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Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby
Bing Crosby.png
Character Information
Male ♂
Hair: Gray
Occupation: Singer
First Appearance: "How Munched Is That Birdie in the Window?"
First Mentioned: "A Fish Called Selma"
Voiced by: Hank Azaria

Bing Crosby was an American singer and actor.



Zombie Bing Crosby.png

One day in 1956, Crosby's limousine broke down while passing through Springfield, and the crooner spent the afternoon playing mini-golf at Sir Putt-A-Lot's Merrie Olde Fun Centre while his car's Johnson rod was being replaced.[1]

Marge called Troy McClure a "perfect gentleman", just like Bing Crosby and J.F.K.[2]

He appears in the Itchy & Scratchy short, "Dogday Hellody of 1933".[3]

He appeared in A Zombie Christmas with Bing Crosby, Elvis and the 1932 All American Football Team.[4]

A zombie Bill Crosby appeared in a zombie golf game Homer and Bart were playing.[5]

Behind the LaughterEdit

The Parson ("Wedding for Disaster") resembles Bing Crosby's character Father O'Malley from the film Going My Way.



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