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For the in-universe TV series, see Pokémon (TV series).

Pokémon is a game and TV series by Nintendo. It has been referenced to in The Simpsons.

References to Pokémon in The Simpsons[edit]


Picture Season Episode number Episode name Reference
Battling Seizure Robots Aftermath.png 10 226 "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo" When the Simpsons visit Japan, Bart watches a cartoon called Battling Seizure Robots which gives viewers seizures. This is a reference to the Pokémon episode "Computer Warrior Porygon" which gave more than 635 Japanese children seizures on December 16, 1997 and was not aired anywhere outside of Japan.
12 258 "Pokey Mom" The episode title is a reference to Pokémon.
Children Of a Lesser Clod Pokemon.png 268 "Children of a Lesser Clod" Homer, Rod, and Todd watch an imitation Kids Say the Darnedest Things on television, and Bill Cosby asks a kid, "What do you like to play?" The kid replies, "Pokémon!" to which Cosby replies, "Pokémon?! Pokémon with the Poké and the Man and the thing with the guy comes out and there's a thing and he makes a..." and rambles on.
Pikachu and Bender Cameo (Bart vs. Lisa vs. Third Grade).png 14 294 "Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade" While Bart is taking a test, his mind is focused on satellite television and he has a vision everyone in his class is a television character and one classmate is turned into Pikachu.
Pokemon Couch Gag.png 15 320 and 335 "'Tis the Fifteenth Season" and "Fraudcast News" During the couch gag, each Simpson family member is a Japanese television show character and Maggie is Pikachu.
Postcards From the Wedge Pokemon.png 21 455 "Postcards from the Wedge" Bart is seen watching an imitation Pokémon anime on television, starring Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, and he asks himself, "How does this show stay so fresh?". Also to note, Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver were released in North America on the same day as this episode.
459 "Chief of Hearts" When Bart asks kids at Dylan's birthday party about "Battle Ball", he says, "It makes Digimon look like Pokémon!"
Simpsons family anime.png 26 556 "Treehouse of Horror XXV" One of the variations of the Simpson family is based on character designs in Japanese anime and manga. Maggie looks like Pikachu.
Milhouse holding Muppet-shaped cheese.png 572 "Let's Go Fly a Coot" Milhouse says he wanted the cheese cut like Pokémon characters, not The Muppets.
Homermon.png 28 616 "Looking for Mr. Goodbart" Peekimon is a parody of Pokémon. The app Peekimon Get is based on the mobile app by Niantic Pokémon GO. Numerous parodies of Pokémon are shown, and a parody of the first Pokémon Theme is played. During the first instance the song is played, numerous characters are portrayed in an art style similar to the Pokémon anime.
Poke Mon Jamaican Poke.png 29 630 "Homer Is Where the Art Isn't" The restaurant Poke Mon Jamaican Poke is a reference to Pokémon.
30 661 "Woo-hoo Dunnit?" Willie mentions Pokémon in his list of known fads.


Picture Game Reference
Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game - Fight Intro.png
Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game Fight Arena.png
The Simpsons Game In the level "Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game", the Sparklemon are a parody of Pokémon. The battle arena is similar in style to battles in Pokémon. The first two Sparklemon battles are based on Pikachu and Squirtle.
Tapped Out Pikachus.png The Simpsons: Tapped Out In the quest "I am the Lizard Queen! Pt. 4" introduced in Level 60, Cletus asks for three giant stuffed Pikachus when he thinks he won the ring toss three times.
Tapped Out Pokemon Go.png After completing the quest "Homer the Heretic Pt. 5" in the Homer the Heretic update, God says Nah, I just needed a new game -- I got sick of Pokémon Go.
Peek-At-Em Park.png In the Moe's Ark event, the Peek-At-Em Park was released, showcasing Peekimons from the episode "Looking for Mr. Goodbart".


Picture Comic issue Story name Reference
Pikkanose.pngPorkeymen.png Bart Simpson #7 All's Veldt That Ends Veldt! Pikkanose and Porkeymen are parodies of Pikachu and Pokémon.
Pucoman.png Bart Simpson #10 Bart's Beard Pucoman is a reference to Pokémon.
An Anime Among Us!.png Bart Simpson #12 An Anime Among Us! Bart has a dream sequence which has references to Pokémon. Bart is dressed like Ash Ketchum, a Pocket Goblins (Pockegob) Trainer, and Santa's Little Helper is a reference to Pikachu (Santa-Choo). Bart fights against a trio from "Team Sprocket", with Jessica Lovejoy appearing as Jessie, Nelson Muntz appearing as James, and Martin Prince, Jr. in a Meowth costume (Cat Scratch-Eth).
Pikachu Dog Bart Simpson Midget Commando.png Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror #11 Two Tickets to Heck In the Bart Simpson Midget Commando story, a dog resembling Pikachu is seen and released from a cage.
Pikkanoze.png Simpsons Comics #45 Mr. Sparkle: Destroy All Manga! Pikkanoze and the Porkeymen is a parody of Pikachu and Pokémon.
Day of the Nerd Comicachu.png Simpsons Comics #73 Day of the Nerd Comic Book Guy attempts to live life as an anime character where he has a yellow cat named Comicachu, who is modeled after Pikachu.
Springfield Elementary Pokemon.png Simpsons Comics #242 Springfield Elementary Bart catching a Pokémon at his phone.
Bulbasaur.pngPonyta.png Simpsons Super Spectacular #16 Bartmanga! Featuring Robartman! Bulbasaur, Ponyta, two Pikachu and a Squirtle escape from the Tokyo Zoo.
Pika Dogs.png The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror #14 Murder, He Wrote Pika Dogs is a brand of hot dog featuring Pikachu.
The Simpsons Comic Strips 21 Muntz Street Krustémon Cards are a parody of Pokémon Cards.


Picture Name Reference
Pokemon Now.png Pokémon Now? Homer is playing Pokémon GO and mentions Mankey, Diglett, Grimer, Rattata, Sandshrew and Drowzee.

References to The Simpsons in Pokémon[edit]


Picture Game Reference
Bird Keeper Moe out.pngBird Keeper Moe in.png
Bird Keeper Barney out.pngBird Keeper Barney in.png
Bird Keeper Seymour out.pngBird Keeper Seymour in.png
Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! In both games, Master Trainers with high level versions of each of the 151 Pokémon can be fought by having one of the same species.
Three flying type Master Trainers can be found that have particular names:

To fortify the possible connection, Seymour and Moe are members of Springfield's Bird Watching Society.
References to Batman and the Game Grumps have been added to other Master Trainers.

Common cast and crew[edit]

Picture Name Role in Pokémon Role on The Simpsons
Andrew Rannells.jpg Andrew Rannells Voiced Morty, Harley and several minor characters in the anime series. Played James in Pokémon Live! Voiced himself in "How Lisa Got Her Marge Back".

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