "Number 3F03 in the 'Resistance is Useless' Series", a reference to the Borg catchphrase "Resistance is futile".
THOH X Intro - Audience.png 11 230 "Treehouse of Horror X" During the opening sequence as Kang and Kodos introduce the episode, a Borg is in the audience (top of the frame, next to the Martian).
Comic Con 101 Mitigations.png 30 654 "101 Mitigations" At the Comic Con, someone is seen dressed up as Geordi La Forge.


Picture Comic issue Story name Reference
Comic Book Guy Loves Tasha.png Bart Simpson #51 Bart's Invisible! Comic Book Guy eagerly looks forward to opening a Blu-ray box set of the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation because it has a special feature about Tasha Yar, on whom he has a crush.


Picture Book Reference
Table of Geeky Delights.jpg Lisa Simpson's Guide to Geek Chic Star Trek: The Next Generation (Tng) is an element in Lisa's Table of Geeky Delights.

References to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in The Simpsons[edit]

Picture Season Episode number Episode name Reference
5 96 "Deep Space Homer" The episode title is a reference to Deep Space Nine.

References to Star Trek: Voyager in The Simpsons[edit]

Picture Season Episode number Episode name Reference
Captain Janeway.png 9 192 "Das Bus" Comic Book Guy attempts to download a nude photo of Kathryn Janeway only to be interrupted by an ad for Homer's internet company; Comic Book Guy wonders whether the service could provide "faster nudity".
Jeri Ryan.png 11 230 "Treehouse of Horror X" One of Comic Book Guy's (as arch-nemesis "The Collector") plastic-wrapped acquisitions in his lair is Jeri Ryan in her costume and prosthetic appliances as Seven of Nine.
An Hour with Seven of Nine.png 12 253 "Homer vs. Dignity" When Homer says he'd like to buy a mint condition Spider-Man #1 comic (during his "prank monkey" work for Mr. Burns), Comic Book Guy sarcastically replies that he'd like an hour on the holodeck with Seven of Nine.
Star Trek Voyager.png 18 394 "Homerazzi" When Marge must replace all of the family's photos that were lost in a photo album fire, she recreates the family's "Star Trek: Voyager Series Finale Party" with Lenny dressed as Seven of Nine and Dr. Hibbert dressed as Tuvok. Carl begins to cry as he thought he could make it through Voyager's final episode again, but realizes he can't while Homer wails, "Oh, Captain Janeway! Your mission ended too soon! Too soon!"

Common Cast and Crew[edit]


Picture Name Role in Star Trek Role on The Simpsons
Jason Alexander.jpg Jason Alexander Guest starred as Kurros in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Think Tank". Voiced Bourbon Verlander in "The Caper Chase".
Scott Bakula.jpg Scott Bakula Played Captain Jonathan Archer in Star Trek: Enterprise. Voiced Himself in "Bobby, It's Cold Outside".
Ed Begley, Jr..jpg Ed Begley, Jr. Played Henry Starling in the Star Trek: Voyager third season episodes "Future's End" and "Future's End, Part II". Voiced himself in "Homer to the Max" and "Gone Maggie Gone".
Wren T. Brown.jpg Wren T. Brown Guest starred as the shuttle pilot in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Think Tank" and Kohlar in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Prophecy". Voiced Virgil Simpson in "The Color Yellow".
Benedict Cumberbatch.jpg Benedict Cumberbatch Played Khan Noonien Singh in Star Trek Into Darkness. Voiced Prime Minister of the UK and Severus Snape in the season 24 episode "Love Is a Many-Splintered Thing".
Kelsey Grammer.jpg Kelsey Grammer Guest starred as Morgan Bateson in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Cause and Effect". Voice of Sideshow Bob.
Stephen Hawking.jpg Stephen Hawking Played himself in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Descent". Voiced himself in the season 10 episode "They Saved Lisa's Brain", the season 16 episode "Don't Fear the Roofer", the season 18 episode "Stop, or My Dog Will Shoot!", and the season 22 episode "Elementary School Musical".
Richard Kind.jpg Richard Kind Voiced the Doopler emissary in the Star Trek: Lower Decks episode "An Embarrassment Of Dooplers". Voiced A Christmas Ornament for Christmas director in the season 32 episode "A Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas".
David Lander.jpg David Lander Played the Ferengi tactical officer of the Kreechta in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Peak Performance". Voiced Squiggy, his character from Laverne & Shirley, in "Helter Shelter".
Seth MacFarlane.jpg Seth MacFarlane Guest starred as Rivers in the Star Trek: Enterprise episodes "The Forgotten" and "Affliction". Voiced Ben in "Dangers on a Train" and creator and actor of Family Guy and in the crossover "The Simpsons Guy".
Andrea Martin.jpg Andrea Martin Played Ishka in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Family Business". Voiced Apu Nahasapeemapetilon's mother in "The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons".
Colm Meaney.jpg Colm Meaney Played Chief Miles O'Brien in The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. Voiced Tom O'Flanagan in "In the Name of the Grandfather".
Michael McKean.jpg Michael McKean Played The Clown in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "The Thaw". Voiced David St. Hubbins in "The Otto Show" and Jerry Rude in "Monty Can't Buy Me Love".
Nichelle Nichols.jpg Nichelle Nichols Played Uhura in the original series. Voiced herself in the season 15 episode "Simple Simpson".
Leonard Nimoy.jpg Leonard Nimoy Played Spock in the original series. Voiced himself in the episodes "Marge vs. the Monorail" and "The Springfield Files".
Brian Posehn.jpg Brian Posehn Voiced several Pakled characters in the Star Trek: Lower Decks episode "The Spy Humongous". Voiced Dumlee in "A Father's Watch".
Stephen Root.jpg Stephen Root Guest starred as K'Vada in the Star Trek: The Next Generation two-part episode "Unification". Voiced Bildorf in the season 32 episode "Wad Goals".
Wallace Shawn.jpg Wallace Shawn Played Grand Nagus Zek in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Voiced Wallace the Hernia in "I Want You (She's So Heavy)".
Sarah Silverman.jpg Sarah Silverman Played Rain Robinson in the Star Trek: Voyager third season episodes "Future's End" and "Future's End, Part II". Voiced Nikki McKenna in ""Stealing First Base" and "Moonshine River", herself in "Clown in the Dumps" and Rachel Cohen in "Treehouse of Horror XXVII".
Patrick Stewart.jpg Patrick Stewart Played Captain Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Voiced Number One in "Homer the Great" and played himself in "The Fabulous Faker Boy".
George Takei.jpg George Takei Played Mr. Sulu in Star Trek (the original series). Voiced Akira Kurosawa in "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish", a waiter in "A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love", Wink the quizmaster in "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo", and a sushi chef in "What Animated Women Want". He voiced himself in "The Burns Cage".
Scott Thompson.jpg Scott Thompson Guest starred as Tomin in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Someone to Watch Over Me". Voiced Grady Little in "Three Gays of the Condo", "Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words", "Flaming Moe", and "Werking Mom".
Paul F. Tompkins.jpg Paul F. Tompkins Voiced Dr. Migleemo and Hyde in Star Trek: Lower Decks. Voiced Colby in "Meat Is Murder".
Paul Winfield.jpg Paul Winfield Guest starred as Captain Terrell in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Captain Dathon in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Darmok". Voiced Lucius Sweet in the season 8 episode "The Homer They Fall" and the season 9 episode "The Trouble with Trillions".


Picture Name Role in Star Trek Role on The Simpsons
Michael Giacchino.jpg Michael Giacchino Composed the music for all three films in the reboot series (Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Star Trek Beyond). Composed additional music for the Medal of Homer level for The Simpsons Game and composed the song "World's Worst Internet Troll" for the season 32 episode "Do PizzaBots Dream of Electric Guitars?".

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