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Marge the Meanie

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Season 33 Episode
725 "Girls Just Shauna Have Fun"
"Marge the Meanie"
"Meat Is Murder" 727
"Marge the Meanie"
Marge the Meanie promo 6.png
Episode Information
Episode number: 726
Season number: S33 E20
Production code: UABF15
Original airdate: May 8, 2022
Title screen: Opening: Maggie and Gerald hold a banner saying "Happy Mother's Day this counts as a gift".
Credits: The Three-eyed crow flies across the screen, in reverse.
Billboard gag: Lard Lad Donuts
Transforms into "Lard Lad Baby Donut Holes".
Chalkboard gag: I will not violate the law of entropy
Couch gag: The Simpson family is sculptured on Mount Rushmore, Homer starts picking his nose, a tree branch. Marge warns him to not pick it, but Homer keeps picking it, till his face crumbles.
Showrunner(s): Al Jean
Written by: Megan Amram
Directed by: Timothy Bailey

"Marge the Meanie" is the twentieth episode of season 33 of The Simpsons and the seven-hundred and twenty-sixth episode overall. It originally aired on May 8, 2022. The episode was written by Megan Amram and directed by Timothy Bailey.

"Marge the Meanie" was dedicated in memory of animator Ian Wilcox, who died on April 30.


"A surprise from Marge's past has her bonding with Bart and terrifying Homer."


At the Springfield Retirement Castle, Grampa reunites the old people to make an announcement, to march to victory against their shuffleboard rivals, the Golden Exits Retirement Farm team. The scene switches to the Springfield YMCA, where the battle is going to happen.

The Simpson family attends the match, and the team is losing, while Marge stares into someone on the bleachers. The team eventually wins but as the family exits the building, Marge meets the stranger that runs away in terror, calling her "Marge the Meanie" and how she ruined her life. When a train stops the bus that she is on, Marge explains how she's her principal.

Bart is finally happy to have someone he can be proud of as a bad kid in school. Patty and Selma then start talking to them about Principal York, in middle school, and Marge starts remembering, having to switch school, to a worse school, where she had a hard time with bullies, till after a discussion with the Principal, by a mistake she has her fall into a bin.

After the Principal was taken away by Chalmers, the other kids started accepting her, but she didn't stop at that prank, instead pulling her shirt up with the flag cord, writing El Margo on her shirt and They all suck on the food pyramid. Bart finds a new friend in her and hugs her.

At The Android's Dungeon, Comic Book Guy gets mean to his customers, so Marge and Bart find a way to revenge, and spreads some slippery baby oil on his drink, having him spill cola all over his stuff. The two keeps having fun till dinner, where the family has to acknowledge how his pranking allele could come from Marge.

At Moe's Tavern he tries to find something in common with them, to everyone's denial, so after a vision in the beer foam, he decides to try and see if Lisa is the one that has something from him. At the store, Marge and Bart prank Helen Lovejoy after her remarks on them not buying richer stuff.

Meanwhile, Homer tries vegetarian food with Lisa, but it's not to his liking, and gets pranked by Marge and Bart trying to eat a sausage beside the bed. Marge starts having second thoughts on the pranks and tells her concerns to Homer. The next day they go to the Sprawl-Mart, where they can't enter cause of Mr. Burns hating on having poor people buying next to him.

When Burns exits the store, they prank him, but the prank goes too far and he gets hit by several cars, ending on getting electrocuted on the power line cables. Bart escapes the parking lot and Marge goes to a therapist, while Burns finds out how close he was to death and to enjoy jamming evil in each remaining day of his life.

Marge tries to convince herself to stop the pranks, but Bart saying she's giving up on him has her change idea for one more. Meanwhile, while Lisa is cooking, on tasting, they find they've something in common, and the doctor starts listing their shared allergies. However in the end Lisa notes how they also share a kind heart.

At the Golden Exits Retirement Farm, Marge pranks her principal with inks in the flowers, but on Bart checking on them, the principal has a heart attack. They call an ambulance and soon Bart prays she's alive and he'd not do another prank, having got scared by it, however Marge and the principal pranked him to teach him a lesson.

In the end they prank each other one more time on Bart's bed time, and Marge then writes apologies letters to all the people that they pranked.



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