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Jaws (film)

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Jaws is a 1974 novel by Penter Benchley, which was turned into a 1975 film directed by Steven Spielberg which tells the story of a Great White Shark who attacks a beach. The franchise spawned many sequels and was referenced a few times in "The Simpsons".



Picture Season Episode number Episode name Reference
Bart the Daredevil - Jaws.png 2 21 "Bart the Daredevil" Movie "Jaws" parodied in the way the lion leaps out to attack Captain Lance Murdoch.
Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment - Jaws Reference.png 26 "Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment" One of the movies The Simpsons watch on cable is "Jaws", presumably one of the sequels, since all the other shows they watch in this montage are all bad. Bart says: "This is the part where Jaws eats the boat".
Radio Bart - Jaws Reference.png 3 48 "Radio Bart" A tough sea captain says he'll save Bart from the well. This character is a parody of Quint in "Jaws".
LFW - Jaws Reference.png 4 69 "Lisa's First Word" When Homer and Marge want to buy a house Captain McCallister suggests buying his houseboat. Then suddenly a shark dives up above water in the classic "Jaws" pose from the movie posters.
HGtC - Jaws Reference.png 5 84 "Homer Goes to College" When discussing a college prank against the dean, Bart attracts the attention of Homer, Benjamin, Doug and Gary by scratching his nails on a blackboard. This is similar to the way Quint in "Jaws" attracts attention of the crowd when people discuss how to catch the shark.
Bart - Shark Fin Prank.png 6 107 "Itchy & Scratchy Land" A flashback sequence shows Homer and Bart scaring away beach tourists with a fake dorsal fin, while the music mimicks the theme music of "Jaws". This is similar to a scene in "Jaws" where two boys do the same.
Athena Bart Carny.png
Jaws Reference - Bart Carny.png
9 190 "Bart Carny" When Marge asks how the Athena was able to sink, it cuts away to a shark ramming the glass causing fractures not unlike the one that doomed the Athena, with Bart and Homer taunting it (by mooning and jiggling the gut, respectively), implying that the Athena sunk because rowdy tourists started taunting some of the wildlife. The scene of the shark attacking the boat is also similar to a scene in Jaws.
TJoS - Jaws Reference.png 191 "The Joy of Sect" Groundskeeper Willie, who has a plan to save Homer from the Movementarians cult, attracts attention by scratching his nails on a blackboard. This is similar to the way Quint in "Jaws" attracts attention of the crowd when people discuss how to catch the shark.
LTDiS - Jaws Reference.png 11 246 "Last Tap Dance in Springfield" Wiggum's remark about being "crazy about the safety of the public" is taken from the 1975 thriller.
Lenny's Death (Treehouse of Horror XI).png 12 249 "Treehouse of Horror XI" The way the dolphins attack Lenny is similar to how Jaws killed Crissy.
Old Yeller-Belly - Jaws Reference.png 14 310 "Old Yeller-Belly" When a shark appears, Homer mentions the young naked lady who gets killed in the first Jaws movie.
TWA - Jaws Reference.png 18 388 "The Wife Aquatic" The scene in which Homer is strung up by the fishermen is a reference to the movie Jaws.
Take My Life, Please Star Wars.png 20 430 "Take My Life, Please When Homer ran for school president in high school, he made a poster saying that he had support from Jaws and Star Wars.
OBWBT - Jaws Reference.png 21 449 "Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou? Bart says: "A real-life Jaws ate my dad's wiener."
The Shark Week Before Christmas.png 25 538 "White Christmas Blues" The Shark Week Before Christmas is a reference to Shark Week, Jaws and The Night Before Christmas.


Picture Comic issue Story name Reference
Gnaws-Blinky.jpg Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror 13 Gnaws The story is a parody of Jaws, with many Springfieldians cast in the roles of characters from the movie.


Picture Book Reference
Bart Simpson Guide to Life Jaws.png
Bart Simpson Guide to Life Jaws 2.png
Bart Simpson's Guide to Life In the evolution diagram, piranhas are said to have evolved into Jaws, Jaws II and Jaws III.

Jaws is also included in the "Wonderful World of Monsters" section.

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