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The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is an American prime time TV Show.


References to The Big Bang Theory in The SimpsonsEdit

Picture Season Episode number Episode name Reference
TBBT Scratcher1.pngTBBT Scratcher2.png 27 587 "Much Apu About Something" Apu] tries a The Big Bang Theory scratcher twice. He first loses then wins.
Big Bang Theory Couch Gag.png 28 616 "Looking for Mr. Goodbart" The Big Bang Theory Couch Gag is a parody of the shows' opening.
Skinner Bazinga! Werking Mom.png 30 646 "Werking Mom" Skinner says Bazinga!, Sheldon Cooper's catchphrase.


Picture Comic Series Comic Story Title Reference
Simpsons Comics One-Shot Wonders The Big Kang Theory! The title of the Comic story is a reference to the show.

References to The Simpsons in The Big Bang TheoryEdit

Episode name Season Episode number Reference
"The Grasshopper Experiment" 1 8 After Howard imitates Raj's voice to set up a blind date for him, Howard tells Raj that he should thank him. Raj incredulously asks "For what? Making me sound like a Simpsons character?".
"The Griffin Equivalency" 2 21 Howard refers to Raj as "Dr. Apu from the Kwik-E-Mart". When Leonard objects that that's racist, Howard tells him that it can't be because he's a lovable character on The Simpsons.
"The Space Probe Disintegration" 8 171 In a scene, Raj and Howard talk about Hinduism and Raj asks Howard "Does everything you know about Hinduism come from Indiana Jones?" and Howard answers "No, there's also Apu from The Simpsons".
"The Bachelor Party Corrosion" 9 186 While the boys are travelling to Mexico by car, they hear the sound of a flat tyre, and Sheldon says that the sound may be "bandits" shooting them and that they could get kidnapped, as well as asking "What if we end up in a factory making Bart Simpson piñatas for the rest of our lives?!"
"The Viewing Party Combustion" 204 When Leonard refuses to participate in a "mandatory quarterly room-mate agreement meeting", Sheldon says "This is what a generation raise on Bart Simpson looks like". Leonard then tells him "You love The Simpsons." and Sheldon responds "I love Lisa Simpson."
"The Geology Elevation" 10 216 When Stephen Hawking talks about his achievements, he says "It's fine. I've been in The Simpsons", referring to his appearances in the show. Coincidentally, his last appearance was as the first ever special guest to appear in The Simpsons: Tapped Out in the SciFi event in August 2016.

References to The Simpsons in Young SheldonEdit

Episode name Season Episode number Reference
"Demons, Sunday School, and Prime Numbers" 1 11 During a conversation about demons, Sheldon's father says "Satan didn't get my soul". And Sheldon's Meemaw says "What happened to it? You trade it for donuts?", in a reference to "Treehouse of Horror IV".

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