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The Spy Who Learned Me

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Season 23 Episode
505 "A Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again"
"The Spy Who Learned Me"
"Ned 'n Edna's Blend Agenda" 507
"The Spy Who Learned Me"
The Spy Who Learned Me promo.jpg
Episode Information
Episode number: 506
Season number: S23 E20
Production code: PABF13
Original airdate: May 6, 2012
Title screen: Groundskeeper Willie flies around the screen, propelled by a leafblower.
Couch gag: The Simpsons run into their seats in a stadium. An announcer tells the fans to raise their cards. All of them except Homer do so. Homer follows suit a few seconds later when he realizes what he's supposed to do. The cards form a picture of the Simpson family, with Homer's card showing part of his own face.
Guest star(s): Bryan Cranston as Stradivarius Cain
Eric Idle as Declan Desmond
Showrunner(s): Al Jean
Written by: Marc Wilmore
Directed by: Bob Anderson

"The Spy Who Learned Me" is the twentieth episode of season 23 of The Simpsons and the five-hundred and sixth episode overall. It originally aired on May 6, 2012. The episode was written by Marc Wilmore and directed by Bob Anderson. It guest stars Bryan Cranston as Stradivarius Cain and Eric Idle as Declan Desmond.


"Homer and Marge go through marriage problems, and when Homer suffers a concussion at work and gets two months off, he imagines the crime fighter Stradivarius Cain, to help Homer be a better man. Meanwhile, Bart learns a way to stop Nelson stealing his lunch money - giving him Krusty Burgers until he's too fat to punch anyone."


Homer and Marge are watching a movie starring the master spy Stradivarius Cain, and Homer keeps making remarks throughout it. Marge disapproves of it, but Lenny and Carl congratulate him. On the way home, Homer is chuckling but Marge is still angry.

At Springfield Elementary School, Skinner informs everybody that in order to cut down on the embarrassing YouTube videos of teachers, they have to take away the students' smart phones. The students also have to put their money on a plate, and when the they come out, Nelson steals it. Bart gets annoyed at this.

At work, Homer is on a stepladder when Lenny and Carl come up to him. Mr. Burns drives a mini car and crash into the steps and Homer falls on to the ground, receiving a concussion with eight weeks of paid vacation. When Homer comes home he want to tell the news to his family, but realizes that everyone is mad at him. He decides to keep it a secret. The next day, Homer says goodbye to Marge claiming to be going to work, but goes to town instead.

At Springfield Elementary, Bart's class watch a documentary by Declan Desmond entitled Do You Want Lies With That?. The documenary feature Desmond eating only food from Krusty Burger for a month; at the end of the month he is extremely overweight. This gives Bart the idea to offer Krusty Burgers to Nelson until he is too fat and lazy to steal their lunch money.

At noon, Homer is drinking at Moe's, when he sees Stradivarius Cain on the television. When he looks round, Stadivarius is sitting next to him, and explains he is an imaginary friend who intends him to help him become a better husband. At school, Nelson steals the boys' lunch money again, but when he comes to Bart, Bart instead gives him a Krusty Burger and fries, and coupons for free hamburgers. On the news, a report about childhood obesity features Nelson. Lisa realizes that Nelson has become fat because of Bart.

Homer visits a bar where Stradivarius tells him to attempt flirting with a lady, and he succeeds after a few failed attempts. The lady's boyfriend sees and prepares to shoot Homer, but he manages to weaken him by squeezing a lime in his eye (as a lemon failed to do anything).

Marge drives to the Power Plant, but when she arrives she is informed by Lenny that Homer has been away for six weeks after being given time off. Lisa takes Nelson to Krusty, who lets him loan his personal trainer. When Homer gets home, he finds Marge sitting at the front door. She asks him about his absence at work, so, on the advice of Stradivarius Cain, he tells her the truth about why he lied and Marge accepts it.

Homer takes Marge out to a club and she discovers that he is a better husband now. At the club, the boyfriend who Homer angered again prepares to shoot Homer. This time Homer has no lime to use on him, but the man's girlfriend distracts him so Homer and Marge hide from him to think of a plan. Homer telling Marge why this has happened and realizes that he must take help from Stradivarius to stop the angry boyfriend. Stradivarius gives Homer a tip, and Homer uses the same sentence he used on the man's gilfriend to convince the man not to shoot. Stradivarius says that his job is complete, while Homer and Marge continues to party.

The nerds in the school celebrate that Nelson has stopped stealing their lunch money, but the joy is short as Nelson appears much larger and stronger than before. Bart asks Lisa why she did this, and she says that "he's tough on nerds but easy on the eyes".


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