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A Clockwork Orange

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A Clockwork Orange is a controversial science fiction novel by British author Anthony Burgess, which was made into an equally controversial movie by film director Stanley Kubrick. The main characters are Alex, a young sociopath (portrayed by Malcolm McDowell in the film), and his gang of thugs, whom he calls his "droogs". The plotline (in both the film and the movie) revolves around a crime spree perpetrated by the gang and Alex's subsequent apprehension, incarceration and attempted rehabilition.

References to A Clockwork Orange in The Simpsons[edit]

Picture Season Episode number Episode name Reference
Bart is shocked.png 1 4 "There's No Disgrace Like Home" According to the DVD commentary for the episode, the electric shock therapy scene was inspired by A Clockwork Orange.
SLH-Spalked.png 3 54 "Dog of Death" Santa's Little Helper is tied up, with his eyes spalked open and forced to watch violent movies to make him more violent. In the film, Alex gets a similar treatment, albeit with the intent to make him disgusted by violence. Also, the images to which SLH is exposed are set to music from Beethoven's ninth symphony, as is part of Alex's treatment.
Pain in Me Gulliver.png 4 61 "A Streetcar Named Marge" Bart tries to ditch school by saying, "Got a pain in me gulliver", which is a direct quote of Alex's excuse to his mother not to get out of bed.
Bart-Alex Costume.jpg 64 "Treehouse of Horror III" Bart dresses up like Alex for Halloween.
Bart-Cupcakes.jpg 75 "Duffless" The scene where Bart reaches for two cupcakes is a sight gag on the scene in the film where Alex reaches for a woman's breasts. In both cases, the character has been conditioned to fear the objects of his desire and falls to the ground, unable to function anymore.
Homer Cramming.jpg 5 84 "Homer Goes to College" Homer's college roommates force him to study for exams by spalking his eyelids open and making him read the textbooks, similar to Alex's treatment.
Burns in Casts.png 7 145 "Homer the Smithers" Mr. Burns' fall from the window, and ending up lying in bed in casts, is similar to events Alex goes through in A Clockwork Orange.
Treehouse of Horror XXI Maggie.png 22 468 "Treehouse of Horror XXI" Maggie puts on a bowler hat and drinks milk with a menacing stare, accompanied by classical music, similar to the opening scenes of the film, in which Alex is also seen drinking a glass of milk while staring menacingly into the camera.
Toddlers-Fireworks-Scars.jpg 474 "Moms I'd Like to Forget" In the Fourth of July flashback scene, Bart and the three 5th graders (as toddlers) spoil a fireworks display being run by Comic Book Guy. CBG, telling the story to Bart, says, "You and your diaper-wearing droogs ruined everything!"
A Clockwork Yellow.png
Treehouse of Horror XXV promo 5.jpg
26 556 "Treehouse of Horror XXV" The segment "A Clockwork Yellow" is a direct parody of A Clockwork Orange. Moe is cast in the role of Alex and Homer, Carl and Lenny as the droogs. Also, Marge is seen reading the novel.
The Girl Code A Clockwork Orange.png 27 584 "The Girl Code" Lisa's eyelashes resemble Alex's.
Bart-Alex Eyelashes.jpg 586 "Much Apu About Something" When Bart decides to return to his prankster ways, he puts on spiked eyelashes that resemble Alex's. Homer then laments buying Bart the A Clockwork Orange video for his fifth birthday (he thought it would help Bart learn how to tell time).

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