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Season 26

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Season 26
Season 26 iTunes logo.png
Season Information
Original run: September 28, 2014 – May 17, 2015[1]
No. of episodes: 22[2]
Previous season: 25
Next season: 27

Season 26 is a season of The Simpsons. It premiered on September 28, 2014 and concluded in May 17, 2015[1]. It has 22 episodes.[2] It premiered with Clown in the Dumps with a character death. A skin for Krusty was released on The Simpsons: Tapped Out for the Season Premiere.


Kevin Reilly, Chairman of Entertainment for the Fox Broadcasting Company, announced on October 4, 2013 that The Simpsons went into its twenty-sixth season.[3] "For more than a quarter of a century, THE SIMPSONS has captured the hearts and minds of fans in a way that transcends ages, languages and cultures," said Reilly. "This groundbreaking series is not only the longest-running scripted show in television history, it’s one of the greatest sitcoms of our time, and I'm looking forward to yet another landmark season."


Picture # Original title Original airdate Directed by Written by Prod. code
Clown in the Dumps promo 2.jpg 553 - 1 "Clown in the Dumps"[4] September 28, 2014 Steven Dean Moore Joel H. Cohen[5] SABF20
A Springfield resident dies (See Death clues and Character death). Also, Krusty retires after he’s offended by a comedy cable channel roast of him, and Lisa tries to protect Homer from getting hurt.[6]

Guest Starring: David Hyde Pierce as Himself; Sarah Silverman as Herself; Jeff Ross as Himself; Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob; Jackie Mason as Rabbi Krustofski[7]

The Wreck of the Relationship promo 2.jpg 554 - 2[8] "The Wreck of the Relationship"[9] October 5, 2014[8] Chuck Sheetz Jeff Westbrook[10] SABF17
When Bart disrespects Homer's authority, Homer makes a point to try his hand at parenting. This proves fruitless, so Marge signs them up for the Relation Ship, where they'll resolve their conflicts at sea. Meanwhile, Marge is in charge of Homer's fantasy football league, but manages to win despite being the underdog[11]

Guest starring: Nick Offerman as Captain Bowditch

Super Franchise Me promo 2.jpg 555 - 3 "Super Franchise Me"[12] October 12, 2014[13] Mark Kirkland Bill Odenkirk SABF19
Marge opens a sandwich franchise store after her sandwiches become a huge hit at Springfield Elementary. But running day-to-day at the store proves challenging, especially when the same franchise opens another location across the street.[14]
Treehouse of Horror XXV.png 556 - 4 "Treehouse of Horror XXV" October 19, 2014[15] Matthew Faughnan Stephanie Gillis[16] SABF21[17]
On the annual spooktacular Halloween special, Bart and Lisa are transported to a demon-filled alternate universe after Bart reads a set of Aramaic symbols he finds on the underside of his desk; Moe's "Clockwork Orange"-style gang is disrupted when Dum (Homer) falls for a girl (Marge) who wants him to give up the thug life; and, in an homage to "The Others," the Simpsons are visited by their former Tracey Ullman-era versions of themselves.[18]

Guest Starring: John Ratzenberger as Pixar Homer Simpson

Opposites A-Frack promo 4.jpg 557 - 5 "Opposites A-Frack"[19] November 2, 2014[20] Matthew Nastuk Valentina L. Garza[20] SABF22[20]
Lisa brings in Assemblywoman Maxine Lombard to put a stop to Mr. Burns' fracking operation, but is taken aback when the two political opponents find themselves attracted to one another.[21]

Guest Starring: Jane Fonda as Maxine Lombard and Robert Siegel as Himself[22]

Simpsorama promo 2.jpg 558 - 6 "Simpsorama"[23] November 9, 2014[24] Bob Anderson J. Stewart Burns[25] SABF16[23]
A crossover with Futurama, the Planet Express team comes to Springfield. Hypnotoad will also make an appearance.[26] The plot will revolve around Bender and Bart; Bender comes from the future to kill Bart because of something that Bart does in the present that causes problems in the future. The recording starts at September 19, 2013.[27] Some scenes will be based in the comic Futurama/Simpsons Infinitely Secret Crossover Crisis.[25]

Guest starring: Billy West as Philip J. Fry, Farnsworth and Zoidberg; Katey Sagal as Leela; John DiMaggio as Bender; Phil LaMarr as Hermes Conrad; Maurice LaMarche as Morbo and Hedonismbot; Lauren Tom as Amy Wong and Tress MacNeille as Linda.[28]

Blazed and Confused promo 1.jpg 559 - 7 "Blazed and Confused"[29] November 16, 2014[30][31] Rob Oliver[32] Carolyn Omine and William Wright[33] TABF01[34][35]
Bart schemes to bring down his new teacher, Mr. Lassen (guest voice Willem Dafoe), who is a terrible bully and The Simpsons go to Burning Man.[36][37]

Guest starring: Willem Dafoe as Jack Lassen

Covercraft promo 4.jpg 560 - 8 "Covercraft"[38] November 23, 2014[39] Steven Dean Moore Matt Selman[40] TABF02[41]
Homer has a mid-life crisis after Moe’s shuts down and Moe takes off on a trip with King Toot. Homer then takes up bass guitar and forms a cover band with some of the other dads in town. But the band's modest early success is soon overwhelmed by the breakout potential of their most unlikely star, Apu.[41] Sideshow Mel's Family will show up.[42][43]

Guest starring: Sammy Hagar as Himself and Will Forte as King Toot[41][44][45]

I Won't Be Home For Christmas promo 2.jpg 561 - 9[46] "I Won't Be Home for Christmas"[47] December 7, 2014[48] Mark Kirkland Al Jean[49] TABF03[50]
After Moe convinces Homer to stay out drinking on Christmas Eve, Marge tells Homer not to come home. This leads to Homer's sad trek through lonely Springfield, where he learns that the only place where one should truly get drunk on Christmas is home.[50][51]
The Man Who Came To Be Dinner promo 1.jpg 562 - 10[46] "The Man Who Came to Be Dinner"[52] January 4, 2015[53] David Silverman[54] Al Jean & David Mirkin RABF15
The Simpsons go to an amusement park where the lines for the rides are terrible, except for this one rocket called "Rocket to your Doom". They end up on Kang and Kodos home planet Rigel VII.[55]
Bart's New Friend promo 4.jpg 563 - 11[56][57] "Bart's New Friend"[37] January 11, 2015[56][57] Bob Anderson Judd Apatow TABF05[58]
Homer is hypnotised into thinking he's 10 years old and becomes friends with Bart.
The Musk Who Fell To Earth promo 4.jpg 564 - 12[46][56] "The Musk Who Fell to Earth"[59] January 25, 2015[56] Matthew Nastuk Neil Campbell[60] TABF04[61]
When inventor Elon Musk lands in Springfield, he and Homer become fast friends and revolutionize the town's nuclear plant. But when Musk goes overboard and Mr. Burns wants him removed, Homer must figure out a way to break up with him.[62][63][64]

Guest starring: Elon Musk as Himself

Walking Big & Tall promo 4.jpg 565 - 13[2] "Walking Big & Tall"[65] February 8, 2015[66] Chris Clements Michael Price TABF06[66]
When Lisa learns Springfield's anthem was stolen from another town she writes a replacement. Meanwhile, Homer learns the meaning of "Wide Pride".

Guest starring: Pharrell Williams as Himself[66]

My Fare Lady promo 1.jpg 566 - 14 "My Fare Lady"[66] February 15, 2015 Michael Polcino Marc Wilmore TABF07[66]
When Marge gets fed up with the thankless duty of chauffeuring her kids around, she begins working as a driver for a transportation app service. Meanwhile, Homer bankrupts Moe when he watches over the bar for one night, which forces Moe to take a temporary job as a janitor at the nuclear plant.

Guest starring: Rich Sommer as the young man; Christopher Lloyd as Jim Ignatowski[66]

The Princess Guide promo 5.jpg 567 - 15[2] "The Princess Guide"[67] March 1, 2015[68] Timothy Bailey Brian Kelley TABF08[67]
Homer is put in charge of keeping Princess Kemi out of trouble while her father, a Nigerian king, works out a uranium deal with Mr. Burns. When Kemi ends up at Moe's, Moe jumps to the conclusion that she must be related to the Nigerian prince who scammed him over email and schemes to get his money back. But much to his surprise, he finds himself falling for the princess.[68]

Guest Starring: Yaya DaCosta as Princess Kemi, Richard Branson as himself and Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony[68]

Sky Police promo 2.jpg 568 - 16 "Sky Police"[69] March 8, 2015[70] Rob Oliver[71] Matt Selman[72] TABF09[69]
Chief Wiggum is mistakenly delivered a military jet pack, which he gleefully accepts and uses in order to fight crime. But when the jet pack crashes into the church, the congregation, led by Marge, must resort to gambling and counting cards in order to collect money to repair the church.[70]

Guest Starring: Nathan Fielder as Doug Blattner[70]

Waiting for Duffman promo 3.jpg 569 - 17 "Waiting for Duffman"[73] March 15, 2015[74] Steven Dean Moore John Frink[75] TABF10[73]
When Duffman undergoes hip replacement surgery and retires, the company sets up a reality show competition to find his replacement. Homer wins the competition, and because the job requires him to stay sober, he learns that beer isn't as necessary as he thought to have a good time.[74]

Guest Starring: Cat Deeley as Herself; Stacy Keach as Howard K. Duff VIII[74]

Peeping Mom promo 2.jpg 570 - 18[2] "Peeping Mom"[76] April 19, 2015[77] Mark Kirkland John Frink[78] TABF11[79]
Bart lies about being involved in a bulldozer crash, so Marge decides to follow him everywhere until he confesses. Meanwhile, Homer ignores Santa's Little Helper when Flanders gets a new dog.[80]
The Kids Are All Fight promo 1.jpg 571 - 19 "The Kids Are All Fight"[81] April 26, 2015 Bob Anderson Rob LaZebnik[82] TABF12[83][84]
When Homer gets an old film roll developed, the family takes a trip down memory lane to see the origins of how Bart and Lisa first started fighting with each other.[85]
Let's Go Fly a Coot promo 3.jpg 572 - 20[2] "Let's Go Fly a Coot"[86] May 3, 2015[87] Chris Clements Jeff Westbrook[88] TABF13[86]
The Simpsons learn about Grampa's days in the Air Force, and Bart takes up smoking to impress Milhouse's Dutch cousin, Annika.[89]

Guest Starring: Carice van Houten as Annika Van Houten and Glenn Close as Mona Simpson

Bull-E promo 3.jpg 573 - 21[2] "Bull-E"[90] May 10, 2015[90] Lance Kramer Tim Long[91] TABF15[92]
After Bart gets bullied at the school dance, Marge convinces the town to pass anti-bullying legislation. Homer then gets arrested and sent to rehab for bullying Ned Flanders, only to subsequently leave rehab as a hero.[93]

Guest Starring: Johnny Mathis as Himself and Al Brooks as Dr. Raufbold

Mathlete's Feat promo 4.jpg 574 - 22[2][94] "Mathlete's Feat"[95] May 17, 2015[94][1] Michael Polcino Michael Price[96] TABF16[95]
When a modernized Springfield Elementary has a technical meltdown, Lisa transforms it into a Waldorf school. Meanwhile, Groundskeeper Willie becomes the coach of the mathletes. Lisa and other kids on the Springfield Elementary Mathlympics Team compete against Waverly Hills Elementary... Springfield has a natural genius... who uses ancient techniques to compute geometric figures... [and] helps the Mathletes.[97][98]

Death clues[edit]

Cleanup 3.PNG This article or section needs to be cleaned up to fit in with the Manual of Style.
(To see who died see Character death)

Some clues about the Springfield resident who passed away on the Season Premiere were given by the media:

The character to die would have appeared more than twice in the show and will be voiced by an Emmy Award-winning voice actor who won an Emmy for the role as the character. This later served as the season 26 premiere. As Al Jean said,[99] it won't be Edna Krabappel, due to Marcia Wallace's death[100] and Hank Azaria confirmed that it wasn't one of his characters.[101] However, Homer isn't the one who dies. It is just a resident of Springfield.


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