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Season 29

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Season 29
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Season 29
Season 29 iTunes logo.png
Season Information
Original run: October 1, 2017 - May 20, 2018
No. of episodes: 21
Previous season: 28
Next season: 30

Season 29 of The Simpsons is the season that aired during the 2017–18 United States network television schedule. It began on October 1, 2017 with "The Serfsons" and ended on May 20, 2018 with "Flanders' Ladder".

The production started on March 2, 2017 with the recording of XABF01.[1][1][2]


On November 4, 2016; a FOX Press Release announced the renewal through Season 30:

"FOX has ordered 29th and 30th seasons of the pop culture phenomenon THE SIMPSONS. "This is yet another record-setting moment for what is truly a landmark series," said Dana Walden and Gary Newman, Chairmen and CEOs, Fox Television Group. "THE SIMPSONS has meant so much to the network, the studio and everyone at Fox, and its continued cultural impact around the globe is a testament to the combined brilliance of Matt, Jim and Al. Congratulations to everyone who works on this groundbreaking series – from the voice cast and producers to the writers and production team – you comprise one of the greatest collections of creative talent in the history of the medium. And to the millions of SIMPSONS fans around the world, thank you for watching all these years. We're happy to tell you there's lots more to come.[3]""


Picture # Original title Original airdate Directed by Written by Prod. code
The Serfsons promo 1.png 619 - 1 "The Serfsons" October 1, 2017 Rob Oliver Brian Kelley WABF17
In a magical medieval world, Marge's mother is turned into an Ice Walker and the only way for Homer to afford the cure is to force Lisa to use illegal magic. When the King discovers this, he kidnaps Lisa, and Homer must lead a feudal uprising to save her.

Guest starring: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Markery and Billy Boyd as end credits singer

Springfield Splendor promo 1.png 620 - 2 "Springfield Splendor" October 8, 2017 Matthew Faughnan Tim Long and Miranda Thompson WABF22
Marge and Lisa turn Lisa's sad experience into a successful graphic novel-turned-Broadway show, but they struggle with creative differences and ego.

Guest starring: Martin Short as Guthrie Frenel, Roz Chast as herself, Alison Bechdel as herself, Marjane Satrapi as herself, Rachel Bloom as Annette and Dan Harmon as himself

Whistler's Father promo 2.png 621 - 3 "Whistler's Father" October 15, 2017 Matthew Faughnan Tom Gammill and Max Pross WABF16
Homer discovers that Maggie is a whistling savant and launches her baby-celebrity career. Meanwhile, Marge impresses Fat Tony with her interior design taste, and he hires her to style his brothel.

Guest starring: Nick Fascitelli as the whistler voice actor, Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony and Valerie Harper as Backstage mom.

Treehouse of Horror XXVIII promo 3.png 622 - 4 "Treehouse of Horror XXVIII" October 22, 2017 Timothy Bailey John Frink WABF18
Maggie becomes possessed by an ancient demon, Lisa discovers a creepy/perfect version of her family in an alternate universe, and Homer cannibalizes himself.

In the segment "Exor-Sis", Maggie will be possessed. In the segment "Carolisa", Lisa discovers a creepy/perfect version of her family in an alternate universe.
In "MMM... Homer", Homer cannibalizes himself after he runs out of food while Marge and the kids are away from home.

Guest starring: Ben Daniels as an Irish priest, William Friedkin as Dr. Kenneth Humphries, Neil Gaiman as Snowball II and Mario Batali as himself.

Grampy Can Ya Hear Me promo 1.png 623 - 5 "Grampy Can Ya Hear Me" November 5, 2017 Bob Anderson Bill Odenkirk WABF19
Grampa gets a hearing aid and finally hears what everyone has been saying about him. Meanwhile, Mr. Skinner discovers that his mother has kept the ultimate secret from him.
The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used to Be promo 1.png 624 - 6 "The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used to Be" November 12, 2017 Matthew Nastuk Tom Gammill and Max Pross WABF20
Frustrated with the local government, Marge decides to run for Mayor. To win public support, she begins making Homer the butt of her jokes.
Singin' in the Lane promo 1.png 625 - 7 "Singin' in the Lane" November 19, 2017 Michael Polcino Ryan Koh WABF21
Homer and the guys reunite their old bowling team to cheer up Moe, only to end up in fierce competition with a team of arrogant millionaires. Meanwhile, Lisa and Marge try to teach Bart that money isn't everything.
Mr. Lisa's Opus promo 1.png 626 - 8 "Mr. Lisa's Opus" December 3, 2017 Steven Dean Moore Al Jean XABF01
Lisa's version of "Barthood". Homer discovers how smart she is, she'll go to college, and being scared out of Springfield. Ned will try to cure Homer of his alcohol problem.

As future Lisa writes her college application essay for Harvard, she recalls past disappointing birthdays that helped shape her.

Guest starring: Kat Dennings as Valerie, Norman Lear as himself, Kipp Lennon as Leon Kompowsky, Jon Lovitz as Artie Ziff and Valerie Harper as Ms. Myles

Gone Boy promo 1.png 627 - 9 "Gone Boy" December 10, 2017 Rob Oliver John Frink XABF02
When Bart goes missing, the town puts together a search party to find him. After most give up hope, Sideshow Bob manipulates Milhouse into revealing where Bart is hiding.

Guest-starring: Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob, Shaquille O'Neal as himself, Valerie Harper as General Hospital nurse and John F. Kennedy as himself*

Haw-Haw Land promo 1.png 628 - 10 "Haw-Haw Land" January 7, 2018 Bob Anderson Tim Long and Miranda Thompson XABF03
When the Simpsons go to a STEM conference, Lisa falls for a crooning jazz pianist named Brendan. Meanwhile, Bart discovers that he has an affinity for chemistry.

Guest starring: Ed Sheeran as Brendan Beiderbecke

Frink Gets Testy promo 1.png 629 - 11 "Frink Gets Testy" January 14, 2018 Chris Clements Dan Vebber XABF04
Fearing that the end of the world is near, Mr. Burns tasks Dr. Frink with testing all of Springfield to determine who is worth saving. The results shake the Simpson family to their core.

Guest starring: Maurice LaMarche as Orson Welles and Valerie Harper as Jennifer Clarkeson.

Homer Is Where the Art Isn't promo 1.png 630 - 12 "Homer Is Where the Art Isn't" March 18, 2018 Timothy Bailey Kevin Curran XABF05
When Homer is accused of stealing a million-dollar painting, only a detective from the 1970s can clear his name, or send him to jail. It's a classic impossible mystery.

Guest starring: Bill Hader as Manacek and Cecily Strong as Megan Matheson.

3 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage promo 1.png 631 - 13 "3 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage" March 25, 2018 Matthew Nastuk Tom Gammill and Max Pross XABF06
Homer and Marge recount the story of their transition from loving their life without kids to being miserable parents.

Guest starring: J.K. Simmons as JJ Gruff, Kevin Pollak as Ross, Bagel man and Professor Thernstrom, and John Baldessari as himself.

Fears of a Clown promo 1.png 632 - 14 "Fears of a Clown" April 1, 2018 Steven Dean Moore Michael Price XABF08
Bart goes to prankster rehab after a clown-mask prank terrifies the town and destroys Krusty's career. A tortured Krusty then tries his hand at serious drama with a regional theater company.

Guest starring: Jon Lovitz as Llewellyn Sinclair, Damian Kulash as himself, Timothy Nordwind as himself, Andy Daly as Judge Dowd and Jackie Mason as Hyman Krustofsky

No Good Read Goes Unpunished promo 1.png 633 - 15 "No Good Read Goes Unpunished" April 8, 2018 Mark Kirkland Jeff Westbrook XABF07
In an attempt to bring the family together, Marge forces everyone to hand in their electronics and take a trip to a book store.

Guest starring: Jimmy O. Yang as Sun Tzu and Daniel Radcliffe as himself

King Leer.png 634 - 16 "King Leer" April 15, 2018 Chris Clements Daniel Furlong and Zach Posner XABF10
Homer and Marge follow Moe after the bar closes early and discover him and his father fighting. The Simpsons, after finding out that Moe has been excommunicated from his family for years, attempt to bring them back together.

Guest starring: Ray Liotta as Morty Szyslak, Debi Mazar as Minnie Szyslak and Jonathan Schmock as Johnny Bermuda salesman.

Lisa Gets the Blues promo 3.png 635 - 17 "Lisa Gets the Blues" April 22, 2018 Bob Anderson David Silverman and Brian Kelley XABF11
When the Simpsons' flight to Gainesville gets re-routed to New Orleans, Lisa is forced to face her failures, and regain her confidence as a jazz musician. Meanwhile, Bart is intrigued by the voodoo in Louisiana, and Homer is intrigued by the drinking.

Guest starring: Trombone Shorty as himself.

Forgive and Regret promo 1.png 636 - 18 "Forgive and Regret" April 29, 2018 Rob Oliver Bill Odenkirk XABF09
Grampa makes a confession to Homer while on his deathbed. After his recovery, he comes to realize that this issue will not be easy to reconcile.

Guest starring: Glenn Close as Mona Simpson.

Left Behind promo 1.png 637 - 19 "Left Behind" May 6, 2018 Lance Kramer Story: Al Jean
Teleplay: Joel H. Cohen and John Frink
Homer gets Flanders a job at the plant, and he soon learns that no good deed goes unpunished when Flanders starts to insist on carpools and demands more from Homer's work performance. Meanwhile, Marge feels as though their marriage has lost its spark.

Guest starring: Marcia Wallace as Edna Krabappel (archive recording).

Throw Grampa from the Dane promo 1.png 638 - 20 "Throw Grampa from the Dane" May 13, 2018 Michael Polcino Rob LaZebnik XABF13
After receiving an insurance payout, the Simpsons go to Denmark, so Grampa can benefit from the country's free healthcare.

Guest starring: Sidse Babett Knudsen as Danish woman.

Flanders' Ladder promo 1.png 639 - 21 "Flanders' Ladder" May 20, 2018 Matthew Nastuk J. Stewart Burns XABF14
After getting struck by lightning, Bart receives visits from ghosts, who want closure only he can provide.

Guest starring: Jackie Mason as Hyman Krustofsky.


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