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Season 33
Season 33 iTunes logo.png
Season Information
Original run: September 26, 2021 - May 15, 2022 (scheduled)[1]
No. of episodes: 22[2][3]
Previous season: 32
Next season: 34

Season 33 is the current season of The Simpsons. It started on September 26, 2021, and is scheduled to end on May 15, 2022. It was confirmed on March 3, 2021, along Season 34.[1][4][5]



Picture # Original title Original airdate Directed by Written by Prod. code
The Star of the Backstage promo 6.png 707 - 1 "The Star of the Backstage" September 26, 2021 Rob Oliver Elisabeth Kiernan Averick QABF17
A musical comes to life in Springfield as Marge stages a revival of her beloved high school show - but her wonderful memories are threatened by the return of a rival from the past.

Guest starring: Kristen Bell as Marge's singing voice and Sara Chase as female voice and Sasha Reed

Bart's in Jail promo 7.png 708 - 2 "Bart's in Jail!" October 3, 2021 Steven Dean Moore Nick Dahan QABF18
When Grampa falls victim to a phone scammer, the Simpsons set out on a mission of vengeance to get his money back.

Guest starring: Alan Cumming as Loki, Scott Hanson as Punt Zone anchor, and Alex Hirsch as Bill Cipher.

Treehouse of Horror XXXII promo 1.png 709 - 3 "Treehouse of Horror XXXII" October 10, 2021 Matthew Faughnan John Frink QABF16
Bong Joon-ho's "Parasite", Bambi's revenge and much, much more are featured in the annual Halloween special..

The titles of the segment are "Barti", "Bong Joon Ho's 'This Side of Parasite", "Nightmare on Elm Tree", "Poetic Interlude" and "Dead Ringer".

Guest starring: Susan Egan as "You'll Never Sleep Again" singer, Maurice LaMarche as Vincent Price and Tree Rollins as himself.

The Wayz We Were promo 8.png 710 - 4 "The Wayz We Were" October 17, 2021 Matthew Nastuk Joel H. Cohen QABF19
Evergreen Terrace is overrun with traffic and Moe has a fateful choice to make.

Guest starring: Trey Anastasio as himself and Pamela Reed as Ruth Powers.

Lisa's Belly promo 11.png 711 - 5 "Lisa's Belly" October 24, 2021 Timothy Bailey Juliet Kaufman QABF20
After a trip to Quiet Rivers, Bart and Lisa get ill and need to take steroids. The steroids cause them to gain weight and Lisa gets upset when Marge calls her 'chunky', whilst Bart becomes popular with the bullies.
A Serious Flanders (Part 1) promo 1.png 712 - 6 "A Serious Flanders (Part 1)" November 7, 2021 Debbie Mahan Cesar Mazariegos QABF21
When a ruthless debt collector comes to Springfield, Homer and Ned's lives are sucked into the artfully violent world of prestige TV.

Guest starring: Brian Cox as Kostas Becker, Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony, Cristin Milioti as Barbara Belfry, Chris O'Dowd as Seamus, Timothy Olyphant as Sheriff Flanders and Jessica Paré as Colette.

A Serious Flanders (Part 2) promo 11.png 713 - 7 "A Serious Flanders (Part 2)" November 14, 2021 Matthew Faughnan Cesar Mazariegos QABF22
Uff-da! Things for Ned and Homer go from bad to gosh-darn worse in the stunning conclusion of this SIMPFLIX prestige crime thriller.

Guest starring: Brian Cox as Kostas Becker, Cristin Milioti as Barbara Belfry, Chris O'Dowd as Seamus, Timothy Olyphant as Sheriff Flanders and Jessica Paré as Colette.

Portrait of a Lackey on Fire promo 3.png 714 - 8 "Portrait of a Lackey on Fire" November 21, 2021 Steven Dean Moore Rob and Johnny LaZebnik UABF01
Smithers finds true love with a famous fashion designer (voiced by Victor Garber), but will his new relationship destroy Springfield?

Guest starring: Christine Baranski as herself, Victor Garber as Michael de Graaf, and Christian Siriano as himself.

Mothers and Other Strangers promo 6.png 715 - 9 "Mothers and Other Strangers" November 28, 2021 Rob Oliver Al Jean UABF02
Teenage Homer and Grampa go on a road trip to ease their sorrow.

Guest starring: Glenn Close as Mona Simpson and Rachel Bloom as Therapist #3

A Made Maggie promo 8.png 716 - 10 "A Made Maggie"[6] December 19, 2021[7][8] Timothy Bailey[9] Elisabeth Kiernan Averick[6] UABF03[6]
Fat Tony becomes Godfather to Maggie Simpson.[8]

Maggie joins the mob.[10] It'll be a Maggie episode, however it won't be a flashforward episode.[11] It'll include a The Itchy & Scratchy Show episode "Christmas on Ice" at the end.[7]

Guest starring: Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony[12]

717 - 11 "The Longest Marge"[13] January 2, 2022 (scheduled)[14][15] Matthew Nastuk[16] Brian Kelley[17] UABF05[13]
Mr. Burns and Marge will share a storyline.[18][19]

It's a sports-related episode.[20]

718 - 12 "Pixelated and Afraid"[21] January 2022[22] Chris Clements[21] John Frink[21] UABF04[23]
Homer and Marge are more naked and afraid than you've ever seen them.[10]

It'll be mostly a Marge and Homer episode. Professor Frink will not appear in the episode.[24][25]

728 - 22 "Marge the Meanie"[26] May 15, 2022 (scheduled)[1] Timothy Bailey[27] Megan Amram[26] UABF15[26]
Other upcoming episodes



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