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Uncut Femmes

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Season 32 Episode
700 "Manger Things"
"Uncut Femmes"
"Burger Kings" 702
Donut Homer.png This episode is considered non-canon and the events featured do not relate to the series and therefore may not have actually happened/existed.

The reason behind this decision is: Sarah Wiggum and Lindsey Naegle are revealed to have been jewel thieves.

If you dispute this, please bring it up on the episode's talk page.

"Uncut Femmes"
Uncut Femmes promo 5.png
Episode Information
Episode number: 701
Season number: S32 E17
Production code: QABF10
Original airdate: March 28, 2021
Guest star(s): Nick Offerman as Captain Bowditch
Megan Mullally as Sarah Wiggum
Bob Seger as himself
Tiya Sircar as Erin
Natasha Rothwell as Bette
Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony
Showrunner(s): Matt Selman
Al Jean
Written by: Christine Nangle
Directed by: Chris Clements

"Uncut Femmes" is the seventeenth episode of season 32 of The Simpsons and the seven hundred and first episode overall. It originally aired on March 28, 2021. The episode was written by Christine Nangle and directed by Chris Clements. It guest stars Nick Offerman as Captain Bowditch, Megan Mullally as Sarah Wiggum, Bob Seger as himself, Tiya Sircar as Bette, Natasha Rothwell as Erin and Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony.


"We learn that Chief Wiggum's wife is more than she seems. Meanwhile, Marge takes part in a jewel heist."


At the Power Plant, Carl passes by a room where a nuclear accident happens, and when Smithers notices, he proposes a Non-disclosure agreement to him in exchange for his silence, giving him two tickets to see Bob Seger that night.

Carl invites Homer who excitedly tells Marge who reminds him that he has to take the kids to a battleship sleepover. Homer tries to convince Marge to go with them but she has to watch the Gen Gala red-carpet arrivals and host the watch party. After Homer lets her tell the kids that the sleepover is cancelled, she decides to take the kids to it.

At the ship, Captain Bowditch is in charge for the next 36 hours and the kids have to fix the ship from oxidation, while the parents have to chaperone on 6 hour shifts, but Marge gets stuck with Sarah Wiggum after the laughters of the other women at the idea, which starts replying with single words to any question Marge asks.

At the Shampoo Shuttle Arena, Bob Seger helds the show, which Homer, Carl, and Wiggum attend, while Marge and Sarah are talking on the ship, after Sarah changed the kids' clock to midnight to get some freedom. Sarah drinks from a bottle of Straight on Shore Whiskey, which she stole from the captain room, and changes completely, starting talking freely.

They get to understand each other when they compare their lives with their partner, and when she starts revealing a secret about her past, Bette and Erin, two former partners-in-crime of Sarah, appear kidnapping and taking them to the Fabric-lutely Fabric-ous.

At the arena, Homer and Wiggum meet Bob, who disagrees completely on ditching their promises to the wives, which convinces them to fix the situation. Meanwhile, Sarah confesses to Marge the three were thieves in Shelbyville. Their biggest job was commissioned to them by a girl named Red to steal diamonds in a penthouse safe.

They arrived at the penthouse, where Sarah meets the night guard, Wiggum, and start seducing him to steal the key, but then they slept together falling in love. The two other girls, however, got set up by Red, and got arrested, and they reveal that Red is in fact Lindsey Naegle. They reveal in the end that they've a plan to steal the diamond back and need their help.

They blackmail Sarah to get her to collaborate, while Homer and Wiggum get to the ship and find out their disappearance. Wiggum thinks that Fat Tony was responsible for the kidnapping, but he confirms that he has nothing to do with him, and tells them it's the fault of their selfishness.

The plan is to steal the hourglass diamond from her tiara at the Gen Gala in the weekend and Marge gets in the plan by helping them plan it. At the Museum of Generational Wealth, the Gen Gala starts, together with the watch party. Marge and Sarah manage to grab the tickets with trickery and get in.

Sarah seduces Raphael, while Marge uses her hair to hide the entrance of the other two from below, while Homer and Wiggum get back to Fat Tony (which was supervising Ralph) as they didn't manage to find them, then find out from a TV that they are at the Gala. Sarah and Marge finds their target and while Marge distracts her, Sarah substitute the tiara with a fake one.

When Lindsey walks away from the table, the tiara fells on the floor and reveals its fake and that she got robbed. Sarah and Marge are excaping at the stairs but they get interrupted by Wiggum and Homer, who stops them on the stairs, giving Lindsey the time to catch up to them, but Marge manages to make her fall down the stairs.

Once she gets up, her purse falls to the floor opening itself, revealing all the jewelry she robbed from the people at the gala and she gets arrested, while the watch party see them going down the stairs on TV, with Julio commenting on how they look.

In the end, Clancy and Sarah make love at the Threadcount at the Turn of the Century bed, after she tells him the truth on her past, while Fat Tony takes Ralph to the Takin' Care of Business Yogurt shop for some sweets while they're busy.


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