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The Dad-Feelings Limited

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Season 32 Episode
694 "A Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas"
"The Dad-Feelings Limited"
"Diary Queen" 696
"The Dad-Feelings Limited"
The Dad-Feelings Limited promo 2.png
Episode Information
Episode number: 695
Season number: S32 E11
Production code: QABF04
Original airdate: January 3, 2021
Guest star(s): Dan Aykroyd as Postage Stamp Fellow
Bob Balaban as the narrator
Showrunner: Matt Selman
Written by: Ryan Koh
Directed by: Chris Clements

"The Dad-Feelings Limited" is the eleventh episode of season 32 of The Simpsons and the six-hundred and ninety-fifth episode overall. It originally aired on January 3, 2021. The episode was written by Ryan Koh and directed by Chris Clements. It guest stars Dan Aykroyd as Postage Stamp Fellow and Bob Balaban as the narrator.


"Comic Book Guy and his wife Kumiko debate having a baby and we learn his awesome origin story."


Comic Book Guy and his wife Kumiko and the Simpson family are the protagonists of two stories. On one side, the couple are enjoying their Sunday together, while ignoring the requests at the Android's Dungeon of the family for presents for the birthday parties they're going to attend.

Marge and Homer barely manage to finish the day after so much time spent in the middle of children and grabbed the wrong kid when picking up Bart, picking up Leland Huebner III, a kid that looks like him. They took the kids home and tricked Ned to babysit them while they escaped for a trivia night at Moe's.

At the trivia, they join Comic Book Guy and Kumiko's team and win, so after a messy dinner with their husbands, Marge invites Kumiko at her house, where she gives her advice for dealing with Comic Book Guy's life style, and when Maggie starts crying, she asks her to take care of her while she prepares the bottle to feed her.

Kumiko is not familiar with dealing with babies, however after giving her the doll that fell from the crib, she holds her and sings a Japanese lullaby, making her happy. Marge makes notice of how she's a natural and Kumiko makes a decision: to ask her husband to have a baby with her, however after spending his life around children at the Android's Dungeon, he says he doesn't want any.

At night, Marge notes how much the situation affected Kumiko on her Instasnap posts, and Homer agrees to help them to "ruin their happy life without kids around the house". At the Springfield Forever Cemetery, it's movie night, and Homer promises Bart and Lisa gift cards if they show Comic Book Guy and Kumiko how good they are. The movie shown is Forward to the Past, however Comic Book Guy gets angry when Bart and Lisa starts watching stuff on their phone, to the disappointment of Kumiko.

Homer and Marge walks in a platinum crypt, where they start kissing but get stuck in the crypt. At the movie, Bart and Lisa show how much they loved the movie ending and this fills up Comic Book Guy's heart. However when they go to search for Homer and Marge, the kids get scared by them trying to open the crypt door, while acting like zombies trying to open it, and Comic Book Guy runs away after they search for support from him.

Homer and Marge gets released from it by Raphael and they reunite, while Kumiko tells them that Comic Book Guy has run to a place where there is no hope, and he's shown to have returned to his childhood home where his father, Postage Stamp Fellow lives. Kumiko angrily convinces Homer and Marge to bring back Comic Book Guy so they go to his house, where the story of his childhood is told.

He lived surrounded by childless family members that spent their time into collecting stuff instead of loving him. Marge tries to convince him to go back, but Comic Book Guy says he'll live at the house only from now on. Marge grabs a framed picture of Comic Book Guy in a baseball team.

The story continues telling how he turned to baseball but the team never had him play, till the day before the big game, where the other pitchers were injured. He got called to the pitch but his dad wasn't there seeing his accomplishment and he failed his pitches, with his team mates throwing him into the trash.

In the trash, many comics were thrown in too and he started his passion that way, becoming Comic Book Guy. Marge confronts his father about his lack of love for his son.

Marge threatens him to lick one of his beloved stamps and Postage Stamp Fellow explains he was buying a signed baseball from Sandy Koufax, because if he lost he'd not know how to comfort him and so he purchased him the collectible.

The two reconcile and play a game of catch with the encased ball, and the experience changed him enough so he returned home, him ready to have a baby.



  • Originally, Postage Stamp Fellow had a voice similar to Sideshow Bob, but after producer Brian Kaufman pointed it out, Dan Aykroyd changed it to a more nerdy voice.[1]
  • A line was cut where Marge would have asked for ranch dressing for her ramen.[2]
  • The cast wanted to animate the Wes Anderson sequence in stop-motion, but time constrictions didn't allow it.[3]


"The Dad-Feelings Limited" was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program in the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards. However, it lost to "Plague of Madness" from Primal.[4]


Promo videos[edit]

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