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Transformers is an animated TV series, comic book series and movie series based on transforming robots. The series has been parodied in The Simpsons multiple times.

References to Transformers in The Simpsons[edit]


Picture Season Episode number Episode name Reference
Battling Seizure Robots.png 10 226 "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo" Battling Seizure Robots may be a reference to Transformers
CouchGagS16E15.jpg 16 350 "Future-Drama" The Simpson family are Transformers in the couch gag.
17 376 "Regarding Margie"
SLH Transforms Into Motorcycle.png 18 398 "Stop or My Dog Will Shoot!" When Santa's Little Helper begins training to become a police dog, Bart envisions him becoming a dog version of RoboCop. In Bart's vision, SLH shoots movie villains and a giant math book that are menacing him and then transforms into a motorcycle.
Trans-Clown-O-Morphs.png 19 417 "Apocalypse Cow" Trans-Clown-O-Morphs is an obvious parody of Transformers.
Whiteb.jpgSedan bot.png 20 424 "Treehouse of Horror XIX" The "Morf Transers, Trans Morfers, Snort Farmers, Untitled Robot Parody" segment is a parody of Transformers.
  • The toy that blinks its lights at Bart in the 99-cent Store resembles the original Optimus Prime cab-over Semi of the The Transformers cartoon from 1984.
  • Homer and Ned's cars transform into robots resembling Optimus Prime and Megatron.
  • Bestimus Muchos is a reference to Optimus (Best) Prime (foremost), whose name is intended to convey "best of the best".
The Reformers.png 21 457 "The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed" Ned goes to see the movie The Reformers while in Israel, a parody of Transformers. It features two giant robots reading the Torah.
LA6 Transforms.png 23 503 "Them, Robot" Robot LA6 transforms into a projector. Later on, Robot A63 states that he is not a Transformer and can not transform into an outboard motor.
Transformers of the Caribbean.png 504 "Beware My Cheating Bart" A film is seen called Transformers of the Caribbean, a reference to both Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean. The robot in the poster resembles Jack Sparrow.
Gorgeous Grampa Megatron.png 24 522 "Gorgeous Grampa" During the song "High to Be Loathed", Mr. Burns mentions Megatron, and makes his shadow, among lots of other villains.
Capital City Googolplex Theatres.png 29 631 "3 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage" One of the films playing at Capital City Googolplex Theatres is Transformers: Fatigue, referring to the numerous sequels.


Picture Comic issue Story name Reference
Comic Book Guy The X Men Transformers.png Simpsons Comics #118 The "X" Men Comic Book Guy says "Like Optimus Prime after his death in Transformers The Movie, I shall return!" to his girlfriend as the helicopter takes off.
Transformacar.png Simpsons Comics #121 The Town That Time Forgot When Homer is late to work, he tells his co-workers a story about being stuck in traffic and his car transforming into a giant robot ("Transformacar") and then walking to the power plant.
Officer Shooty Transforms - Future Cop.png Chief Wiggum's Felonious Funnies 1 Future Cop! In Chief Wiggum's dream of being a cop in the future, his rifle/partner "Officer Shooty" can transform into a flying robot.

Video games[edit]

Picture Game Reference
The Simpsons: Tapped Out In the Level 55 update, Herb Powell mentions making The Homer into a hybrid, to which Homer thinks he means make it into a Transformer. Homer asks "Who doesn't like a good transformer?" then says "I know I do. I love transformers."

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