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This article is about the franchise. For the character, see Godzilla (character).

Godzilla is a Japanese monster film series and franchise running since 1954 featuring the character Godzilla, created by Toho. The films have also spawned other popular monsters, such as Mothra and Rodan. Matt Groening is on record as a fan of the franchise. Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer & Nancy Cartwright appeared in the 1998 film.

References to Godzilla in The Simpsons[edit]


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Picture Season Episode number Episode name Reference
Brother from the Same Planet Godzilla.png 4 73 "Brother from the Same Planet" When Homer gets into a fight with Tom, a preliminary news report states that one of the men is "a giant lizard" and shows a picture of Godzilla.
Marge in Chains Godzilla.png 80 "Marge in Chains" A news report on the recent outbreak of Osaka Flu shows a picture of a sick Godzilla.
Japan Monsters.png 6 111 "Lisa on Ice" When Lisa imagines herself being sent of to Monster Island (which actually is a peninsula) she and others are chased by Gamera, Rodan and Mothra. The latter two are regular opponents of Godzilla, who also had their own franchise.
Lard Lad statue roaring.png 7 134 "Treehouse of Horror VI" In the segment "Attack of the 50 Foot Eyesores", Homer steals the Lard Lad statue's giant doughnut. As Homer drives away, the statue gets struck by lightning and comes to life. It then pulls its feet off the ground, stomps into the middle of the street, and emits Godzilla's trademark roar.
Godzilla.png 10 212 "Mayored to the Mob" Godzilla is seen signing autographs at the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con.
Mothra.png 226 "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo" As the Simpsons are about to fly home from Tokyo their plane is attacked by Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, and Gamera.
12 262 "New Kids on the Blecch" Lance Bass says that the US Navy is out there every day protecting us from Godzilla.
Chalkboard268.jpg 268 "Children of a Lesser Clod" The Chalkboard gag mentions Mothra.
Paul Bunyan fighting Rodan.png 269 "Simpsons Tall Tales" While Homer tells his Paul Bunyan story he has Bunyan fighting off Rodan until Lisa interrupts him.
THOH XVI - Godzilla Reference.png 17 360 "Treehouse of Horror XVI" David Silverman's scary name is "Godzilla vs. Silverman".
T-Rex roaring.png 18 394 "Homerazzi" During Homer's Evolution couch gag the T-Rex roars like Godzilla .
20 435 "Wedding for Disaster" Homer calls Marge "Bridezilla", which Marge works out as a combination of a bride and Godzilla.
The People vs. Godzilla.png 22 483 "The Real Housewives of Fat Tony" During the couch gag we can spot a DVD cover with the title "The People vs. Godzilla".
Godzilla fighting in couch gag.png 25 532 "Treehouse of Horror XXIV" During Guillermo del Toro couch gag the camera pans down to reveal Godzilla fighting.
Treehouse of Horror XXVI promo 9.jpg 27 579 "Treehouse of Horror XXVI" The second segment, "Homerzilla", is a parody of the first "Godzilla" (1954).
Don't Godzilla My Rodin! sign.png 29 630 "Homer Is Where the Art Isn't" Comic Book Guy is seen carrying a sign, which reads Don't Godzilla My Rodin!, making a pun on sculptor Auguste Rodin and Rodan.
Godzilla family.png 30 654 "101 Mitigations" Some of the monsters that Guillermo del Toro loves are Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, Godzilla's nephew Godzooky, Mothra and Sheldon Godzilla.
Comic Con 101 Mitigations.png A man at the Comic-Con is dressed as Rodan.
Cheezilla.png 31 664 "Go Big or Go Homer" The food truck Cheezilla is a reference to Godzilla.


Picture Comic issue Story name Reference
The Robot's Pagoda.png Simpsons Comics #52 Worst Christmas Ever! In The Robot's Pagoda comic store are models of Godzilla and Mothra.
Tanks for Nothing Godzilla.png Simpsons Comics #54 Tanks for Nothing Bart plays a game on his Game Guy which features a giant monster based on Godzilla.
The Paper Chase Giant Moth.png Simpsons Comics #61 The Paper Chase Bart fabricates a story in the Springfield Shopper stating that a giant moth is attacking Springfield, reminiscent of Mothra.
Destroy All Simpsons poster.jpg Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror #7 N/A (poster) A poster parodies the 1968 film Destroy All Monsters with Simpsons characters as monsters from the Godzilla series. Homer as Godzilla, Bart as Minya, Mr. Burns as Rodan, Chief Wiggum as Mothra (larva), Krusty, Sideshow Bob and Ned Flanders as King Ghidorah, Barney as Baragon, Smithers as Manda, Apu as Kumonga, Willie as Anguirus and Marge, Lisa and Maggie as Kilaak aliens.
Bartzilla.png Bart Simpson #11 Bartzilla Bart daydreams about turning into "Bartzilla".
An Anime Among Us Godzilla.png Bart Simpson #12 An Anime Among Us! Bart gets knocked unconscious by a Mr. Sparkle detergent box. As he falls into unconsciousness, a number of Japanese characters float around him, among them is Godzilla.
Godzilla Bart Version 2.png Bart Simpson #15 Another One of Professor Frink's Partly Probable Parables: Bart Version 2.0 When the Bart Virus causes flooding in Japan, a Godzilla-like monster looks on in confusion.
K-Bart Godzilla.png Bart Simpson #29 K-Bart Inside Bart's Treehouse is a poster resembling Godzilla.


Picture Book Reference
King Ghidorah.png
Bart Simpson's Guide to Life Godzilla.png
Bart Simpson's Guide to Life In the "History of the Universe" timeline, a monster called "Spitzilla" (or a film about the monster) is said to have existed in 1951.

Godzilla, Minya and King Ghidorah are seen in the section "The Wonderful World of Monsters".

C. Montgomery Burns' Handbook of World Domination One of the films Mr. Burns produced is called Bribezilla, a pun on the TV show Bridezillas, in itself a pun of Godzilla.

Video games[edit]

Picture Game Reference
Bart's Nightmare Godzilla.png Bart's Nightmare In one segment of the game, Bart turns into Godzilla.
Simpsons H&R Godzilla.png The Simpsons: Hit & Run In Bart's bedroom is a toy resembling Godzilla.


Picture Item Reference
Burger King Bart Godzilla.png Burger King "Creepy Classics" figurines One of the figurines is Bart dressed as Godzilla. It also includes a television which displays a number of Godzilla-themed images.

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